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IDC: Android, iOS now own 91.1% of global smartphone sales


Re: What if Android did not exist…?

I highly doubt iOS could ever become that deeply entrenched, their phones have such high price points. The vast majority of the world doesn't want to spend that kind of money on a phone.

Feature phones are still selling in the same number as smartphones, but dropping rapidly. This is mainly due to the swathes of sub-£100 Android phones.

Thing is, these budget smartphones don't run apps so well, yet they account for a huge portion of the market. People don't buy apps for them, because all they ever really wanted was a phone that did email with a touchscreen. They may as well be feature phones. Yet they are still classed in these smartphone figures, so it is somewhat skewed.

My guess is if Android didn't exist, Microsoft wouldn't have dropped Windows Mobile and they would have focused their efforts on developing it for touch screen.

Fact is, Windows Mobile died because manufacturers dropped it rather than users. It was very popular in 2007, almost 50% of the US market IIRC. But Android is a far more compelling OS for them, they don't have to pay Microsoft a $25 per device fee, so it means more profit in the low end market. They can brand it to give them USP.

Grinchy Google to shut down another batch of services


"Google Sync was designed to allow access to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts via the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols."

Basically, "we're dropping support for old proprietary software and allowing support for open standards". Some would call this progress. This is a free to use open standard that anyone can build software for, licence free. Apple use this already, and i'm sure given some time and some pressure Microsoft will likely cave and build support in as well.

iPhone's market share in China sliced in HALF


Probably because iPhone users don't actually have anything to brag about. ;)

Ice Cream Sandwich still a no-show for most Android users


Re: Oh I do miss Apple at times...

Its pitched as a reference device, or a Google Experience Device. It just means all the software updates come direct from Google. Nexus devices use the same update model as iOS, or as close as is possible in the Android ecosystem.

I think a lot of people don't really understand how software and updates work on Android, if you buy a phone 'based' on Gingerbread. That doesn't make it a Gingerbread device, the manufacturer has likely removed features, added their own, ripped out the skin and replaced it.

When Google release the next version, the manufacturer can choose to take parts of that new code, features, bug fixes etc and try and roll them into their own version. It doesn't mean they take Googles version and start again with their modifications.

In ICS Google tried to limit what manufacturers could alter, by making them sign agreements, to try and limit the effect of fragmentation and make Android easier to develop for. But a lot of people are stuck on Gingerbread devices just because it is almost impossible for a manufacturer to update without a lot of effort they won't be rewarded for.

In short, if you care about having the latest and greatest from Google itself, you really should get a Nexus device.


Re: Oh I do miss Apple at times...

See, the iPhone is Apples hardware, they write the software for it which means they get the updates out as soon as they are baked.

Nexus phones are Googles hardware, they launch them every 12 months or so, like Apple, and they get the updates as soon as they are available.

All other Android phone makers hardware is their own, they take Googles software and make it their own, like a Linux distro. It uses the same core code, but they alter it and write their own drivers.

You made this choice when you picked a Sony or Moto phone, you trusted that manufacturer to keep you up to date. Truth is, they never promised to roll any updates onto your phone, your phone works as advertised when you bought it, they are under no obligation.

If you buy a Nexus phone Google promise prompt updates for at least 2 years, probably longer, but 2 years minimum. Seamless OTA updates that finish in minutes, don't even need to use Wifi.

New gov.uk site hits beta, flashes SINGLE typeface to punters


Actually Webfonts were supported by IE in v5 IIRC. It was all the other browser vendors and the w3c that didn't adopt it as a standard for a long time. Shocker!

Anyway, that font is awful, it really doesn't alias well on Windows.

Also their attempt at responsive design is pretty half arsed, if that is even what it is. Have to admit it is a step in the right direction though.

HMRC website next please, that monstrosity was written in the dark ages.

Facebook phone app attempts to seize ALL YOUR MAIL


Re: Is this really, actually happening?

When you install Facebook app, it asks you what you want to sync. Everything, just contacts or nothing.

This is the Android security measure, it is basically Facebook's app, asking for permission to access your and update your phone.

Anyone who chose anything other than 'nothing' deserves everything they get.

Web stat WTF: iOS beats Android 3 to 1, iOS and Android tied


Should probably put this here, as it covers pretty similar ground:


I, for one, go with what StatCounter says, as that measures actual usage.

Chrome hits iPhone and iPad, storms to top of download chart


Re: I'll get it.

