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UK.gov plans central database for all your communications

Steve Kelly


As a DBA this is good news for me :))

Web infection attacks more than 100,000 pages

Steve Kelly

@Andy Turner

Possibly, very dependent if the nihaorr1.com is the site that delivers the payload, and why have people not learnt how to program and sanitize code for SQL yet, this has been a major security issue for years....

As for SQL injection in IIS... this is more of a php/asp/jsp issue (and code obviously), however a fix could be put in place at a code level, interrupter or daemon level to avoid mishaps like this.

Cambs cops podcast 999 timewasters

Steve Kelly

@David Lurie

Prehaps the NI fire brigade/police are only to happy to show up and solve silly things that arent important as they prefer that than getting petrol bombed on their way to hoax calls.

On a side note i live in city center belfast, there was a fire lit (about 10 large bins) outside my flats which is 50m away from the fire station, it took them 30 mins to come and put it out, if they looked out their window they could have seen it..... so its not always the speediest of services

E-borders kills off UK-Ireland passport free travel

Steve Kelly

@To Jason Croghan

Ummm ever been at the Newry border, the checkpoint is still mostly there just unmanned, i remember having to take country roads to cross the border to do the lotto :)

Korean software firm sues Microsoft

Steve Kelly


Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, gmail chat thingie, IRC, jabber etc. even the likes of trillian (mixture)

nuff said

Trouserless car-breaker fingers leprechaun

Steve Kelly


Ahh the the aul leprechaun made me do it excuse, that's got me out of many a problem

Firefox-Google marriage on shaky ground?

Steve Kelly

google ads

Umm, google don't have much to worry about, from what i've seen most of their ad's are text based and are embedded within the code... i.e we can't block them because they are part of the page.

unless adblock becomes VERY smart and starts to figure out what html are ad's google is safe and will only benifit from other ad companies loses... so seems its win win

NBC to Apple: 'You're fired!'

Steve Kelly


Finally Some TV companies had the right idea and decided to combat piracy by offering legal downloads for sale at a cheap price, then they get greedy and what happens, they get yanked from the legal medium to the illegal.

Surely accepting the $1.99 is better than getting nothing when people download it all from torrent sites for nothing... unless they reckon they get more money from the MPAA and RIAA suing people than the legalimate way.

And yes, I'm not a iTunes fanboi, never owned an apple product in my life... however it was all a step in the right direction, cheaper goods legally.


Mystery SNAFU exposes email logins for 100 foreign embassies (and counting)

Steve Kelly

My guess

My guess at the exploit used is the local hotel's to the nearest busy embassy wireless has just been sniffed and sniffed, lets face it, wireless is a joke security wise and you bypass the whole need to hack the network when you stay there and have unlimited access...

UniquePhone answers sceptics with video

Steve Kelly


Tell ya what guys, I live in belfast, from experience people in NI are VERY good at bypassing stuff like that, full estates were running off hooky electricity for years, everyone had the dodgy btcellnet payg phones when they were out, utv and ntl chipped boxes the lot, I wouldn't put it past them to have unlocked this, its unbelievable how many phone shops in shopping malls and high streets offer unlocking services.

If it could clear it up would it be worth me taking a walk around to their store (if they have one) and throwing my sim into one of the unlocked phones, or asking them to unlock it in person (doubt they will do the latter).

TorrentSpy shuts doors to America

Steve Kelly


Supposedly the reason (or at least from the old torrent site shutdowns) they felt they could get information was although the server was hosted outside of america, americans still visited it... therefore they felt it fell under US law

Could be wrong about this though

CD WOW! vows to take £35m High Court defeat to Europe

Steve Kelly

Correct me if im wrong

Whats to stop CD wow opening shop in hong kong, legally buying the cd's/dvd's and then charging you the same money for the price of "shipping costs", in theory cd wow still owns the cd regardless of it being in your possession, or is this also a breech in copyright of "loaning" property with on a wide scale level without specfic licenses to do so (like your local blockbuster/xtravision etc.).


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