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Elon Musk jettisons Twitter leadership, says takeover was 'to try to help humanity'



This article makes him sound like a bit of a tosser. Surely a mistake?

College PRIMOS prankster wreaks havoc with sysadmin manuals


Re: Thames Poly ?

I was wondering if it was Teesside Poly as they went from punched cards to PRIMEOS there too.

Android gets larger-than-usual patch bundle as researchers get to work


Re: Original Nexus 7 tablet is crap...

It's not really an opinion that the original Nexus 7's have an issue that can't be fixed - I spent some time trying to fix mine before having to give up.

My opinion is that it's worth taking that hit as I've been generally happy with the 4 other Nexus devices that I've had. Hopefully a one-off.

So tablets, if you want to get anything done travelling get a ... yes, a laptop


Android 1.5 was OK.

I remember backing up dSLR photos with my Archos 5 "tablet" some years ago. I don't know if all file managers do this but I didn't have a problem with copying just the new files. I would select the whole folder on the SD card and when it found a duplicate, I could tell it to ignore duplicates so that only the new files copied over. Perhaps you need a different file manager?

From Dept of REALLY? Sueball lobbed at Apple over crap iOS Maps app


>No. Apple did not remove such rights and Google provided a map app fairly quickly.

Yes - kind of ironic that Google fixed Apples's phone for them. :-)

Shame it can't be set as the default map app.

Tech specs wreck: Details of Google's Nexus 5 smartphone leaked over internet



>Also notice no mention of the camera in the article that most others are making a big thing about being miles better than not only the current Nexus but pretty much anything else out there.....

The two links you gave contradict each other. The first says it's a MEMS camera with no OIS, the second one says it has OIS and doesn't mention MEMS. The second one sounds more likely but that doesn't say it's miles better than anything else! It's got OIS - could be nice but not ground breaking.

Fondling slabs during takeoff WON'T end in a fireball of death - report


Why you can't do this stuff on planes.

Sorry if you've seen it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYAq-7sOzXQ (some mild swearing)

Lost phone? Google's got an app for that, coming this month


Re: Avast and Lookout

Given that this works with Android 2.2 and up, it must be an app rather than something integrated into the OS.

Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette


Re: Where is my 4G googlephone?

The current Nexus 4 can do 42 Mbps in ideal conditions. I've yet to figure out why you need more than about 2 or 3 Mbps on a phone for typical usage. Why do you want 4G? Is your battery lasting too long or do you have too much money? :-)

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


Logic and opinions don't control pronunciation ...

...just like spelling.

The one that is "correct" is the one that people use. A dictionary will change if enough people spell something a certain way. This normally upsets certain types of people. :-)

Climate scientists agree: Humans cause global warming


Re: Can somebody explain...

>Explain it to me and how humans contributed to the before/after effects.

This reminds me of someone who disagreed that humans didn't exist at the same time as dinosaurs. They said "Well how did they know what they were called if they weren't around at the time?". They weren't joking!

Not exactly the same but it's just such a stupid question that spending 5 minutes reading a website would tell you the answer.


>..and there was a point 97% of scientists thought:

And then the breakthroughs showing these things were wrong was made by people who know nothing (or at least less about it) than the scientists? I mean - science is telling us something yet people with no relevant qualifications want to try and figure out what the answer is. The answer is going to come from scientists - listen to them.


Google's Page, LG boss's SECRET confab sparks Nexus 5 rumour


Re: Plastic back maybe?

I've ended up buying the official bumper partly because of this issue and also to reduce my stress when putting it down on something and worrying about scratches. Miss my old Motorola Defy sometimes!

T-Mobile UK ordered into humiliating Full Monty strip


Re: Simple

@Mage - interesting definition of Broadband! I remember being told it just used a wider frequency range which would allow the normal voice signal to go down the wire as well as the data. So you could call something broadband which was actually slower than dial-up. I think you're just describing a level of service for your internet access rather than defining the term "broadband".

Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court


Re: This is getting silly

I used to use streemap or I think multimap. Anyway, Google came along and even though the maps were not as of such good quality, the interface was a lot better. For me there was a very simple killer feature. You could click on the map and drag it around. With the other mapping websites you had to click on buttons to scroll over a set amount - fine at the time but things move on.

Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE


Forum error - no cheap shots at Applet yet

I've got a few towns that need their location updating in Google maps to match what this here Apple app is reporting.

Review: Sony Xperia Z


Re: watching video is surely one of the reasons you’d buy an Xperia Z

>I've sat and thought quite hard and I'm struggling to figure out how a phone can ring,... alert ... etc without the use of a built in speaker

Not sure why you're thinking about that mate - nobody is saying a phone shouldn't have a loud speaker. The reviewer complained it was raucous at high volumes which is fine for alerts. You'd want it to be raucous for alerts if you have it turned up high - that's the point! I'm guessing the reviewer is saying the sound quality isn't so good at high volumes which I don't think is much of an issue myself.

