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Council of Europe condemns teen-bothering Mosquito

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Mosquito=Electronic Vigilante

Does The Register condone the Mosquito? In all the debate we have not heard about those most likely to be distressed or hurt by the device's use, babies and the very young whose hearing is the most acute and many of whom cannot tell us what it is that is distressing them. Nice one, Compound Security. Their call for a regulated framework for its use is so much hypocritical hogwash - what sort of people sell a device which they say should not be used unregulated? Their site is smug in its claims about how they are getting away with selling it. The advertising claims have included that it's for scaring away 'unwanted' teenagers? Who the hell do they think they are? The laws of this land permit people to congregate and to go about their lawful business without hindrance. The attitudes that underlie the use of this wretched device are all too prevalent in this country. Small-minded people who don't give a toss about whose rights they tread on so long as they have things the way they want them. One of the reasons kids stay indoors? Whining neighbours, I know, I confronted it with my 2 kids years back. The Council of Europe is the 'home' body for the European Convention, which is now part of our law through the HRA. So it may have an indirect effect. Time to kick this vermin into touch.


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