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AOL pinches Google sales boss


RE: Andy Barber

No dont bring back the AOL coasters!!! We've never had it so good.

As far as I'm concerned AOL is a dead end that had its day in the 90's sometime when such a pointless and useless front end was different to the stand-alone Netscape and IE.

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


So whats new

I have never trusted the Windows upgrade procedure since Win '98. I personally like starting a clean slate and I will still dabble with Windows 7.

AMD roadmaps Phenom II, quad-core Athlons


Too Late

AMD currently do well at the low - mid range sector but for the High end/Enthusiast the Phenoms just dont compete. I highly doubt these Phenom II's will make any headway towards competing with the i7 which is what im going for next. The question with the i7 is do you go for an ATi or nVidia based graphics card or have both for a laugh

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros


A struggling company

Seinfeld is about as funny as these moist lens wipes im about to use for my glasses. Microsoft have simply fueled the next spait of ads from Apple.

Microsoft's IE 8 puts giant web hole on notice


IE 6

Wooo Im still on IE 6.

Why? Because I do a lot of FTP based work and IE7's handling of FTP sucks. Plus I have decent spyware and anti virus protection so im happy with IE6. I use Firefox when I want funky features and tabbed browsing. IE8 can go blow Opera, I wont be downloading it.

So far IE6 doesnt mis handle this Web 2.0 B.S.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away


How about we Toll the Trains and Busses as well

I think that people who use trains and/or the tubes should have to pay a tax at every station they stop at.

And bus passengers should have to pay a tax every time they use a bus lane.

The Government does not know how to run public transport (umungst other things like the NHS etc...) and therefore cannot grumble when we all revert to using cars. All of this is just a ploy to look good at the 2012 games. It has nothing to do with the benefit of the UK peasants.

It costs me 50p of Diesel to get into london. And £20 to go standing in a Train, why o why should I have to put up with a crap public service!

Recycled PCs despoil developing world


We need to go deeper than that!

Personally I think all manufacturers of all goods should have more responsibility on recycling the products they make. We need to have a country wide system in place not a county wide. All products should be stamped on each material used for the packaging and product. Manufacturers of electronics/white goods should have the means to recycle old/faulty products or do the research involved so that a 3rd party knows exactly how to recycle the products.

Nvidia waves goodbye to chipsets?

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Lack of support for ages

For almost 2 years motherboard manufacturers were not making new nVidia based boards for AMD CPU's. It took nVidia so long to get a chipset out for the Phenom (AM2+), the poor sales were down to themselves and no one else. They should have had a chipset ready when AMD released the CPU back in Nov/Dec last year. However, I cant believe they are just going to throw SLI into the wind. If they do drop their chipsets it will mean AMD will need to make a chipset for both xFire and SLI or nVidia is hoping dual / quad GPU's is going to be the way to go.

AMD Radeon HD 4850 and 4870



Come on guys, everyone knows that Crysis is not an accurate Benchmark. It has been dropped from tests on a number of occasions.

Im waiting for anyone to do a fanless 4850 for xFire

AMD loses $1.19bn and CEO Ruiz

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At LAST!!!!

Finally the CEO leaves. I've been calling for this for 2 years. I hope the new guy is good, otherwise you can kiss goodbye to them and ATI.

Intel says 'no' to Windows Vista

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At least Intel see my point of view also

There is no justifiable reason to upgrade. Word doesnt run any faster, my virus scanner isnt out of date, my applications still run fast. Microsoft fail to be able to give us marketing junk of WHY we should upgrade. By upgrading you have to buy new hardware, whats the point of such a big cost in the credit crunch and the hours wasted downloading and installing hundreds of drivers. My PC with PCIe 1.x runs PCIe 2.x cards no problem so for me a cheap upgrade is all I need for latest games. MS can't give me a reason to change so therefore I wont. However, I will be looking into Windows 2008 which is where the real fun seems to be.

Komplett closes retail ops across Europe


Oh well

Long live TheOverclockingStore

Are we in a period where small firms are going to dissappear also?

