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Home Office to hand out more Tasers to police

Jason Clery
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Don't tase me bro

Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

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James T was the only person in Starfleet academy to win the "no-win" scenario. He reprogrammed the computer. Does that ball of teenage angst look like the guy who pulled off that stunt?

And Spock would have calmed down a lot before joining a crew, he served under Cpt Pike before James T took over.

Also, after they qualified, they would not be given a ship and sent on their merry way. They would have been ensigned to other vessels and would have been learning there.

Its too teenage, but I will watch it regardless

Police collar kid for Wi-Fi pinching

Jason Clery


It seems people think this happened in Ramsey Street, full of good neighbours.

The people next door could have been troublemakers, so the last thing you want to do is approach them.

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

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anyone remember the freeview transmitter?


Europe gives temps same rights as permanent staff

Jason Clery

taking your job

"Someone from another country will be taking your job instead - still think that would be an improvement?"

Not if it needs a physical presence. Remote support will only work while the network is up. Code monkeys needs to worry, anything else that needs face to face customer services will not.

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Having worked as a "temp" (Via M*npower) for a Big Blue IT company, I can say this law is good. We were full time staff, but were paid considerably less than the permies (permies got an average of 30% more), and got a lot less in benefits.

The only ones who will complain are those that hire "temps" for longer than 3 months. Day one is too soon, but 3 months is about right for the benefits to kick in.

Either the worker is a temp (and leaves in 3 months), a contractor (and has a fixed term contract) or a staff member.

Koreans create dancing droid

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Wrong Ben. That's a news story and the robot is not dancing. You FAIL at the INTERNETZ

Jason Clery
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What, no video?

Thousands more City workers to lose jobs, says CBI

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The economy is screwed. The only thing I can see them doing is lowering taxes to give us more disposible income, so we spend moe

Phorm mulls incentives for ad targeting wiretaps

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Paris Hilton


I believe the expression is

"You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig"

eBay: don't come on our US site without protection

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I moved to e-bid. E-bay sucks.

Today be talk like a pirate day

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Arrgh, me hearties. We talk like prirates because we know their decline causes global warming, and we need to remember the original Pastafarians

Wunderkind starts robot-buster weapons firm

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I already have a robot in my home. Its a floor cleaner and wonderful, wonderful device. Its AI and sensors could be better though, but its still a wonderful device.

Beating bots is easy, buy "How to survive a robot uprising".

Seagate tries again with external drives

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"FreeAgent Go Drive -$120 for 250GB, $150 for 320GB and $2340 for 500GB. "

How much?


"FreeAgent Desk Drive - $130 for 500GB, $150 for 640GB, $230 for 1TB and $280 for 1.5TB (available in October 2008).

FreeAgent XTreme Drive - $159.99 for 500GB, $179.99 for 640GB, $259.99 for 1TB and $299.99 for 1.5TB (available in October 2008. "

Who is going to buy the Go for $2340 when you can get the Desk Drive for $130 or the Xtreme for $159

Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

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"the LSE ran on resilient systems like VMS"


I remember when the LSE was run on paper an abacus.

Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race

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"Which of these did you own as a kid: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Research 380 or WTF?"

Posh git, I had a ZX80 and a Commodore VIC 20

Dixons Group still suffering

Jason Clery


"He probably ment is your ADSL connection based on a BT (PSTN) fixed line or a cable connetion. This is a perfectly reasonable question. Its no different to saying is your ISP Pipex (BT PSTN Fixed Line) or Virgin (Cable)"



ADSL = phone

DSL, or more correctly Cable = cable

Jason Clery

@Les Matthew

He said the words ADSL, at which point the sales drone said "is it a BT or cable connection?", he was also listing what he wanted it to do, and how he wanted to make his home network. The drone was completely clueless.

Jason Clery


I saw a 12 year old looking to buy a router at Currys. The sales drone was clueless, all he knew was "is it a BT or cable connection".

I hope the kid did not buy...

IT pay jumps as skills gap widens

Jason Clery


"Earlier this month the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said that Britain’s brightest kids should be required to study three separate science courses in secondary school to offset a shortage of employees in the IT and science sectors."

Perhaps the CBI could provide incentive by paying good salaries for these positions?

No snapping: Photographers get collars felt

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"There are lots of where photographers' activities might arouse the interest of the police. For example if there was someone outside your childrens school playground snapping away wouldn't you want to know why?"

You have no right to. What you are implying is the whole paedophile angle. Most kiddy fiddlers are parents, family, or close family friends.

