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Work for the military? Don't be evil, says ethicist


you don't want the decent people not working on it, all you get then are the unscrupulous "people" (there are many much better terms for it, but not in polite conversation.)

what you want is the conscientious ones doing something like this

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pacifist (there is a copy on google books, but that is missing a few pages.) (hmm, seems I don't qualify for hot-linking though it says basic HTML is allowed)

Apple accuses Samsung of abusing its 3G power


Re: 2.4% is unfrandly?

cant just consider the cost of the patent on its own. Samsung had put in an offer for cross-licensing patents.

the cost of the frand patent might be lower to other vendors, but if theres cross licensing then the cost is being lowered as a result. apple not being willing to share anything means it gets an unsubsidised rate and they're not happy.

curiously enough apple want to cross license now with their $30/40 fee per handset (resulting in a 20% "discount") for their rectangle with rounded corners BS,

AWS CISO needs permission to visit his data centres


AWS now whitelists designated assets being used during penetration tests.

surely the point of penetration testing is to find any weaknesses - not give shortcuts to test in specific ways

Smartphone owners demand bigger screens


Re: Galaxy Note

likewise, I find the note is the best phone I've had. its allowed me to leave the netbook home - and when I finally get around to ordering the mini keyboard will enable me to use it as a "laptop". and the stylus is a fantastic addition to it.

plus, of all the smartphones out there, the note easily manages 2 days battery life with fairly vigorous usage, (though watching flash video can drain the battery quickly)

only real complaint would be that the speaker position isn't particularly comfortable.

Tomorrow's smartphone tech today


is it just me, but does the jebus phone 5 look somewhat like a cross between the S2 and the S3 promo pics? (ok, hasn't got the stupid bump on the back like the S2 (though with extended battery that s fixed))

My home is bugged ... with temp sensors to save me cash


not quite.

fluorescents use UV to excite the phosphors, however due to "safety concerns" regarding the potential for UV to escape the bulb, white LEDs utilize blue light (450nm ~ish if I remember correctly) to excite the phosphors instead,

this means that theres been a lot of development with regards blue LED efficiency (which is good if your into marine corals), but it does mean that the white LEDs have a large skew towards the blue spectrum.

unfortunately theres a lot less development at the red end of the scale (the only 680nm LEDs I've found are the 3-5mm ones which have pathetic lumens/watt) so plant growth isn't as good (not specifically referring to pot, I was looking to build an array for a freshwater planted tank)

on the effective lumens, I'm wondering if this refers to the fact that the light is sent out in one direction, and isn't reabsorbed by the bulb (CCFLs and their loops, or reflectors on the inside of halogens etc)

Spaniards prototype ARM-GPU hybrid supercomputer


256 ARM cores with 2GB each = 512 GB http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-superchip.html

256 GPUs with 2GB each =512 GB http://wccftech.com/nvidia-announces-geforce-gtx560m-gt520mx-mobility-solutions/

theres the 1TB

not sure if thats the explanation, but it seems a reasonable guess

Ten... small screen HD TVs


Hannspree SV28LMMB

1920*1200, really??

I saw that bit of your review and the price and started considering it as my main PC monitor. however looking on the Hanspree site.

Native Resolution 1920 × 1080 (Full HD, 1080p)

Aspect Ratio 16:10

so the 16:10 bit is right. does that mean they're using a weird horizontal resolution (1728 in this case)

I wish there were decent high res screens in the sub £300 mark.....

Toshiba demos monster hi-res tablet display


you cant have it

because the sun doesn't revolve around you,

Boffins sex pterodactyls at last


not the same

in male seahorses, the eggs are transfered from the female to the male. but its still the female who produces the eggs.

and unlike "pregnancy" all the male seahorse is doing is protecting them (dependent on species, the eggs can be attached either to the skin or enveloped in a brooding pouch) whilst this might seem like pregnancy its considerably different, inasmuch as it isn't really internal.

as the actual press release from the University of Leicester states,

"The well developed shell shows that Mrs T was just about ready to lay her egg..."