JVC punts dual-format camcorders


Looks good ...

... on paper. Can we expect a full review?

"A UK price or release date hasn’t been seen yet."

Based on Market trends I'll give a good estimate:

USD: GZ-HD40 at $1300 (£650/€840) - UK est.: £750

USD: GZ-HD30 at $1000 (£500/€640) - UK est.: £600

USD: GZ-HD10 at $800 (£400/€520) - UK est.: £500

Microsoft ga ga over Goo-Hoo! deal


"Developers Deve...

... Oh no wait! Thats now "Desperate Desperate Desperate"

Microsoft's own chip design blamed for Xbox 360 RRoD


RE: I just love XBox 360

Can I come to your Picnic? Can I bring my DS?

Yahoo! bitchslapped Ballmer's $40 a share offer

Gates Horns

Googlite alert

Yahoo! sucks and MS is desperate. Ballmer is a wild boar out of control. If they do eventually merge its simply: 2 pieces of shit = a larger piece of shit.

I personally want MS to drop their Live! search rubbish. They are not a good search engine and never will be. They should simply use Google technology to search their own site. Using MS search to find anything useful on their own site turns up results that mean bugger all to anyone, its really really bad and pathetic.

Put the resources saved from their Live! service into bringing out a decent OS that has some benefit to users over its predecessor.

CoolerMaster 900W PSU grabs top energy efficiency rating

IT Angle

RE: Is it just me

You mean for grandads?

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset


I'll stick to cheap plastic looking ones

£80 for something that looks like a dog collar and a lead.

Microsoft! offers! Yahoo! less!


Give up Ballmer Moo! just isnt going to work

Ballmer is showing desperation, he's getting angrier and fatter. There are plenty more search engines out there he could gobble up for lunch.

Moo! just was never meant to be. Ballmer seems to forget that Google and Yahoo! were once friends around '99 '00 so it wouldn't be hard for them to rebuild their relationship.

MSI card-cooler 'inspired by weed'


Why not just buy a 9600 with no Fan...

... and bobs your uncle!

Considering this MSI card takes up 2 slots, you might as well go with the Gigabyte GV-NX96T1GHP - No fan and guarenteed zero noise! Put it in SLI no need to overclock and the results are shockingly good!


Seaweed, whatever next!

SMS costs more than using Hubble Space Telescope


Come on VOIP

Come on VOIP for mobiles!!!! The tech is available but the services arent!

Txt's and calls are at a criminal price with PAYG and Contract.

Id Dooms gamers to new shoot-'em-up sequel


Not a huge fan of Doom 3

Infact I never completed the game, I got so bored very early on. Graphics were OK but not as mind boggling as they were trying to make it out to be. FarCry was far superior IMHO and much more enjoyable.

I however, loved the original games and the only game that has come close to the original Dooms is PainKiller. However, PainKiller lacked all the multiplayer functionality that Doom, Hexen, Heritic and DN3D had. I have never seen a game since with such multiplayer and singleplayer scope. Please make Doom 4 worth while in both areas, its been done before but not since.

MSI releases £235 desktop Eee PC rival ahead of Asus


RE: John

I bet the serial COM ports are for the POS market. They are probaby trying to get into the POS market like Abit have for no apparent reason.

I have to say this is a good idea but it looks so butt ugly!!!

Please employ someone artistic at MSI

Asus spills Nvidia's nForce 780a beans

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Well im the only one eager for this. Been waiting for ages. Cant wait to get an SLI setup on my Phenom.

Nvidia powers up GeForce 9800 GTX, nForce 790i


Id wait as well

As benchmarked by hexus it does not out perform the 8800GTX it is actually worse in some cases which is scary.

I'd wait til nvidia get 55nm GPU's out. It might help quieten the loud fans.

VIA and Nvidia partner to bomb Intel's Atom


RE: Stan

No one has the money or experience for that scale of hardware investment, they see it as whats the point for a few geeks here and there.

From an OS point of view Linux distro's dont have the balls to go to mass market.

If its not on a shelf with a special 25% off it will never get to joe bloggs.