The photographer could have seen something that made a nice shot, maybe a "children at play" or "chavs in training" or such like.

"Kids on a school field are not considered to be in a public space, instead, they're on private property - a school. As such, you cannot take their photographs without permission of the landowner."

Only if the photographer is on the land itself, not on the street.


"Photographing Buildings, Football Grounds and Interiors

Property owners have no right to stop people taking photos of their buildings, so long as the photographer is standing in a public place (e.g. the road outside)."

"UK laws are fairly vague when it comes to defining what constitutes an invasion of privacy, but while street shots should cause no problem, you might get in hot water if you're strapping on colossal telephoto lens and zooming in on folks stripping off in their bathrooms - even if you are snapping from a public place.

The key seems to be whether the subject would have a reasonable expectation of privacy - a statement that seems vague enough to keep a team of lawyers gainfully employed for some time"

So unless there is signage up stating a local organdance forbids photos, there is no law against it.

Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

Jason Clery


"Making movies, making songs and fighting 'round the world"


Thai court jails 'swirly-face' paedophile

Jason Clery

@Hanin Elias

It seems you missed the comment made that of drugs were legal, druggies would not do crime to get their fix. I was simply pointing out that shoes are legal and people still get knifed over them.

Now, couple that with a physical and psychological dependancy, and druggies will still be robbing and killing for their fix.

It seems the middle class users on this board think that all druggies are like them. Well when the middle class users use enough of it and their performance suffers, and they get slung out of their jobs, then they will be robbing for their fix.

Yes, not everyone does become a junkie, but enough people do.

As I said before, you can spot the users when they come out to bat...

Jason Clery


You can spot the users...

Anyway, people get knifed so some chav can buy a Burberry hat and a pair of Nikes,

Suddenly making drugs legal (and hence easier to obtain) would stop junkies stealing to support their habits. Remember to tell the chavs next time one of them tries to rob you.

Jason Clery

@David Farrell

"Drug smuggling is a victimless "crime", and I use the word crime in inverted commas because I believe in drug legalisation and victimless because we all make our choices in life, and yet paedophilia is the ultimate victim orientated crime."

Tell that to the peson who caught a knife in the lungs because a (jobless) addicted needed money for his next fix. Tell that to the parent who finds the corpse of their kid.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away

Jason Clery


"The same way we make sure they are insured. Besides, the insurers should be able to check that a car they are about to cover has a current MOT."

and how do we ensure a car is insured?

Jason Clery

Getting rid of road tax

When you pay your road tax you need a valid MOT and insurance.

Without these your vehicle is not road legal. If you get rid of road tax and Swansea DVLA, then how do you make sure vehicles are safe and licenced?

UK data watchdog gives Google spycar fleet the greenlight

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There is no law that says you can't take photos in a public place.

You can quite happily snap away at things, and if people are in the background, tough...

You can film scenes for your home made movies, and if people are in the background, tough...

Whats the big deal?

Southeast London is card fraud cesspool

Jason Clery


"summarized as meaning "BLACKS". Coward !"

Not in Thamesmead. Last time I was there, on the streets it was 60-75% white

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

Jason Clery


That's a great idea. Pay the £10, let them show you if they have any evidence.

With Tiscali, do you think they would have the info in a month? Nope, so its fine time for them. Ditto for emailing thesir support and asking for the address of their Data Protection Officer. Don't provide it, then a complaint to the Information Commissioner goes in.

I'm tempted to go down this route anyway, just to see what they have on me.

Divorce for shouty YouTube wife

Jason Clery

An island for cretins?

"An island for cretins." you say??

Its called Crete

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

Jason Clery

@Kevin O'Byrne

"@me.com mail appear to come from @gmail.com"

if you have your own domain and control of your mx records, you can move it to gmail. It stays and sends as your domain, has IMAP and POP

Vodafone presents punter with £500k phone bill

Jason Clery

@AC re 24 hours

you have a transcript of the call? This is how it went down?

Or was it:

"one moment I need to transfer you" etc, etc, etc

"At what point when you're told that nobody can help you at that time of the evening do you accept what you are being told?"

right at the beginning. At what point do you trust the company to actually phone you back at a time you can talk to them. IE not in the middle of your working day?

and why are you ACing over such a mundane post?

Jason Clery

24 hours

To the people who said it was sorted in 24 hours wasn't so bad, it seems you missed the bit where he was on the phone to them for 2 hours, only to be told no-one could do anything.

