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Apple tipped to revive forgotten Macbook Air and Mac mini – report

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Re: Hmmmm

no, not really.. perhaps everything *you* need to know about Apple today, but plenty of people don't rate those things highly, instead preferring to focus on what they like about OSX and so on.

But thanks for your opinion.

Probe: How IBM ousts older staff, replaces them with young blood

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Re: The ultimate question?

I see what you did there - very clever...

Jingle bells, IBM tells more staff it is D-day ♫

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Re: why stay?

couldn't agree more. I jumped the sinking blue ship of shit nearly 5 years ago after the most miserable 18 months of employment in my life. Best decision I ever made.

But truly I feel for those that endure the abuse and misery. Or worse, have no real choices and live on a hope and prayer.

Asteroid Florence buzzes Earth, brings two moons along for the ride

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a high what?

my piggy shaped hind brain read, re-read and confirmed to itself that this asteroid somehow has a high libido.. god, its gonna be a long week.

Fire brigade called to free man's bits from titanium ring's grip

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please no

never again - bone(r) cutters...

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda

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looking at this UK passport

and wondering - is it time to jack it in for an EU one. I can't see a scenario where the UK will remain (ha-ha) at the top of IT pile - relevant, stimulating and more crucially, a safe place career wise. Countries like the Netherlands, the Republic of Scotland, etc will all benefit massively simply by NOT being British.

QANTAS' air safety spiel warns not to try finding lost phones

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Air France has done this for ages

Their safety video is charming and, well, French - or possibly that should be written charming *and* French... depending. Wait, I digress..

For some time now - they have also requested the sardines do not attempt to disassemble the tin-can if an iPrecioussss is lost.. Guess now I know why

DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out

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well that was as useful

... as a chocolate tea pot. Not including the selection / exclusion criteria in the original report suggests a certain lack of credibility.. or rather, perhaps, maybe, a desired outcome with criterion created to match it...


All roads lead to Rome as Irish seminary gripped by Grindr scandal

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because no grindr in Rome?

hah.. I beg to differ - although, everyone there is headless and anonymous because, well, yeah, most to them are mama's boys or priests - but grindr in Rome is massively busy. Then there's that gay sauna/bath-house built under the bishops residence (ok, I believe that closed during the gay purges of the last few years), but gotta say, that was fun in a oh-god-we-are-all-going-to-hell-forever kind of way.

Freeze, lastholes: USB-C and Thunderbolt are the ultimate physical ports

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Paris Hilton

oh my...

I do love a fully reversible fully functional in any direction hole.

Pure Storage to punt out supersized FlashArray system

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NetApp AFF on that list?

this retina display thingy on this 'ere macbook must be dodgy, I cant see the Netapp AFF on that list..

QLogic: Ready to get excited about an Ethernet adapter?

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Re: Estimated cost?

twelvty! bananas!

FBI iPhone unlock order reaction: Trump, Rubio say no to Apple. EFF and Twitter say yes

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wait, people are still using that? Didn't that British dude, oh, what's his name.. french potato thing.. um. Fry - declare it to be dead and over?

On yer bike: Hammerhead satnav for cyclists – just don't look down

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add audio-comments/updates/street names

via a bloooootoof headset and this is a total winner

Boeing 787 software bug can shut down planes' generators IN FLIGHT

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Re: refuel...

have I? no - not often.. no more than 128 segments in the last 14 months.

FYI - Emirates has the HIGHEST average aircraft utilisation time at 13.7hrs / day... Gee, wonder what happens in the remaining 10.3hrs?

So lets ask this question - other than that one thomas cook charter you took with your mates to Benidorm 3 years ago, have you actually had anything to do with the airline industry?

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They shut down to refuel. They shutdown during cleaning. When cargo doors are open.. during inspections, etc.

This is a "oh look, in theory, if we keep it running this long..." bug.

EMC pitches a total DATA LAKE immersion

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Re: another pile of hotspur

feel free to pour out your feelings there - don't hold back

$17,000 Apple Watch: Pointless bling, right? HA! You're WRONG

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all fun but

So these "it's crap, ridiculous - I'm far too superior/intelligent to buy one" huffs and puffs are entertaining to read but they miss, entirely, that not even apple fanbois (did I spell that pseudo-insult correctly?) are the target market for the blingiest-of bling iWatches

No, dear readers, it's the people for whom financial decisions around cost are as irrelevant as which loaf of bread to buy based on any thought other than "I want that one"

How many watches do you think Mr Moneybags already has in his watch-drawer - more to the point, how much did he spend on the contents of that drawer? Probably more than most (or all) of the readership of this online publication will spend (or have spent) on their homes.. And those multi-dial, gazillion time-zones 300m diving watches - do you think he uses *any* of those features? No. The only feature he uses is it's material existence. So he won't care that in a year there'll be a new one that lasts a whole day, or has a new(ish) feature - because it's immaterial to his world.