Speaker phone can be handy mind.


Re: watching video is surely one of the reasons you’d buy an Xperia Z

I agree with the comments here. I have never used the loud speaker for any length of time to watch a video. Just for showing a youtube clip to the wife so not really bothered about that.

Also - Why should I care that the screen doesn't so good when looked at from the wrong angle? I always watch videos with the device (usually a Nexus 7) pointed roughly at me. And the fact that the colours aren't all over saturated like on the Samsung phones also isn't a minus point.

I also agree with the point someone made about good support for custom ROMs due to Sony being good with open source stuff.

I'd be tempted by this phone if I could afford £500 but with a Nexus 4 available for £280, I'll have to stick with the cheaper option.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?


Re: Sounds great

>IAs an expat, the translation thing might have been useful had it included the language of my chosen home.

Have you tried installing "Google Translate" on your One X? I'm not sure what the S 4 gives you above that. Nobody seems to mention it in the reviews.

Google shreds Reader in new round of 'spring cleaning'


Re: Destroying trust

>what's next? Blogger? Picasa? YouTube?

They are getting rid of Picasa! The web part of it anyway. They're trying to encourage you to move over to Google+. I'm sure its removal will follow.



Re: FYI there's a petition

I did sign it but I wonder why. Google must already know how many people use Reader.

AdBlock Plus BLOCKED from Google Play


Re: It's my device

>They can remove it if they wish but they can't stop it being used so it seems rather petty and pointless to remove it.

Here's a shit analogy to help explain why it isn't petty. If I gave people the use of a car in my business with the idea that they would make me money (somehow), then I found someone was actually taking money out of my bank account thanks to the the use of this car - would it be petty to stop them using my car? Sure they can use another car so perhaps I shouldn't bother. Would you like me to just post you a cheque and save the bother?

I don't think it's petty to stop helping someone to take my money - it'd be mental not to.

Ten ten-inch tablets


Regular updates good or bad?

>Until you find some DRM obsessed broadcaster (BBC and Sky are examples) who take one look your newly installed Android x.y.z+1 and refuse to allow their apps to run ...

That's interesting - I had not thought of that. But, as long as you're aware of it, this is still an advantage for the Nexus brand as you have the choice to accept the update (admittedly it's pretty naggy!) or not. With other tablets you might get stuck on an old version which will lose you bragging rights at the pub.


Re: @Spartacus

Another big selling point for the Nexus range is the regular updates from Google.

USA is the best country in the WORLD... for sending spam



Not sure if I should be proud that the UK is not listed or not. Perhaps it's not listed because our internet is so bad or we have too few computers!

Microsoft Surface Pro will land in UK in WEEKS*


Re: Current tablets

Laptop still required for proper work shocker.

Keyboard, you're not my type


Don't those awful Microsoft keyboards with the gap down the middle count as a re-design? Apparently the big gap makes them a lot better. There's 2 guys at work who still have them - my touch typing on them doesn't work as I must use the wrong finger for some of the borderline buttons.

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices


Not all iPhones on iOS 5+

It's true that Apple users are in a much better position for updates than non Nexus Android users.

I have a friend with an iPhone 3G which sounds really ancient now, it came out in July 2008 and it's stuck on iOS 4.2.1. And it sounds like that's too much for it really - it's very slow. Anyway - my point being that, assuming iPhones generally last more than 4 years, there will be quite a few with 4.2.1 at best.

Not much of a point as I agree that the general update slowness does exist for Android! Not that most normal users care.

Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip


Re: @AC 10:36

The counterargument to saying it's like giving out "SS" or "KKK" is that the SS and the KKK actually exist.

China turns to no-name handsets: Android - without the Google-iness


Re: "Google receives no signalling information from these devices"

"While Google may not harvest data, which I agree is a good thing on the face of it - what other code might be in there that you can never audit? What information could leak out to other places?"

That must apply to any phone OS. At least with Android you can look at the code so it's less of a risk than other systems.

"Would you like to leave the safety of your frying-pan and take your chances in the fire?"

I guess your frying-pan must be not having a smart phone at all!

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV


Re: yawn

>Is this The Register?

Yes - can't you see the technology angle?

It was on TV.

TV is technology.

Therefore it's relevant. I think that's how it works.