24 hours is fine, but 2 hours to the helldesk is not

eBay Australia ditches PayPal scheme

Jason Clery


"you've found other auction sites such as...?"


and numerous others.

Available to buy: your own frakkin' 7ft Cylon

Jason Clery


If it doesn't make toast, its not a cylon

British workaholics win EU opt out deal

Jason Clery


A maximum 48 hour week, with a written opt-out that can be taken back = good.

Allowing companies to have more than 48 hour weeks as standard = bad.

a 50hr week is 10 hours a day at work,+1 hour lunch, +2 hours travel + 8 hours sleep, which means 21 out of 24 hours is used up. Add 1 hour for getting ready and eating in the morning, and an hour dinner and bathing, that leaves 1 hour a day for yourself. If the trains are screwed, it means you get less sleep. Marvellous.

The flame, because a 50 hour week leads to burnout, broken relationships, and an early death due to a heart attack

Jason Clery

@ Graham Dawson

The current legislation has a max 48 hour week than can be opted out of with written consent.

You can and have always been allowed to work the hours you want, the law means that people who don't want to work those hours don't have to.

Canonical rejiggers Ubuntu for laptots

Jason Clery


"As for code: a pint of draft says that more than 50% of Linux users know how to program and spend some time each month writing some kind of code."

And that is why its no good for garden variety users

Jason Clery
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"Our goal is to deliver a superb user experience while making it simple and cost-effective for device manufacturers to be able to bring their devices to the consumer market place," stated Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth.

in other words he is going to sell it to device manufacturers. Nice of all the ubantus to give free time fixing his OS, the one that he will be selling.

Paris, because she isn't free either

DVLA, Tiscali, Barclays rake in phoneline cash

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I called Npowers 08 number when they incorrectly billed me. I mentioned getting a refund for the 08 number and they sent me £5 which was well over the amount I rung up (+-£0.60 - £1).

Well done Npower.

I also raised a complaint to my MP re 08 numbers and Inland Revenue. One number answers the call then says its too busy. That costs 8p a time.

Handset sales drop for first time in mobe history

Jason Clery


I don't use the phone a lot. I have my old Sagem MY-X5 on Tesco mobile (used £15 in 3 months), and when I upgrade, I want a smartphone, in particular the HTC Kaiser.

Orange have the handset, but charge far too much for data

3 want £30/month for the Nokia, thats too much.

T Mobile have the best data charges, but the handset is their Micky Mouse branded Kaiser. Even then on a decent package for me it would cost £120.

The handset on its own is £450, and when not getting a phone with airtime packages, its too expensive. I will keep my Sagem.

Paypal glitch hits merchants with 12-day headache

Jason Clery


Anyone know the banking laws in Luxembourg and how banks are regulated? It seems Paypal moved there to avoid the FSA.

Apparently they are also exempt for the Luxembourg banking law requiring holding a certain amount of cash/wealth because they are a "virtual" bank.

Jason Clery

Bollocks to ebay

Bollocks to Ebay and their soon to be compulsory Paypal only. I'm off to eBid.

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing

Jason Clery

Reflective surface

Depends on the heat. Usually the heat would melt the reflective surface, unless the beam needs time to heat up the target.

PETA offers $1m for test tube chicken

Jason Clery


Soylent green. The miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world.

Aussie gov to treat laser pointers like knives and guns

Jason Clery

@ Chris Bradshaw

"Banning the lasers just means that the idiots will find some other source of amusement - throwing rocks off bridges for example. And what will the gov't do then - ban rocks??"

I said the same about the imitation gun ban. I would rather have a mugger point a toy gun at me and me be scared, than him point a knife at me.

Jason Clery
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Lasers are already covered by law, and causing damage/dazzling is a lot more complex than most people think.




Most pointed are less than class 3B

Blockbuster bids for Circuit City

Jason Clery


as any fule kno


1) Collect underpants

2) ?

3) Profit

eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal

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E Bay and Paypal

Its no longer worth using e-bay to sell smaller/cheap items

10p-50p insertion fee

15p for a gallery

7.5% of final price to e-bay

then paypals 3%

so on a £5 item you pay:

25-40p+ 50p

Almost 20% disappearing to them. I don't know how anyone could sell items for 99p, its just not worth the effort in listing them

To add to that, the fuckers at paypal even took that 3% from a refund I was given. Its impossible to talk to anyone there too, and if ever someone does bother replying its just a "fuck you" letter/response.