Apple are doing this because they can and because it will sell by the truck load

Thought Apple was kidding about diversity? Here's 50 MEEELLION reasons you're wrong

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Re: @45rpm

and you've obviously never worked at a place where you can get fired just for being LGBT, terrorised by a manager or worse by very junior colleagues who happen to go to the same church as the manager.

Consider that this is perfectly legal in many many many places of the world (including huge swathes of the US and Europe).

Yes - any form of discrimination based on any thing other than Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent is entirely and utterly wrong - there is some opportunity and equality catch up required tho...

Apple Watch: HOT WRIST ACTION plus slim $1299 MacBooks - and HBO TV

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Re: The 'Pink Pound'. Dollar, Euro, etc

it the comments looks like it's prickish, and it reads like it's prickish, then the author is probably a prick.

The weirdly-synched life of the Google Nest household

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love the system

at the risk of reader disgust/pity/abuse I have to confess I love my Nested up house. My partner is rather into candles and incense and the like and I'm a passionate kitchen abuser and pre-nest (smoke alarms), we ended up taking the alarms off because of so many false alarms. Which on two occasions means rather more damage caused by candles gone wrong than we'd ideally have liked.. (a touch of understatement there)..

the nests can be hushed - before they go off - (yes yes, that wavey hand thing was daft) with a swift push of a button on the alarm itself. So they're now always up and running.. success!!

as to the thermostat - it does know how long my house takes to warm up and cool down (at 4C ambient, it takes 30 mins for 0.5C across the house with the vent system open)

No NAND's land: Flash will NOT take over the data centre

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because ...

what comes after is breathing heavily down the neck of flash

why invest billions on a technology that's already approaching it's sunset period.

No, no no - flash isn't dead.. of course not, but think in terms of 3~5 years time

I would like to have seen a chart like this with solid-state vs spinning - specifically leaving out flash as the media

Oracle refreshes RAM-crammed ZFS array line

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yip.. getting further locked into the oracle license bog is a good idea right?

Apple's strap-on will set you back just '$5,000' – what a BARGAIN!

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selectiveness (again)

Nothing like a bit of breathless pseudo-factual tabloid reporting to start the day.

Watch! - made of gold! - costs lots of money! Quel Surprise eh?

The subtle emphasis on the errors (plating) to perceptually drive down the value whilst hyping the price - very good. Your Journalism 101 tutor would be very proud

Range Rover to fit trendy new SUV with FRIKKIN' LASER HUDs

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road-sign recognition = required for self drive

so notice the trend for the cars to have more and more information bought into their systems from external analogue sources..

this is because a self-driving car needs to be able to read the analogue world around it topped up with smart digital

fun times ahead!

Tim Cook on pale, male Apple: 'As CEO, I'm NOT satisfied'

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let me guess...

with the exception of the first post (about the sudden and bizarre definition of races) - all posts so far above "let the best man win" have all be been made by white heterosexual males?

Racism, sexism, etc is alive and kicking in all parts of the world.

Affirmative Action doesn't appear, on the surface, to make any sense at all, and in most cases it's lip-service anyway, but "simply do nothing, it'll sort it self out" is also not a great option - unless, of course, you're a white heterosexual male (who's not too old)

Watch: DARPA shows off first successful test of STEERABLE bullet

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Re: DARPA: The Better To Murder You With, My Dear

so wait, Stephen Fry didn't - in fact - actually invent the internet?

fu€k - there goes my understanding of history

I've got 99 problems, but a Facebook boycott ain't one

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to quote Douglas Adams

Any tech that existed at the time of birth was OK, any thing that came along before 30 was an opportunity and anything after 30 will bring about the end of the world

I'm guessing the poo-poo-ers in the comments above (I'm one of them.. so don't flame me!) are in their 40s?

Hey, who wants a 40TB all-flash Pure box? I dunno, you got $160k?

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an IO is an IO right?

So as claiming any number of IOPS without stating read or write, or random or sequential is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, how about some real world examples that we can use to compare apples to apples....

The Reg Quid-a-Day Nosh challenge: What's the point, exactly?

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having once had both malaria and tick-bite fever at the same time..

.. I can totally relate to how shitty they are. Seriously thoughts that death might, in fact, be an improvement.

Fancy joining Reg hack on quid-a-day challenge?

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what would my equivalent € budget / day be?

Amsterdam is hugely expensive (famously so), but I'm curious to see... (plus I could shed a few kgs)

Planes fail to find 'credible' candidate for flight MH370 wreckage

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what happens

when a 777 runs out of fuel and it's still on AP

will it glide in an ever steepening dive or will the AP attempt to keep it level to the point that it stalls?

