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Kiwi Rocket Lab to build SUPER-CHEAP sat launchers (anyone know 30 rocket scientists?)

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I think you've confused the names of the rocket and engines, from what I have read the engine is called Rutherford and the rocket is called Electron.

PROOF the Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill hype-gasm has reached its logical conclusion

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Re: iDontgiveafuck

But you obviously care enough to read the article and post a comment

NSW budget calls for lower GST threshold on imports

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Re: Go away

It is exactly the same situation across the ditch. We have the retailers complaining and pushing for GST/import duties to be applied to all imports but they seem to miss the point that people are buying things significantly cheaper from online stores.

Kim Dotcom: You give me proof of govt corruption in my case, I give you millions

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I'm not saying if it was right or wrong but my understanding is that they want him for more than just copyright infringement. IIRC there were conspiracy charges and money laundering as well but he has managed the PR so well on this that it is about the big bad studios stomping on the little (well not so little) guy.

The amount he pops up in the news over here is ridiculous, keeps promising all sorts of things or is in court over one thing or another. His political party is a joke, he has formed an alliance with a far left party just to work our MMP system to get a far left politician (he picked as the leader of his Internet Party) in to parliament to do his dirty work. Hopefully come September the voters realise what a joke this is and they get nowhere near parliament.

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Re: Poor Lil' Kim

He didn't get citizenship, only permanent residency and that was after some degree of lobbying to the immigration department (I think). This is also why he cannot be elected to parliament with his "political" party.

LA air traffic meltdown: System simply 'RAN OUT OF MEMORY'

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Re: 60k wan't a guess

Another article I read on this suggested that the problem was that the flight plan had been filed under VFR and the system was trying to route the U2 down to 10000ft as that is the limit for VFR flying. It was the quantity of changes to other flights in getting it down to 10000ft that overwhelmed the computer.

Feds smash internet drug bazaar Silk Road, say they'll KEELHAUL 'Dread Pirate Roberts'

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Inconceivable - I see what you did there :)

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Re: Not as bad as depicted

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Kim Dotcom quits Mega to head new political party, fight extradition

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Re: Not a NZ Citizen = not an MP

What I find ironic is that none of the media here in NZ have actually pointed this out, they have been reporting it as if he will be running for a seat in parliment


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Diver 1: Don't worry, whales only eat sardines

Sardines: Swim away!

Diver 2: Oh look, sardines

Boffins, Tunnel Tigers and Scotland's world-first power mountain

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Re: If you're on the other side of the world

Manapouri is awesome, well worth a visit. I wanted to go have a look at this one but guess which month i was in Scotland....

Australia gets a space strategy

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Re: Bruce in Spaceeeeeee............

Bruce of course

Russia slashes space station ship trip to just six hours

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Re: I know why

I can just see the headlines now "Astronauts End Up In Lake After Following Wrong Sat Nav Instructions"

Drones, sub-hunting planes to attack cyber-Chinese army

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Re: No chance

Damn, now I am trying to think what novel that was in but was definitely set in Greenland/Iceland

Australia, US agree to space junk talks

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I read it more like "we like this idea and know its a problem but still want to be allowed to blow your satellites up if we don't like you this week'

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Good idea! Since it would be used to shuttle things between Earth and space we need a name that suits its function...... I know! it could be called a Space Shuttle!

oh wait......

NASA unveils its chosen Shuttle successor

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"SRBs have not given any trouble in Shuttle service, either" Ummmm, are you forgetting Challenger?

LightSquared offers low-power olive branch to GPS

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Re: Somebody doesn't know math I believe!

The lightsquared signal might only be -30dBm but the signal strength of the GPS signals is somewhere around -120dBm, which is a huge difference. The problem is that the lightsquared signal will saturate the input filters of the GPS Rx causing loss of signal.

Apple TV stripdown reveals mystery solder pads

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More likely test interface

Looking at the high res photos on iFixit of the dock connector pads it looks like they are used for bed of nails type testing during production as you can see clearly small needle like marks on each pad. This does make sense in that for development they can fit a dock connector to make things easy but then remove it in production, relying on a bed of nails setup.

It also looks like the dock connector might clash with the screw hole beside it as the plug appears wider than the footprint for the connector.

Apple iOS4 upgrade adds multitasking, folders... and pain

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I had the same thing happen, turned out it was my antivirus software realtime scanner stuffing things up, turned it off and the update raced through.


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