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BT to slap overalls on 1,000 new bods in fibre broadband boost

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Yep, most of Aberdeen city was supposed to be September. Now we're being told June...

Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE

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Re: Oh Rly?

I think you'll find that it is now Office 364, possibly soon to be renamed Office 363

'Nutjob' serves half-baked Raspberry PI scam

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Re: Should have...

Did the downvoters miss the "stick your tongue out and blow" meaning? Or is the sensohumometer set to Heckle?

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

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Totally agree, similar piss poor experience with Age of Empires. The Live menus are a mess that are completely counter intuitive. Multiplayer setup was totally backwards too, but I guess that's another departments problem. I would have given up trying if the wife wasn't threatening me with reactivating WoW.

PayPal slaps down Dr Who ‘charity book’

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Given paypals dislike for selling a promise, it seems a bit odd that crowdfunder.co.uk uses paypal as the payment method...


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Re: predictable

Totally agree; I would have preferred a basic tarting up of the original, rather than this 'me too' title.

The gameplay was quite advanced, and apart from the graphics it dates quite well (I complete the amiga version again about a year ago)

There is plenty of scope for enhancing the original, but staying true to it's nature, even for the console mob.

Microsoft builds Kinect into Asus laptops

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I was thinking along similar lines, but for gaming. Controlling FPS targeting with your eyes would be far superior to mouse input.

UK probes Snickers over 'celebrity' Twitter adverts

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I have a Marathon bar, circa 1989, in my parents attic. Last time I checked it hadn't gotten up and walked away.

Netgear ReadyNas Duo v2 network storage

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@Luke McCarthy

I got the same board and love it. Handles W2K8 R2, web server, VMs, 3D stuff, everything. Best of all it only draws 22-25W when the HDDs are spun down.

Archos G9 101 8GB Android tablet

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Samsungs generally have pretty good cameras though. My old Tocco was a lot better than this cheap but fast ZTE (camera is the only crap bit).

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All the tegra 2 tabs i've used mirror onto the telly and some can do 1080p on the telly only. Either way all worked with iPlayer

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"who actually takes photos with a 10in tablet"

Me, a lot. Whiteboards, Flipcharts, before and after wiring layouts, things that my crappy phone cam just wont focus on. I'm more likely to use the photos on the tablets bigger screen anyway.

If your phone can handle these sorts of tasks then that's fine, but mine isn't up to the job and I have no plans to upgrade.

Microsoft's RemoteFX is fab - but will it play Crysis?

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I use http://www.streammygame.com for this. It's a bit fiddly to get going with (not helped by the guff ui on the web console), and you need an internet connection to authenticate your license (it's not free, but is dirt cheap). It does the job perfectly of streaming from my desktop beast to my old laptop over G wireless. Works with nearly every game I've tried (far more than they advertise), just a pity it's not as slick as it could be. They do a resolution limited demo if anyone wants to check it out.

Acer to murder Gateway brand

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My wifes 17" gaming laptop from 3 years ago has no cow pattern at all. I would have been put off too, but it was stupidly cheap and fast at the time (£700 compared to £2500 for the similarly priced and styled Dell XPS or Alienware). It's still going strong

Is Facebook worth more than Google?

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Usage data badly skewed

It's very common for folks who play Zynga games to have at least a dozen facebook accounts each. This is in order to progress in the game without badgering real friends or spending money. proper facebook gamers have up to 80.

Each account requires an obscene number of full 'page views' in order to respond to fake friend requests. These folks are amongst the heaviest users and appear to be in large numbers.

I'm sure you've all seen other apps that are desperate for you and all your friends to join and waste as much time as possible for little gain.

While there is no doubt these people need taken out back and shot, it suggests you'd have to be nuts to invest with such wishy washy figures. How about quoting the number of facebook users active at a time and their ad click rate? Just a hunch but my guess is its potential far below its current valuation.

The year's best... PC games

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Bit disappointed by this one so far. Maybe needs more playing but seems too slow and simple compared to iv (console influence?).

Plus you get penalised for building railroads on every tile! disgraceful! (although civ 1 was the best for this, i liked to railroad the ocean :) ). ocd much? yes please.

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

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^ Says the Sony rep.

AC stinks of troll.

For sale: Dr No's Scottish bunker complex

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I think i bought the wrong house

Within a few hundred yards and I never knew it was there. It's cheap too!

Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

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DAB works fine for me

How else am I supposed to listen to anything other than Radio1/2 or the local crap? Internet radio is useless as it isnt as portable (my laptop has crap speakers) and I can't use it at work due to bandwidth.

How would you suggest I get 6music, kerrang, etc?

Away to buy a DAB radio for the car. Yes I have TBs of music on mp3 but sometimes it's nice to hear something I dont already own.

Whether I can believe the gumf on the box that suggests that DAB+ is only a firmware upgrade away is another story. For now it does the trick.

Sony seeks 'universal console controller' patent

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Amiga Controllers

For those of who have broken far too many Joysticks playing Sensible Soccer there is indeed a market. Most retro retailers only have the old Competition Pro style (which i hate) and CD32 controllers die at such a rate that they ran out well before the Amiga games market died a death.

I have to admit my A1200 and CD32 dont look terribly good on a 40" screen but you dont notice when in the thick of decent gameplay. Yet to rebuy Sensy on the XBox...

Asus Eee Box B206

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Acer Revo

When can we expect a review of the Acer Revo? (or any of the other Nvidia ION based Atom systems) it seems far more capable for a better price. Plus there are dual core variants from other manufacturers on the way too.


Koreans create dancing droid

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...Pants on fire

"You said a robot's ability to move all of its limbs separately and simultaneously was a major step forward in creating a work 'bot."

No I bloody didn't! And I sure as hell didn't bum Jae either, whoever he/she is...

Is there a prize for the most obvious comment? Is there a prize for being the last person to make it?

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up

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Cant be the only cause

It's happening on 2 Intel boxes (Dell and Sony). Both are clean installs of XPSP2, but as soon as you install SP3 the reboot malarky begins. What Fun! It took the SP3 iso to fix it.

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

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Dundee *is* a City

With a population in excess of 200,000 it is officialy designated a City.

Perth on the other hand is, and always will be, a town because it's full of slackjawed yokels...

Air France compensates 170kg passenger

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@horrors of tesco

Some people are obviously taking the piss a little here. But why do their comments make you sick? Surely you must be aware that you are in the minority. The vast majority of overwieght people i know have been and always will be self confessed muffin addicts...

What it comes down to is "in an ideal world" who should be penalised:

1. those whos personal space infringes on others in a tin can that both parties chose to fly in.

2. or those who are having their personal space infringed upon in a tin can that both parties chose to fly in.

This is not an ideal world and everyone knows that regardless of the pricing policy of excess weight (personal + luggage) the airlines would just pocket the money and still cram the rest of us in like sardines

Retail giants to crack whip over digital dawdlers

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"Tough luck if you're in an area where Freeview reception isn't as good as it should be"

try "... in a major city where less than half the population can get any digital signal at all "

EU says roaming case is soooo last month

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Mobile Data Roaming???

What about 02s £6 per MB that applies to data transfers when abroad? if thats not a reason to give them a swift kick up the arse then what is?

Motorola lays off another 4,000

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Old Razr Firmware

If their previous incarnation hadn’t been so appalling then they might not be having problems shifting the new ones. They still haven’t fixed the firmware to stop the constant freezing, turning off and “Please Wait” messages on my current phone so why should I trust them with my next one?

Whats worse is that everyone at the nearby motorola tech support knows about it and seem to have no power to get it fixed


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