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Has virtualization really ended all your worries?


So So

The problem we have is persuading non technical decision makers of the merits and possible uses for the technology they've already paid for. We use HA/DRS VMware 4 clusters across multiple datacentres. Our SAN infrastructure is VMware aware but is not configured to use the functionality. We still need to 'ok' simple things like VMotioning a guest from one host to another during core hours due to the "risk". When you try to explain that we have DRS enabled on the cluster and therefore VMotion happens every now and then without us doing anything you just a blank look, followed by a "no, wait until a downtime period". In my experience, the technology is pretty sound. People aren't using it properly or don't trust it enough to make the most of what it has to offer.

Couch potatoes riddled with heart disease


@Peter Bond

Surely the problem is that they are not walking down the high street?

DARPA fashions miracle robotic attachment from balloon, coffee


Needs a title

Isn't this the same idea the emergency services have been using for years for back/neck supports etc?

Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report



You might want to watch dispatches tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm if you are at all surprised by the conflict of interest.

Nasa returns to the moon... in 3D game



That is, Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space. That's a game that needs a remake.


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