Hope the families somehow get some relief / closure from this discovery

Has Cisco made a $415 MILLION mistake with the Whiptail buyout?

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they bought it to rip it apart and use various bits and bobs of the code line

there's certainly no magic to the hardware (supermicro branding everywhere, bog standard off the shelf components) and the OS is essentially Debian, so my guess is it's the overlay trickery that got someones attention. How to incorporate that tho...

It's big, it's expensive and it's an audiophile's dream: The Sonos Sub

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have they fixed the horrible lag?

I had the Sonos 5 setup - wonderful sound, and loved the interface, but the 2~3s lag from source-to-play made it unusable in my view

Desperate Venezuelans wiped clean of bog roll

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Re: "a cache of 2,500 rolls of the stuff"

why, it's the iWipe of course

Congratulations, copyright infringers: You are the five per cent

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Give me real choices

When my choices are limited to the 20 movies in the iTunes store; cable-based services that don't work properly or piracy (and I already pay "piracy taxes" on my internet connection) then, well, it's not a complex decision right? (I'm in the Netherlands)

that said, since spotify came into the house, we've not downloaded any music illegally.

if the completely artificial barriers to me having access to Netflix/lovefilm etc are removed, my own experience would suggest that movie/tv-series downloading would also stop.

Australia’s biggest IT moments of 2012

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fabulus story - how do I opt out?

I love my antipodean cousins.. indeed, I've had many a lover from far south of the equator, best served by the Queensland and northern territories air service

but with all due respect, how do I de-subscribe from the Register Southern-Service?

Agreed, to many it's fascinating - nah, even important... fabulous. I wish them the very best.. I just don't want to have to filter my European news for it... Am I wrong? OK, beat me with a soft swishy-cane.. I can handle-it...

Just gimme the Opt-Aut-button....

US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

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here you go - for the gifted (or challenged) shy gentleman


Read the section "finding the perfect condom"

(no I don't work there; yes I do live in Amsterdam; yes I do use this service)

At last, a bionic arm that passes the Beer, Egg and Looks Cool tests

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Both the prosthetic and the bloke - respect in every way

I'd just change the video in one way - as he sits down to watch the telly with the glass in his one hand, I'd just have him crush the bottle and give a slightly evil grin :)

Zuckerberg loses $8bn in Facebook IPO fiasco

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and the Jobs fortune?

or is it still too soon..

Audi proposes PC-packing stunt bikes

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and, apparently, nowhere to put your bum...

Knomo Folio iPad 3 case

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"anyone who finds your lost iPad to return it"

comp ended

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...with the other non UK chap

get it, yes, yes, yes, you're a UK based company, us mainland euroweenies have no right to freebies, etc, but a small note on the main page reminding us of our inadequacies (UK only.. for example) would be welcome.

or even better let us compete too...

Apple TV third-generation (2012)

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So my G2 Apple TV sits like a very small quiet out the way thing, connected via HDMI to my amp and to all my NAS shares via cabled ethernet (well, the switch is in a cupboard 3ft away), all controlled effortlessly by a logitech harmony remote. Even my total Luddite spouse can use it.

Of course, I had to jailbreak and install XMBC - and now it plays anything (even 1080 content, tho downscaled to 720) - so I have the flexibility of using the iTunes ecosystem; AirPlay for music, or photos when friends visit; and the ability to play just about any media type.

At €99 its hard not to justify really. As soon as the xbmc / jailbreak option works on ATV3, I'll be having one for the bedroom, thank you very much.

O2 Wi-Fi slips into McDonalds, steals The Cloud's lunch

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thank the SBJ

all power to you lot over in England right now, but every day I thank the Sweet Baby-J that its you guys with the advert-promotional-marketing-slobber-fest that is "this summers' festivities" and not here in (the real) Europe.

Even tho, I still get a nauseating 10min advert from the sweet-dark-fizzy drink people every-freaking-time I go see a movie.

Tevatron refines Higgs boson picture

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yeah, but so what

at the (high) risk of sounding like a total dolt, what does it actually mean if they find it?

Will it mean some boffin somewhere can create a time machine, or an FTL drive, or a Transporter beam, or a death-star ray gun?

Its fabulously important sounding, but where does it take us (us=humanity..)

Intel 520 240GB SSD

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Just have to say

so so very nice to see someone use "all tolled" correctly. Brightened my day wonderfully

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray disc set

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buy it, I wont

having bought the VHS, the DVD, the DVD Directors cut - I think I've paid my dues.

enough is enough

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

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Vatican crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery

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So perhaps this is where the Madge Vadge got her training from...