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Toshiba readies feature-pruned, profit-boosting Jelly Bean tablet


That noise in the distance

Is the sounds on Apples lawyers racing to file.....it has rounded corners.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Retina display review


I cant read the review

Why is Retina such a big deal, apart from when I close my eyes do I have a problem reading the screen and this is on a 1024x768 monitor work monitor.

Also I have worked in several Big Blue Chip companies in the last year and none of them allowed WiFi access. Most non IT companies dont have WiFi as standard.

But what I would love to know, the people in the Apple shop cannot answer maybe a few fanboys might. Ignoring the Retina Display. What can a Mac at £1500 do that a PC with the exact same Processor, Graphics and so on not do excpet cost less.

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM


Spammy Spammy

The reason a lot of us use skype is the security and the lack of spam. I have lost count of the number of people who had their MSN accounts hacked and on the rare occasion I have to log into MSN I am swamped with BOTS asking me to look at them in their underwear.


iPhone 4 operator contracts compared

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I-Phone on 3

I believe that 3's network will be able to take the I-Phone and its data usage very well, as all 3's mobiles have always allowed the internet and as the UK's only dedicated 3G network they are more than able to cope.

Been with 3 for years with MBB and Phone(HTC Hero) never had a problem and they have just shy of 12000 masts for 3G I cant see them falling into the same situation as O2 as it was a 2G network with 3G stuck on.

May not get the I-Phone 4G but may get a 3Gs from them at £25 a month and only £129, install the 4G software and I am not loosing out much except a front facing camera.

This may finally make 3 a serious contender with the Big 4