What ereader decline? Kobo pumps up the volumes despite grim forecasts


The wife just got a Paperwhite to replace they Kindle keyboard she had. God knows why they moved the physical buttons - she can't hold it just in her left hand anymore. No doubt she'll be getting the Paperwhite 2 next year when they add the buttons back!

Review: Google Nexus 4


Re: Note 2

Gosh it hurts when they go and define words by how people use them. :-)

It's almost like pedantry doesn't matter - shame as it's a great hobby.


Re: A bit of a spanner?

>You disagree? You're wrong.

I think you're talking at cross purposes. He's saying it's nice that (in this instance) a passer by asked after his welfare having seen him going through the strange dance that is required for photosphere.

You're saying that he's wrong because some people ask stupid questions.

I also thought it was nice someone actually interacted in a positive way with a stranger - not enough of that these days.

Scottish Highlands get blanket 3G coverage


Congratulations on he most misleading headline of the year.

So far. There's always stiff competition on this site. :-)

MEGAGRAPH: 1983's UK home computer chart toppers


Re: Worst. Graph. Ever.

I can't even figure out what the numbers mean on either of the axes.

Apple: What do our Maps need? Stalk-yer-buddies Foursquare tech, NATCH!


Re: What do they need?

"Google maps was laughably bad when it was first released"

I've used it for many years and it's always got the location of towns correct. If it didn't - I'm sure there'd be plenty of stories still hanging around on the internet somewhere but I've somehow never seen those either. It's almost like it wasn't every anywhere near as shit as iOS maps which is the point I'm making.


Re: What do they need?

"Google maps was probably no better in the early days"

No - Google maps always tended to get the location of major towns correct. Never mind minor land marks.

"do you really just want one major supplier of mapping"

There are other mapping services other than Google and Apple already.

Kind of doubt anything else you've said now!

Girlfriend 'tried to MURDER ME with her AMPLE BREASTS'


Do we still have to pretend there's an IT angle to these stories?

Couldn't see the contrived reasoning I've seen on similar articles. :-)

Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review


Re: No SD slot . .

"you don't need additional software or root as long as the device supports USB host."

True but they seem to be talking about the Nexus 7 which doesn't support it without additional software. I've got one on my desk which I'm about to do a factory reset on so I'll confirm! :-) I know I wouldn't have pissed about rooting the thing if I'd not had to in order to get Stick mount to work.

Google fine-tuning iOS mapping app for Apple submission


Re: This is so funny

"Google could not be bothered to update the Map App "

Are you sure that's how it worked or is it a theory? I've heard people say it wasn't down to Google - Apple were in control but I have no definite information.

Hacker sentenced to six years – WITH NO INTERNET


His choice

Any other country would have put him in jail. He had that option so it must be less cruel in his mind right?

Ten... Apple iPad Mini alternatives

Thumb Up

Re: Nexus7 can support USB on the go

Good tip about media importer - I didn't know about that so also had to root and use stickmount.

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job



Fresh out of university with my PC badge fully installed (1989), I decided not to accept a job where I was asked "You're not a woofter are you?" He went on to explain he couldn't have that type here as some of he contracts are with the department of defence.

The secretary didn't sound that surprised that I turned it down - I could hear a smile on her voice - she must have known what kind of chap he was.

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here


Re: Hahaha

Why has darkpill's post got downvoted for providing a link with more detailed information. Information is good!

Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera



Maybe most paid apps are games and therefore don't need access to much - that'd explain this difference they noticed.


Re: I'm confused by this story...

"At first glance, it sounds as though it's just scaremongering by a PR firm more than anything"

Same way I read it - so free apps use the camera more than paid for apps. They imply some sinister reason for it but when they check into it - there's nothing wrong. Perhaps there's another reason for a difference between paid apps and free apps? There's no evidence here - just some figures.

No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise


I've never used the GPS on my Nexus 7 (or my Archos 5) - why would I - I have a phone with GPS like most tablet users. And I have a cheap car holder for the phone but not for the Nexus which would blot out a lot of the view if clamped to the windscreen. I've also got a phone holder for the motorbike too.

I do use Google maps on the Nexus sometimes to look something up but WiFi location is fine for that as I'm always indoors when I use the Nexus.

I'm no Apple fan but I can't see it being an issue for the majority of users.

Apple iPod Touch 5G review


Re: when you can get a 7in tablet for £160

I don't think he's suggesting you use a 7" tablet instead. He's just saying if you can make a 7" tablet for that price, can't you make a 4" mp3 player/tablet (or whatever it is) for less?

The hoarder's dilemma, or 'Why can't I throw anything away?'


Memory cards for PC's

Anyone got a collection of expansion memory card thingies from old PC's that you now have no idea what the spec is so can't even flog them on ebay. Not that I've bothered to flog the ones I do know the specs for!