(theres photos if you want to check)

and whilst some birds take turns with the egg (eg penguins) they are keeping it warm externally, which is very different from shoving it inside them...... which is what yo are suggesting.

Microsoft Kinect goes gangbusters


theres a diy for something similar


biggest issue is the need for a short throw projector, ideally LED to keep the consumption and lamp changes low.

because that is a little taller than a coffee table

Ford unveils all-electric Focus for 2012


The car contains software from Microsoft....

will it have the red ring of death feature.......

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft


let me quote an email I received

"I have had one or two people contacting me about difficulties opening the practice Excel file. This file is in the Excel 2007 format and may not open in earlier versions of Excel. Excel 2007 is the version referred to in all of the materials associated with the exercises and because Excel 2007 is markedly different from earlier versions you need to use this version to complete both the practice and the forthcoming assessment.

The good news is that Excel 2007 (along with all of the other Office 2007 programs) is available on all of our networked PCs"

however, I can open, and do EVERYTHING required using OO3.2

and on a similar note.

I wrote up an essay in OO, saved as .doc and sent it to someone to proofread. it oped and rendered perfectly. however, the changes they made resulted in a complete FU of the formatting (very complex formatting.... images with legends and a table......)

every time I have to use windows/M$ I cringe at how annoying it is...... though need to get a windows partition set up for the odd game...

Nigerian perv scanners lay Lagos ladies bare


but what if their gay......

if the objection is that someone might be sexually aroused by the images, your solution means feck all.

however IMO these are completely redundant, they see through to th skin, thats all, if your going to blow yourself up, having the bomb surgically implanted is hardly an issue. and would undoubtedly be undetectable by "bomb sniffers" as well

GPU Technology Conference video deep dive



that is all

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades


unlocking features

note the intel site only shows it for windows, and windows 7 in particular. so your screwed if you want to run something else.

however, not really that new, certain there was an article on the reg, cant find it now. but AMD selling phenom II x2 that sometimes could be unlocked to giving you a working tri/quad core. and thats done in bios, remember when I was in college reading about how you could unlock athlons with a bit of solder etc.

Privacy watchdogs challenge laptop seizures at US borders



for all those talking about encryption, doesn't work as they will want the key, and/or they will send it to people like the NSA to break it....

therefore use rubberhose, give them the fake key, real stuff is still encrypted, and they cant say you didn't give it.

Acer Liquid E Android smartphone


multi-touch resistive screens....


however the tech is slightly different, requiring a different controller and more info from the screen itself. from what I've read its cheaper to manufacture than capacitive, and it can use anything to interact (fingers, stylus, paintbrush)


RIM are also supposed to be looking at a hybrid resistive/capacitive screen


Unpatched kernel-level vuln affects all Windows versions


so speaks the uninformed....

sure this article is several years old.


just taking the numbers from this, but you can check the article yourself.

linux had an average of 0.17 bugs per 1000 lines of code

commercial software has about 20-30 bugs per 1000lines of code.

when that was written XP had around 40million lines of code. there are issues with the study in that they weren't able to look at the source code for XP,

but are you seriously going to claim that M$ are going to have a "much" lower bug count than linux...

and talking about hacking contests, I point you towards


vista and OS-X were beaten, ubuntu wasn't.

Beeb sacks teaboy, hires Press Association


non story, except....

To show why there is still the need for professional photographers.

Just because cameras are cheap and just about every one has access to a camera, doesn't mean they produce usable images.

The first one is the only decent image, the one by the teaboy is just crap, and whilst the others are better quality the framing of the image makes it look like someones holiday shots.

Ironically, it does point out the futility of the way the terrorism laws are used. Because despite the ability to get all the photos they want discretely, the terrorist is far more likely to be there with tripods, multiple lenses, spend time framing the shot....

But maybe I'm taking this too seriously