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Sky wins TV riot battle


At least someone is trying to do their job

Looking through news from the last couple of days, I have read one speculative opinion piece after another. It seems journalism these days largely consists of sitting in an office checking Twitter while waiting for your Private Investigator chum to access someone's voicemail.

Hats off to Sky for having some actual, well, coverage, in their coverage.

Pink Floyd guitarist pays McKinnon's health bills

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What a marvellous assessment

Clearly you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Samsung loads Lovefilm onto BD boxes


Image quality

If movies are streamed in the same (rubbish) quality as they are direct from the website, I can't imagine it seeing much demand.

Google Maps for Droid phones becomes a LOT better



My Market just updated to the new one and Google Maps has started downloading, without me telling it to either I'm sure.

I had a 'manual update' notice on an app the other day, I think this happens when the required permissions for an app change, forcing you to go through the updated list of access permissions before the update is downloaded.

Doctor Who: Return to Earth



I know the Wii isn't the most powerful piece of hardware out there but damn... Those screenshots are atrocious.

How I went from punting PCs to betting a quarter billion on Betfair



Perhaps Mr Webb is expecting the review you mention to make this less attractive and wants to push subscriptions to the aforementioned BetAngel software while he can.

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back


Moan moan moan

I bet a lot of those people moaned and signed boycotts against Modern Warfare 2, then bought it. They'll probably buy the Black Ops DLC

They'll be there at the launch of the next Call of Duty.

These folks don't seem to understand that once Activision, like any company, has your money, they don't much care what you think.

Giffgaff says some subscribers yakked for 9 days a month


How indeed

I'd imagine a lot of those must have been small businesses/self-employed people saving on phone calls. What's the average, around 7 hours a day talking? even with a whole house sharing one phone that's ridiculous.

The 99p mobile phone: What's the catch?


Missing the point?

It's not a matter of how it compares to a smart phone, but whether you can fit a bomb in it. Best delete this comment before the government bans phones that weigh more than 100g.

Gov may restrict unfair dismissal claim rights


If we're going to start eroding employee rights

why not halve the minimum wage or cut maternity leave. I'm sure that would massively increase employment.

If there are problems with unfair dismissal claims they should be addressed properly, not by making people ineligible.

Android Market shows hand at 100k Apps


Hate to get in the way of a good iPhone bashing but...

The Android and iPhone app stores are both full of apps for 'thickos', in fact some people even develop them for both platforms!

But I'm sure you knew that.


How many *useful* apps?

The number of apps available is pretty meaningless considering the huge amount of trash on the Android Market (as I'm sure is the case on the other platforms). Do people really base their decision on how many apps are available, or the presence of good quality apps and/or recognisable brand names on a given platform?

Trucker jailed for deadly motorway gamble


Alleviating their sense of loss?

"Our thoughts are with Mr Kendall's family and we hope that the outcome of the trial has gone some way to alleviating their sense of loss"

If I was Mr Kendall's family I would be extremely unhappy that the man who killed him because he was playing poker and surfing for kiddie porn has been handed a 5 year sentence.

What a disgrace.

Net TV to consign Net Neutrality debate to dustbin of history. Why?

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We should pay more in the future?

We aren't getting what we've been sold now...

Dead Rising 2


More of the same

More of the same long loading times, more of the same stilted, rubbish controls, more of the same crap survivor AI.

There's nothing unfair about it. I enjoyed the first game a great deal but I won't be buying the second. From what I've seen the new developers have simply taken the same game, warts and all, and placed it a new location. New weapons? Big deal, how about some improvements to fundamental game mechanics that were flawed in the first game.

New iPod crew: 'Phoney, futuristic, retro, doomed'



Because the battery life of my phone is short enough without playing music through it as well.

Cameras found on mobile phones might have reached a point where they are adequate for a quick snap but compacts still perform better on many fronts.

Punters still puzzled by broadband ads


Traffic Management

The bigger swindle is that with most ISPs 10 minutes of downloading will see your bandwidth chopped to a fraction of whatever it was advertised at.

People have no bloody idea about saving energy


What it means

I think it says that participants believed line drying clothes instead of tumble drying saves more money than changing the washing machine settings (i.e. lower water temperature), but this isn't the case.

Report questions millions spent on NHS.crap



Personally I find the layout to be rather cluttered and it leaves something to be desired aesthetically, although that could be due to having to use ie6. I've heard plenty of complaining from staff about not being able to find things too.

I'll concede there are worse examples out there but I just don't like it, so there.


One primary NHS Presence?

I don't know about a single website, but I think that there desperately needs to be greater uniformity to the websites we have. There are thousands of sites out there, all with wildly different layouts and content, of variable (and questionable) quality.

I think a lot of people perceive the NHS as a single organisation and as such, there should be a basic template that all these websites follow. There should also be a list of information that the site is required to display, whatever else they want to put on there.



what, you mean accessible, informative and well designed public websites such as this?


I can't believe someone thought this was of acceptable quality to be a point of contact for the public.

Android terms point to operator billing


Currency exchange

Could this lead to currency exchange being handled by the operator? Nothing puts me off buying apps like a £2 bank charge for a $1 purchase.

Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions


No, no he shouldn't

I really wouldn't suggest he do that because seeing him being abusive and intimidating toward a police officer probably won't help his compensation claim.

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Yup, that's him

The BBC has a picture of him and it's definitely the same guy. He's a nasty piece of work and I don't doubt for a second that has was behaving aggressively, since that's how he generally behaved anyway.

Well done that copper! Shame he missed.


Peter Cox

I'm 99% sure I know this chap from my time in Somerset and from my experience the tazering would have been more than well deserved.

Beeb sends teaboy outside with iPhone


I'd imagine...

The photo switch was a joke on the part of someone at the Beeb who reads The Reg. Given the amount of business the two companies do, the original image likely cost nothing or next to nothing. The rubbish quality was probably intentional too.

I think some people need to lighten up!