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Razer – perfectly happy to sell you a laptop for over $2,000, but when it comes to fixing security holes... tough sh*t


Re: Same as their phones

I contacted support about lack of upgrades to the Razer Phone and asked if they could say whether there would be any more upgrades.

And the reply was

"We really apologize but our back office said that at the moment they do not have any information that they can disclose in regards to that."

Guessing that's a "No but we don't want to actually admit that to customers" then

The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+


Re: "[WP8] is well liked by its users."

Shall we start with the lack of choice of syncing option - if you want you google calendar to have push sync every other google option (contacts, gmail etc) has to be push enabled too.

Secondly how about an app store that only checks for updated apps once a day on the phones own schedule ?

If you happen not to have an active net connection when the store wants to check, tough luck.

Individually these sorts of things aren't complicated or serious but they combine to give a REALLY strong impression of a rushed and incomplete piece of software.

ISP condemns new BT backbone


Some customers have no choice.

Tom 15: A&A DO offer LLU lines via Be but opnly cover about 70% of the population and there are plenty of areas where BT are the ONLY choice.

A&A are commenting on it as BT are refusing to accept that there is a problem and A&A are hoping that shining a little publicity on the issue will persuade BT to do their job properly and fix it. It's a strategy that has worked before.