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Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'


What's more embarrassing

What's more embarrassing, that America doesn't have a space program or that they can't afford one, they probably shouldn't have spent so much money on trying to kill people and blowing things up.

Openistas question UK.gov's £300k crime-mapping website


Epic Fail

The site doesn't work, apparently I'm not in a policing area, goes to show that the police station that's half a mile from my house really is useless. So it begs the question why even bother making a website if your data is incomplete? As for the cost of the website it's obviously just corruption they shouldn't have paid a penny over £15k at the most!

Happiness: Yours for £50k a year


Money does buy you happiness...

but not in the UK, money buys you the right to complain in the UK. If you like to moan, be miserable and give more than half of everything you earn to her majesty the UK is still the best place to live.

What makes things worse is that we will end up paying more and more money to the government in times to come, anyone with any brains that don't have any commitments will jump ship, I know many people that are going to move to other countries and I'm looking at my options - get out and let other people worry about paying the deficit!



No Doubt "they" are the ones with the money and they don't want to give it us because their too happy so they lied!

Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging

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This is a good idea

This will add an extra incentive for people to live closer to work or work from home, it will ensure that those who use the roads most pay the most, it’s a fair system which will save money for those of us that choose to use our cars less (it is possible, people just need to be willing to change – I’ve reduced my annual mileage by around 8k Miles in the last two years!). If its properly executed and all the money doesn't just go to central government this would be very good for the countries roads.

Also such a system could be used to track down uninsured cars (among other things), I think most of us would agree it would be better for all of us law abiding citizens if we chucked these offenders off our roads or at least gave them heavy fines to drive down the cost of our driving!

Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones

Jobs Horns


This would make a good spin-off of their famous advertisement - "and you'll see why 2010 is going to be like 1984"

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance


Microsoft needs decent hardware

I love windows 7 its fantastic, but I hate cheap laptops that flex and break all the time and usally look industrial - If microsoft got some decent hardware suppliers on the go or even designed hardware themselves they would do alot better - sure alot of people want cheap laptops but there are alot of us that spend most of our lives on them and would love to have something a bit nicer for work on. I've had to many bad experiences with laptop makers - unless things change my next laptop will be a mac running windows as a secondary OS.

Hack forces Flash onto iPad

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At Last!

If theres one thing the iPad needs its flash! Nothing more annoying than when I'm surfing the web and get to a page that requires flash so I have to get my laptop out. Apple should have done this from the start, I imagine there will be alot more jailbroken iPads around once this is released, all of which won't be spending money at the app store: bad luck apple.

Note that I do support HTML5, I just think its best waiting until the standard is finished and widely available before giving it a big push. Love it or hate it Flash is a very important part of the web and isn't going to go away overnight.

Apple denies iPhone 4 antenna glitch, blames inaccurate signal bars


All lies

This is just another marketing bs story, they've already said there isn't a problem and then said that there is to confuse their fanbois and now their fanbois just want someone to tell them everything is ok, and here it is watch as the flock believe this and all complaints go away. Very cleverly done but as both an iPhone and iPad user I do get fed up off all the marketing tactics used by apple. I don't see why they can't just admit there is a problem and give all the people who have brought the new iPhone a free bumper case and start coating new ones with a non conductive film - not like it's going to bankrupt them!

Watch for the fake software update where you always have signal and yet you can't make calls, but that's ok because when that happens it must be your provider.