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And then the Google lad says: Of course you can use Android Wear without a smartphone


Re: Smartwatch 3

Do you know if google all access music (i.e. their competitor to Spotify) allows offline playback from storage on the watch?

I am very tempted by one of these at £ 130 on amazon but I want to be able to go running with music and leave the phone at home.

Spotify announced today their wear app is inbound but sadly it appears to be no more than a remote control for music stored on a phone

Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ recorder with FreeTime


streamed playback?

Do any of these Humax boxes (freesat or freeview - dont care which) allow you to record onto one main box and then stream recordings over a home network to other TV connected boxes?

I love my Sky+ but cannot justify the multiroom costs (plus the fucking need for a phone line plugged into every murdoch box for some reason - what a pain in the rear) and Sky still cannot stream from one box to another so no advantage anyway as you end up with recordings scattered over multiple boxes...

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO


Full screen chrome on Nexus 7

Think it would be a good moment for google to sort out a full screen mode for Chrome on the Nexus 7

It loses quite a chunk of screen real estate at the top and the bottom

Yes I know other browsers can offer this but I like the fact chrome syncs across all my devices.

I also own an Ipad3 - tend to use that in the house and the nexus comes travelling with me

Motorola outs Razr phone with Intel Inside



Does this have LTE like the recently released (and US only at the moment) Razr M?

If not then big fail...my money will be going back in the wallet...

Mozilla to ship Firefox 4 on 22 March


Pinned sites = application shortcut?

unless I am missing something , chrome also does "pinned sites" - you can create application shortcuts and then pin them to the taskbar in win7?

Isnt that the same as pinned sites?

I have my gmail on there...

Archos 101 8GB Android tablet



What would the score be like with Honeycomb.....? (presuming it will be upgradeable and will run it OK?)

At £ 270 this sounds like a pretty good price point.

Apple plotting point-of-sale putsch?


Finger lickin'?

Am I the only one how getting hunger pangs for a certain type of fried chicken after reading this article?

Such is the power of branding.

Free 'sat lav' app locates loos for bursting punters



Wasnt this how George Constanza became a millionnaire in the last series of curb your enthusiasm