The thing is, Google have always been very open about what they do with your data. You kind of know where you stand. You say 'unspeakably evil' but in actual fact they are going to use some internal systems to target ads at you. Whoop.

Facebook, which arguably holds way more intimate and personal data, has never been open about it. They 'own' you, in many senses of the word, and they WILL sell you to the highest bidder. Yet nobody seems to give a crap.

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination


Re: True enough.

"Android will only grow because it's cheap. But that "cheapness" is about to be threatened by Tango. Tango specifically has legs because of Zune. There is no Google alternative to it or iTunes."

Except Android isn't cheap, there are budget devices, and there are very high end devices, with lots of devices in the middle. A wide variety of choice and a wide variety of prices.

Most of the high end Android devices are far more powerful and feature rich than the equivalent Apple ones. Yet they cost the same, because Apple place such a huge markup on hardware. You'd be a fool to buy into the ' Ohh Apple devices are of better quality' these days. They are simply overpriced.

Also Zune? iTunes? Google Music/Play is way better, upload 20k of your own mp3's for free, and have them available in the cloud, to play from anywhere you can run a browser (or App). No crappy proprietary software, just a Google sign in and a web browser. That's the future, right there.

New iPads to hit Apple stores on Friday


Re: Never felt the need to queue

But your iPad 2 is now obsolete, people will mock you in Starbucks! Things must be done, before its too late.

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android


Apple will never drop their prices, the high prices are part of their brand ethos. Prestige pricing, if something costs more people assume it is of better quality. As we all know, the sum of its parts don't add up.

It is why Rolex can sell a watch that cost £500 to make for 20 grand, and why Armani can sell £20 worth of handbag for 3 grand. People are willing to pay it because they see it as a status thing, because they assume when other people see them with said overpriced product they will be jealous.

Apple Stores getting petitions on ethical conduct for breakfast


There were massive mills and water powered engines designed in Roman times.

The Spinning Jenny was designed/built around the same time as Darbys discoveries in iron production, 1720s. While the ability to weave cloth more efficiently is certainly important, it is not as important to the industrial revolution as the mass production of purified iron.


Its known as "Ironbridge - The birthplace of industry"

Microsoft claims Google bypassed its browser privacy too


Re: Re: quick....

You should probably educate yourself on what P3P is before coming out with this.

I find it more amusing though that Microsoft are accusing Google of not following W3C standards.

Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

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Re: Love the "expert" commentary here

That is exactly why Apple are doing this, they want to help Grandma. It has nothing to do with wanting to charge OSX developers to get 'whitelisted'.

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade


Been using Google Storage for Developers since it launched, great for backups, not really great in terms of software support. Hopefully once they mainstream it that will change.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter expose Google's 'evil'


Or, you know, you could just switch the function off like a normal person


Google merging more personal data into search results

You can simply load an incognito window in Chrome which stores no data. Handy if you need to be logged into the same site under different names. Nobody tracks IP addresses, it's pointless because they change around too much. If you want to know what Google knows about you just visit: https://www.google.com/dashboard

Amazon on Facebook: 'la la la we're not listening'


What I find more disturbing is the fact that the Register thinks that a report by a 'Social Media Marketing' company is worth a damn.

The next article will be entitled, 'SEO firm finds companies don't rank as high as they should!'

iPhone 4S: Our *hit list


Hahah, I think this one will end up breaking up more marriages than the location thing.

Amazon intros $199 movie Kindle


This IS an Amazon tablet, it is all powered by Android so most Android apps will work, however, what isn't clear is if the Google integration is still in place. i.e can it still run Gmail, Docs etc?

Also if you have an Android phone can you transfer apps you bought from the Google Marketplace to this? Or would you need to buy them again on the Amazon market?

It is pretty important really, if they do insist on creating their own walled garden, it is pretty un-android, and a major downside to me.

That said, they do look awsome, and I wants one.

Ex-Microsofties' IE6 kill squad hits UK


Install Chromeframe!!

In fact isn't this product basically the same as Google tried to do with Chromeframe, only Microsoft slammed them for it?

Samsung shifts 10 millionth Galaxy SII


You should probably wait for the new Nexus, it will be Samsung hardware, pure Google OS (so it will be nice and open, and well supported in the custom rom scene).

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers


It's a bit like the old Mitchell and Webb ads

The whole PC versus Mac thing; Jez being a smug, preening tosser, Mark being a pretty down to earth, nerdy guy.

