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Dell Streak Android tablet phone


Dell streak

having got a streak & also having an iphone 3 , realise that it has all the features & also many who have posted on this post have not tried it , as it got all the features they want , it is also a netbook in your hand &amp.

the weight is only around 80gm more after carrying the brick the first mobile u realise how much we gone in 25yrs this is a dream , as of battery u have the option to take spare ones which u cannot do with the iphone, it has a sim which u can change & give u so much of memory which u cannot do unless u get more iphones & u can use windows explorer to copy & change files , it becomes a comp for the engineers & ceo s who have trouble when flying around the large screen makes photos look like post card size , u can plug it to a tv , projector & give your presentation.

As it is android u r likely 2 get better as when i got the iphone at the start in 2 yrs u can do so much more , as the streak is open it is an ideal tool for all engineers salesman & could be operated outside the western world in every corner of the globe u have a pc. i guess u have 2 try it 2 realise the potential of what could b done