BT hits 'undo' on anti-spam email update


This is why I use my own domain

Sorry to be snooty but:

Personally I think ISP email addresses are a waste of time, I always refuse to use the one they give you.

For a mere £30/year I get a reasonable sized Email, SMTP, my own domain name & Webspace. I have no troubles sending or receiving and SPAM is zero, they still offer Grey Listing and other SPAM methods should you wish to use them but I have never needed to. I can also set up my email on any computer in the world without being locked down by an ISP's rule book. I can chop and change ISP's without having to worry about my email settings or having to tell everyone im changing. I can use it for business purposes without paying a penny more. I have complete access and complete control over my account e.g. to easily add mailboxes, forwards, groups, etc... There are no ads, pop-ups anywhere. The best thing of all the host leaves me alone and I love it!!!

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers


This happened with 2000/XP as well

I remember being on the Creative Forums for years before they eventually released Windows 2000/XP drivers. They had beta drivers out for ages. The releases were few and far between. Creative clearly cant cope with new operating systems. Thank god ASUS and others will be up and coming with new soundcards.

Notice how they havnt brought out anything new since 2006, old Speakers, old sound cards. A company without focus or drive.

Bye Bye Creative.

Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps


Sit in a quiet corner old man your time is done

Hey Gates, when Windows and Office are free then you can talk, until then go to a quiet corner and pretend that you use Live! Search or MSN search (whatever the name for your useless search is), then pretend that you use Streets & Trips instead of Goolge Maps. At least when I use Google search to find a relevant TechNet article I actually find it on the first page of search results. Your Live! service has it on about page 15.

Time Warner splitting up AOL


RE: I hate e-mails from customers who use AOL....

lol very True Jason!

You are also likely to receive emails from AOL users with varying degrees of colours and font sizes. Thankfully i throw everything away from anything@AOL.com/uk addresses.

Considering this is about AOL.com do we brits really need to care what they are doing when it wont affect AOL.co.uk.

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!


Moo! Search

I think it should be called Moo! Search. It stands out from the rest of the crowd and is quite rememberable.

IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

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Still not working

Its 7:45 and the service is still unavailable. Considering only 100'000 are still to file their tax return online this is yet another dreadful service from the Government. I bet they over paid for an under powered system as usual.


@John Stirling

Well Said John!

Some of us do not receive the necessary data til nearer the deadline.

Most of the questions it asks are completely pointless but you still have to answer them or it gives an error message. Also why should the government earn interest on MY money!!!


No improvement for me

I see no improvement in the service to pay this morning. For 3 days i've not been able to load the self assessment page. I was getting time out errors over a week ago.

If they owe us money it is one rule for them and another for us. Cheeky %$£%$$£%£$^$£!!!!!

Shuttle launches Intel X38-equipped gaming SFF PC



I've not had that before.

I've had a few shuttles in the past and never had overheating problems.

My current one plays games really well and is so handy for mobility!

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I've gone weak at the knees

This looks awsome!!

Why have such a huge tower when you can have this little ferret instead.

Interesting that they've gone with the AMD Crossfire.

It would be nice if they could also get a Phenom based box out as well, i suppose it may only be a matter of time.

Nintendo sells 5m Wiis in Japan


RE: PS3 - watch this space

I got bored watching and waiting a long time ago. When the Wii was launched it engaged people straight away and constantly delivered. Why should I wait a whole year for the PS3 to deliver something interesting.

Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims


2020 The year they Ban Sausages.

Go on Gordon Brown, ban sausages. Actually no, why not just go the whole way and ban pigs in this country all together.

If politics offends me then surely it should be banned as well, no?

Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?


Bulk buying now!

This is crap news!

My Current Logitech mice are in their 6th year. Unfortunately the paint they used was rather cheap and I now have white unbranded mice instead of the sliver with logitech logo. But never the less they are superb for gaming and image editing!

Im going to definitely buy some new Logitech mice now so that I get at least another 10 years use with non M$ mice!

Microsofts message to their software programmers is 'developers, developers developers.....' etc.. Clearly they need a similar message to their hardware makers. 'Inventors, inventors, inventors....'