Actually fits quite well in this context.

It certainly wasn't one of Apples better choices though.

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom


There is a reason Android tablets are rubbish

Because they are running on software designed for phones, ice cream sandwich should be a giant leap forward in Android tablets.

I also don't buy that Android got popular because of price, almost everyone I know has moved to Android from Apple. Not one moved because of price, in fact in a lot of cases it wasn't actually cheaper, high end Android phones are often MORE expensive.

Things like Flash, background apps, more carriers, freedom to install what you like, customisability are what is selling Android phones.

Mobile app malware menace grows


There is only one infection vector

The only way you can get 'malware' on an Android phone is if you specifically install it, and knowingly accept the fact that 'Jiggly Boobies 3' app really needs to send text messages. You really have to be a special kind of stupid.

I would hardly call that being 'easily overrun by malware'


Android walled gardens exist already

Just use the Amazon app store, all apps are rigorously vetted, problem solved.

35m Google Profiles dumped into private database



Google makes it's living by scraping and data mining the internet on an epic scale on a daily basis. Would be slightly hypocritical of them to stop others doing the same to their sites.

Google profiles are private unless you consciously make them public. If you don't want people to see it or scrape it why make it live?!

Google won't open source fondleslab Android before 'year end'



Ice Cream Sandwich you mean? Honeycomb was 'out' last year. Just not that many folks using it just yet, the Xoom is the only one of note at the moment.

Google unveils Android 'Honeycomb' update for fondleslabs



1. Much of this is to do with the vendor you select, personally i'll wait till there is an official Google tablet before I consider it.

2. iOS has one major advantage over everyone else. Accessories. There is really something to be said for having a single handset, it makes it very easy for 3rd parties to make extra kit for it. Mainly things like docks, car kits and the likes. This is Googles answer to that.

If you move from a Samsung to a HTC you will be able to use the same accessories. There is a LOT to be said for that.

3. Again this is more to do with the vendor surely?

4. No, Android only just surpassed Apple in terms of phones. There are still more iOS devices out in the wild due to iPod Touch and iPad. The rate of uptake in Android is still accelerating way past that of iOS though.

5. You can always just download a 3rd party version, CyanogenMod is very popular, updates are almost constant.

Opera embraces Google's open source JPEG killer



"I hope you know what Chrome is tracking about you...."


Yes thanks



This right here is a load of hate filled fanboi bile. People use browsers for different reasons, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

I use Chrome because it ties nicely into Gmail (which I use daily) with desktop notifications, post count favicon etc. There are also a number of extensions that don't exist on Opera I use a lot. That's ignorance is it?

Stop sexing up IT and give Civil Servants Macs, says gov tech boss


These are the people who wouldn't update their systems away from IE6

AND THE WANT TO USE MACS?! Good luck integrating all that with all the 10 year old proprietary systems. I can't even get the office mac's to work with our printers, let alone play with the Windows network.

Microsoft lands big handbag on Google's copy kisser



"thanks for the iPhone idea, Steve."

IIRC Google bought a startup company who had laid the Android groundwork about a year before the iPhone was announced.

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery

Jobs Horns

@ Giles Jones

The next step will be forcing all payments made through iOS's browser to be routed through iTunes first. They need to take take their 30% off that Amazon order you just made? That's what this may as well be.

I'm not sure how you can even try to sugar coat it, but it was a valiant effort.

Also Android handles SD cards just fine.

Researcher cracks Wi-Fi passwords with Amazon cloud


It's per minute

But it's a lie anyway, partial instance hours are billed the full hour.

Theoretically it's true but in practice it will be about $20.

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back

Gates Halo

Wireframing tool?

.. seriously, i've lost count of the number of full website wireframes clients have sent me built in Powerpoint. it's just so versatile!

Virgin Media begins 100Mb upgrades



P2P and Usenet is always throttled though at peak times. I'd much rather have a reliable and consistent 15Mb/s than a sketchy 100Mb/s that limits your options. Especially when it costs 3x as much.

How to stop Apple and Google's great web lockdown


Few things

Firstly, a bunch of new tags, canvas, native video and audio are not a replacement for something like Flash. Even Google have admitted as much by refusing to use HTML5 video as standard on Youtube. It's just not powerful, or flexible enough. HTML5 has become this weird misused buzzword.

