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Around 1.4 million people have sub-10Mbps speeds - Ofcom


"I am a one in 1.4 million"

Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo fit to go: Europe's GPS-like network switches on


Any Samsung chips Galileo enabled - e.g. those used in Galaxy S7?

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK


In a surprise to nobody ....

I particularly like :

He said: "However, with a shrinking churn rate and a better than expected 2.2% rise in organic service revenue investors were impressed, even if Vodafone still consistently tops ‘worst mobile firm’ polls in Britain."

I've just had one Ombudsman sanctioned "determination" in my favour ... and I have a second one in progress.


Google Chrome deletes Backspace


Which version?

Still seems to work on 50.0.2661.102 m (64-bit)!

I'm a "backspace" user - who will have to feel the pain.

In the past I have unexpectedly "backspaced" from a page to another as I was typing, but I figured that was a bug in the text handling, i.e. when I'm "in" a field editing I don't want the "last backspace" to be directed outside of the "in focus" field - but it did.

So, I'll just learn to live with what I'm given here I guess.


PS. <Alt>+<Cursor Left> is NOT as convenient as <Backspace> - just sayin'

What time do you call this, BT? Late, state-funded broadband rollout plods on


Good news ...

They're rolled out fast FTTC to *several* of my *previous* address now - hopefully they are catching me up!

Future imperfect: A UK broadband retrospective

Thumb Down

<interesting> <exciting> oh <sigh!>

Its been good and bad for me ...

Moved house from SO19 (1997-2009) to SO51 (2011-onwards)

- SO19 went from poor, unreliable 512K to a good and reliable (at one point "free" with Orange) 4.5M followed by fast 16M with BE and since I left the house ~70M via FTTC with BT

- SO51 a "solid" 6M :-(. Still no sign of FTTC available to my cabinet. Virgin is available but it appears expensive to me.

Of course, my consumption (mainly due to kids!) is MUCH higher than it was ... "praise the lord" for unmetered data!

You go fast, but we go 'further' and 'deeper' – Voda tells 'Speedy' EE


Re: As if... .


I live in Romsey, a market town in Hampshire. Despite 3 Vodafone masts around my house, I have ~zero indoor 2G coverage, barely any in the garden either!

If I move 20m away its fine, even decent 3G, another 30m and good 4G.

In the house I need a SureSignal box!

Sort it out eh?

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild


On use of layers and translucency

Old hat now I know, but the Nokia N900 running Maemo used translucency to indicate that the "current" task was something happening without disturbing the place where "you" were before.

It extended to several layers if there were additional pulldown/popup choices could be made.

Very little "new under the sun" these days. A good idea, well executed, is still a good idea worth using.

Twenty classic arcade games



WAS (and still is?) the best video game shooter ever.


Xevious ...

X E V I O U S !! 'nuff said

Firefox 3.6.4 debuts with Flash flak jacket


Become VERY unstable for me!

Don't know what I've got going on in my browser that's causing the problems, but I'm seeing crash and restart dialogue LOADS since yesterday PM when I upgraded.


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