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Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut


If the Haynes manual took 2 or more pages to describe a repair it would take minutes to complete, if the repair was one paragraph the repiar would take a week or was impossible!

Blighty's prosecutors slammed for failing to deliver savings on electronic tagging


"The Ministry has learnt costly lessons from its failings...."

Amyas Morse should be on the comedy circuit. I hope he said that t-i-c.

Dad of student slain in Paris terror massacre sues Google, Twitter, Facebook for their 'material support' of ISIS


"the medieval terror bastards"

Can we now use this more appropriate "title" for that group instead of their own self-proclaimed title?

Ganymede map helps reveal satellite's secrets


"The 5,262-diameter Ganymede..."

5,262 what? Double decker buses, rods, poles, perches? We need to know.

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors


What would happen if a visitor to BP asked to see Colossus or asked where it was, would the guides deny all knowledge or phyisically prevent them from going to the NMoC?

Ancient carving of 'first human-built holy place' = Primitive Vulture Central


Handbags, locks? Surely it's a depiction of a 3 car shunt or the new stretched limo!

Hypnotic wind map captures Earth's heavenly currents

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That is brilliant. As a new GA pilot the animations bring to life those synoptic charts we study when deciding if we can fly or not.

And yes it is addictive

Facebook invites users to vote away voting rights, some privacy


What a joke this voting is.

If there hadn't been links in this article I doubt I would have found the place to vote. Once at the correct place voting still didn't work in Opera or Chrome, I could only get it to work in Firefox.

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 1


Surely the World's first stored program electronic digital computer should be included.


Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation


I always thought it was the responsiblilty of parents to keep their offsprings safe, seems that's an old fashioned veiw!

Google to axe 4,000 Motorola Mobility staff


Wonder if this trimming of the fat will get ICS onto UK Xoom tablets before the next decade.

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy


Let's face it, the Greens are against all forms of alternative power. They don't like wind farms because they spoil the view, they don't like off shore wind farms because they disrupt the marine eccology.

They will be happy when we all go back to the stone age, live in small groups (so no travel) and keep warm and cook using fire.

Oh, hang on, that won't work becase burning stuff puts more CO2 up there.

Solar, wind, landfill to make cheapest power by 2030


Re: Vertical turbines?

So why are there no vertical wind turbines?

I agree with all the points Phil raises.

Brits get to fondle Google Nexus 7 slab in just a fortnight


Re: $249 = £159

You did include duty and VAT in that price didn't you Cuddles

Virgin straps on phone masts for the flying upper classes


Why only O2 & Vodafone?

Virgin have their own virtual mobile service (T-Mobile I believe) and some sort of agreement with Orange, so why only O2 & Vodafone on Virgin aircraft?

Rub Facebook pals in your wealth with 'social' credit card


So where's the vomit icon?

Only watched the video 1/3 through before feeling the need to talk on the big white phone.

So glad I'm of the age of 'not understanding'.

Brit space agency sends up 1st satellite


Only just talking about Skylon, it's 61 years old and was the centrepiece of the 1951 Festival of Britain!

I'll get my zimmer frame

DWP's Work Programme IT already broken at launch


"The NAO says the DWP should learn from its problems" how many times have we heard this about a failed gov IT project and how many times have we seen it reported that those lessons have been implemented?

No wonder tax payers don't think they get value for money.

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

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Just ordered one and received a confirmation email that the order is being processed although, like others, the 10% off code did not work :(

ViewSonic intros tablet sized to strike at iPad


Doesn't look like it will be £200 if this is the same tablet


Another part of the Viewsonic web site says that the tablet comes with both Win7 and Android

NHS loses CD of 1.6 MILLION patients' records



That one day

they will employ staff who care about data security

encryption will be the norm

they will 'learn from this event'

And that goes for other Government departments

But I won't hold my breath.

Oxfordshire cops switch speed cameras back on


Full coverage

System11, you missed out one use of average speed cameras. Those 'enforcing' a 50MPH limit over a whole County because a number of bikers think they are Barry Sheen and commit unintentional suicide.

Stop sexing up IT and give Civil Servants Macs, says gov tech boss

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Ooo, that sounds just like the place I used to work for!

UK.gov doesn't know its IT spend – but insists it will spend less


Yes minister

But Maude reassured Elphicke that whatever it is the government is spending, it intended to spend less.

Has he been reading the old scripts from 'Yes Minister'?

Famous 'Silhouette' Flash illusion unravelled



Well confirmation that my brain is scrambled, 2 were turning clockwise while the right hand one was turning anti-clockwise!

F1 2010


GP Legends

GP Legends by Papyrus I think beats all these, still have it on my PC. Also, tucked away in the loft is my Amiga 1200 with Geoff Crammond's original GP.

I was considering this title either for the PC or PS3 but with all the negative comments I think I will leave it until it's in the budget bin.

Only just got the PS3, how does anyone play racing games with the default controller and what's the point of the motion sensors in the sixaxis controllers if no game uses them!

Production problems push back white iPhone 4 release



Why would a white iPhone be more difficult to produce than a black one????????

Avro Vulcan - The Owners' Workshop Manual


those manuals

My abiding memory of Haynes manuals was if it took 3 pages to described an operation it would take about 15 minutes to do. If it was a one line description the time taken would be 3 hours!!!

I have seen the Vulcan at many an airshow and have always been impressed but probably the best sight was 5 in formation over its birthplace when it was retired from service.