The tools are already out there to make awesome web apps, just look at Google Docs. HTML5 won't improve that, it just makes it slightly easier to develop. We won't be seeing killer games and interactive apps made using Canvas and JS any time soon, because its far too slow and cumbersome to develop. It will be the tech demo's and the odd evangelists playground for a long time yet.

Google is investing in NaCl (Native Client), their true ace in the hole, this is a core part of Chrome OS. This is why it's being delayed, the ability to run native apps from the cloud is really key to having a browser based OS. It opens up a whole crazy world of possibilities.

Amazon plots Android store


Oh noes

Companies have been profiling people since the dawn of time, every time you buy something from Amazon they know who you are, what you like, what size pants you wear.

Finance companies are the worst, having access to all your financial details is way more powerful than looking at crap you have on your phone.

The thing that gets me is people lay their lives bare on places like Facebook and nobody bats an eyelid. Google takes note of the type of sites you visit and everyone acts like its a cardinal sin. (There are opt-out options to stop this by the way).

The market app acts as the installer, so yes, it does need access to everything. And yes, you are paranoid.

Apple yanks music streamer from App Store


It is a bit dodgy

But they seem to have used the YouTube loophole to get round legal issues. They will remove songs from the lists if requested by labels for infringement. But the music gets put back up almost immediately by users.

You can't stop people putting what they like on the web without threatening the entire web. i.e the YouTube defence, its impossible to police effectively.

Obviously YouTube are a lot more proactive about it because their business doesn't rely on users uploading copyrighted material.

Still, its a handy app to have, way more choice than Spotify and a lot cheaper, another good reason not to buy iStuff.

Ellison wrestles Google to strangle 'unofficial' Java


I don't really understand this article

I'm pretty sure the Android implementation has nothing to do with which version of Java is running where. Dalvik is a completely new implementation, it just so happens to use Java source as in input. So it doesn't need to adhere to any licensing restrictions Sun put on their implementations. It's why Google wrote it.

The patents are aimed squarely at how Dalvik operates, the processes and methods used. It's a pretty weak shot by Oracle. Its also pretty risky, Google have a LOT of their own patents, many which Oracle most likely infringe themselves.

Really though Oracle have kicked themselves in the teeth with this one, Android was making Java cool again. Now they do this which just scares people off.

Apple kills browse-and-get-hacked bugs in iOS


I think what he was actually trying to say..

.. in some admittedly hate fuelled language. Was that having to download the entire OS in order to fix a security hole in a pretty small part of the software is backward and incredibly inefficient.

Much like *having* to install some horrible software on your machine in order to do anything at all with it.

..vs android which is the polar opposite, no software, no cables, all updates small and OTA.

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade


Sign of things to come

If only someone would open a webstore where you can buy completely open, unbranded, unlocked handsets from.

Oh wait..

Carnivorous plague mice 'wiping out towns' in US Midwest

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.. the best strapline for an article .. ever?

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit


It was due to a permission problem apparently..

..it's good that you can fix a root filesystem permissions problem by visiting a web page, i'm sure it makes many people sleep soundly.

Seriously, there is a security hole of epic proportions in Safari's native PDF handler. Shockingly not Adobes version but Apples own (pretty ironic). Yet for some reason the media is all over the fact that its a way to jailbreak your phone easily.

Anyway this is another software hack rather than a bootrom exploit so it will be patched out pretty rapidly. Nobody has managed a bootrom exploit since some time last year, meaning another one is increasingly unlikely.

Plus with an exploit this dangerous I can't see many people hanging on to 4.01 once the patch to plug it comes out, which will also plug the jailbreak.

Armed with exploits, ATM hacker hits the jackpot


It gets worse

Guy I know said he saw one running Windows 3.1.

Google shutters Nexus One webstore

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Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

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Yes it does

Being able to display web pages properly is something that is expected these days. IE's crapness was in the most part hidden from the general public because web devs knew how to get round the problems. (This is why most web dev's now really don't like Microsoft, their inability to do anything about it cost a lot of people a lot of money in wasted time.)

This generations browsers will all be standards compliant, so it's become a non issue. The thing that will set them apart is speed. In this, Chrome wins hands down. It loads in milliseconds, installs without fuss, lets you install extensions without reloading, lightning quick rendering. Its also by far the most efficient in terms of screen real estate.

I use all 3 browsers on a daily basis for development, Chrome I use for browsing.



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