Nvidia's AMD-aimed nForce, GeForce chipsets due this month

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Only six SATA

Surely they should be aiming for 10 SATA these days?

They arent exactly big connectors that take up a lot of board space.

I use all 8 of mine for Hard Disks and DVD RW/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. I need more!!!!!!!!

Office update disables MS files


Why release the service pack then?

Surely the point of a service pack is to close the security loopholes. Looks like MS are finally running out of money and cant afford to patch things any more so bombard us with propaganda to buy new versions. Now I know why Bill Gates is leaving. MS has a complete madman at the helm. Maybe soon Apple will have to buy shares in MS to keep them afloat.

US colon cancer risk blamed on English couple


@Bit Fiddler

Are you mad?

Since when did we brits spend 2-3000 on dental care.

There arent enough NHS Dentists to go around.

Dell to pump out Ubuntu servers

Gates Horns

Cool but what about the Hardware Dell?

Dell have some weird allegiance with Intel in their server hardware devision, in otherwords they have little to offer in the way of Opteron based servers. So if they can cut their sole allegiance with Microsoft surely they can do the same with Intel in the hardware arena.

Nintendo confirms Wii DVD support coming

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Great Idea and they can go even further

I think its a great Idea, though I will be annoyed if I have to buy a "second geveration" Wii to get the functionality. The great thing about the Wii is that it is nice and small, so more integration the better. The 360 and PS3 are huge.

The Wii has got a strong life ahead. There is so much that could be integrated on such a fantastic machine, and graphics isnt everything in a game. I play the old skool virtual console games and enjoy them just as much as i did 14+ years ago.

Plastic police to enforce London bag ban?


RE: Colin Millar

I agree their stats are rediculous. 1752 peple do not represent the views of Londoners in any way shape or form. Whats the betting they did this "public consultation" in a popular tourist area where the people who took part dont even live in London. This is why I rarely watch the news or read a paper Its all propagander to make the government look good.

Which fanless graphics card?


Are you sure its the graphics card?

In answer to your question "Which Fanless graphics card?"

I would go for a Gigabyte 7600GS which is in line with the price of the one you showed. And this one truely is fanless not like the one from Aria.


However, what have you done to be 100% sure that the cause of your system restarts is your current graphics card? The restarts of your system shouldnt happen at all. I can play games for endless hours or video editing without it crashing/restarting etc...

Have you made sure its not the CPU overheating, bad memory, PSU voltage issue, bad sectors on the hard disk etc... I wouldn't spend any money 'til you know exactly what the cause of the problem is. Your current graphics card could be fine.

AMD three-core Phenoms to ship March 2008?


A quick game of leap frog

I can see what AMD are doing here they are going to play a short game of leap frog in order to show that they are different and do not copy everything Intel does. I anticipate a 6 core on the horizon, perhaps they aim to get that out before Intels 8 quad. Then it may go 12 core AMD 16 core Intel, after that point the game will end. And by that point we will probably be on 8nm anyway.

Asus launches tiny PC

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RE: XP on 4GB?

Why not.

There are many utilities (e.g. nlite) that allow you to create your own customised CD of XP, provided you have a proper licenced one. It allows you to cut out a lot of stuff you dont need i.e. drivers, games, services etc.... The foreign languages takes up about 100MB alone.

LEDs replace hands in bonkers Japanese watches


I dont wear one

Arrrrgh Harrrrgh! I've never been a watch person. I work at a computer all day or im on my mobile both of which have one. Vista and Leopard seem to think we need something fancy on screen as well, I think people are time mad! When im on a night out i couldnt care less what time it is as long as im having a good time.

If electricity and batteries suddenly die off I wouldnt give a rats arse about what time it is.

Consumers confused by HD


Going to wait for maturity

The whole HD industry hasnt even begun to mature yet. Only Sky at the moment has adopted 2 broadcasting standards allowing viewers to choose, 720p/50 and 1080i/25. I dont think BT/BBC knows what they are doing yet.