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SCO vs. IBM battle resumes over ownership of Unix


Re: Oh you gotta be kidding....

MicroSoft once attacked IBM head on. When they met, IBM showed Microsoft, IBM'S HUGE portfolio of SOFTWARE patents developed no doubt since the 1940's. IBM showed the Microsofties that even the cursor going to the top of the next page's screen, ( the days of the C:\ ) was patented by IBM. IBM then said by the way you know what to do on the way home from this meeting. Yeah, the millions you wanted us to extract from OUR bank, why not YOU pay those SAME millions for your violating OUR patents instead, to same said bank. Which of course Microsoft did. ( IBM had been cool about MICROSOFT'S blatantly violating IBM'S untill Microsoft's attack on IBM )

Microsoft ( who once OWNED SCO in whole, or part ), ALSO was found in court to have prompted the initial SCO attack on Linux/IBM. A document was entered into evidence verifying the same. Microsoft was found guilty of skullduggery, and highly unethical business practices in the EU ( that was not tolerated AT all over there ). Microsoft thought they could do as they wanted the world over. The EU is to be praised for catching sentencing, and then levying serious fines $1.4 billion ( 2008 $$s ) against Microsoft for wanton unethical practices, and then FAILURE to comply with the agreement Microsoft signed, promising they would. (ft.com quote)


Microsoft and Apple team up literally, to take on adversaries. Remember, Microsoft once invested in Apple.

Microsoft leads charge against Google's Android in EU antitrust complaint

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BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills


Serious competitor

Well, we're going to have a dual OS shop. Already planned. Android and BB10. IOS IS NOT an option. Blackberry, and Google have proven to be innovators.

True innovators.

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

Black Helicopters

MS 7/8xx

Why on earth buy into the MS hype, When as it has been said,

Android has taken a commanding lead on the OS wars.

The upshot is, MS arrogance can now be side-stepped.

Better value for money. Up-to-date HW. Up-to-date OS.

Compelling logic for my company and personal use.

New tool jailbreaks Microsoft Surface slabs in 20 SECONDS


Android, anyone

Anybody know how to load Android onto one of these things... JB or ICS???

Kindly respond here

Report: RIM plans six BlackBerry 10 handsets for 2013


Android, iOs, BB Will by year's end Dominate.. WIndows anything? Whatever...

That's it.

'Nuff Said.

Watch. See ya 10/1/2014

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone



OH NO!!!! Wait... They actually aren't.. But evil only exists in the minds of the evil... Remember OS\2 ?

What you (MicroSoft ) did to IBM, now THAT was undermining an OS... I mean you actually BROKE your OWN OS ( API's ) to the eggregious detriment of OS\2. Oh... And all the other programs running under your pathetically pitiful WIN 95 whitewash over command prompt based OS.

What GOOGLE is doing is LEGIT...

Microsoft, take some QUIET TIME.... LEARN TO PROGRAM a decent OS.

BY the way who has sympathy for a company that THREATS NON-PROFITs like the Linux OSes.. And then collects over the years BILLIONS from them... NON-PROFITS...

IT's KARMA-TIME against Microsoft... 'Bout time, I'd say..

iPhone 5 launches in China, late and expensive. Chinese say 'meh'


Turn-About is what? ( ANdroid is INNOVATION )

It's come full circle... Now if we could SOMEHOW get some dosh put back into XEROX pocket for STARTING this GUI business...

Oh but in the meantime, um, guess whose OS in in the majority of those SmartPhones. In CHINA, the EU, as well as the USA??? ( LATEST NUMBERS AS OF 21/Dec/ '12 shows Apple tops NADA, NOTHING period!) NOOO, not iOS' boys, they don't license their OS to ANYBODY. Hence their being relegated into a soon to be minor role ( it's a numbers game, remember, Apple??) NOO not WINdows anything. Although, yes it could be a play sometime in the future ( Nah, don't bet on it, we all see how MS tried, no did screw MOST linux os, as well as HTC, Lenovo et al. Folks see that stuff!! )

It's ANDROID!!!! Resistance is FUTILE.. ANdroid isFree, Open. Fun. Regular updates ( Well... Google does IT's part ) Just saw where NEW TINY Chinese companies are embracing ANDROID in HORDES. I've convinced ALL my company to go GOOGLE ANDROID.. But then so did FaceBook recently.. HENCE the fantastic job done with Facebook 2.0 upgrade for Android. And I AM LOVIN' IT!

Apple, you need quiet time. Screwing over XEROX PARC 33 years ago set up a pattern of NEGATIVITY that shall be BROUGHT INTO BALANCE. Although Apple pretends otherwise, Apple CAN'T KEEP UP!! ..Can't fight the universe Apple=FAIL

WATCH ANDROID's INNOVATIONS in 2013 and beyond. These news people are Apple Biased. ANDROID will be like a Tsunami JUST WATCH... HAHAHA..

iPhone tops US market, but trounced by Android in world+dog


Re: US vs other countries

Shh... Don't tell A Nony Mouse, that he is an embarrasment to the gene pool. Facebook has just this month incentivized it's employees to DROP Apple and get Androids. WHY. Androids are being activated with a 2 to 1 ratio over Apple. Facebook. And Facebook wants it's LARGEST market to be experienced by it's employees.

Strictly BUSINESS. No emotion. Just facing the facts. Apple (ONE company ) against The DROIDS? With MORE (Panasonic, Toshiba, et al) coming? What, you think Apple will WIN this? No. AND it's only justice.

By the way, I built my 1st computer in 1983. Formed a company in '86. Just retired this year. I KEEP my skills up to date. AND only own Androids. Can't wait for the outcome of CES to make my next purchases. You can bet it WON'T be anything by that IP stealing Apple. I was at XEROX when we saw APPLE snuggle up to our west-coast campus at XEROX PARC then literally steal OUR IP. Laws were different then. If it were now, XEROX would OWN Apple. See, we HAD product shipping. Apple destroyed our market by selling at 20% of our price, our own ripped off IP. No justice. Sad really. Bus as I earlier said. Justice will legally rear it's head.

Anyway, for myself and all my associates ( all entreprenuers ), some with advanced degrees, we vote with our wallets. And all vote ANDROID. Spread the word.

Oh..And, I live in AMERICA... Quit embarrasing us. That's it..

'Nuff said.

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5


Re: But then.... Neither are we....

You were likely not even BORN then... I worked at XEROX... Nothing was sold to Apple. If it were, Apple would have entered and presented legal, documented into evidence. As such they ( Apple ) COULDN'T. Because there was NO sale. XEROX lost out because XEROX attorneys were too inept and waited far too long.

The WSJ as well as several other fair and professional organizations reporting financial, as well as technical news all agreed based on independent research... XEROX HAD A CASE BUT DRUG IT'S HEALS, taking far too long to sue. In the 80s, IP laws were vastly different than now. Heck, even Digital Research copied XEROX GUI. Hence GEM's OS interface. A bit later MACH, STEP and a plethora of others. ALL based on XEROX Tens of MILLIONS in R&D plowed into PARC's efforts to create the paperless office.

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You know, I thank you for this particular post. I was beginning to think I was the only one thinking thusly... I an SICK of the press slighting Android for Apple. The advantages for Android are obvious. The numbers are staggering. The Android volume is Massive. Yet Android appears to be the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the Mobile operating systems-Platforms. Why make an app for the MINORITY OS?? defies logic..


But then.... Neither are we....

'Nuff said...

Oh, other than what some label "KARMA", does like to visit those screwing over others. ( how apple screwed XEROX PARC).. ANd so.. we wind up here.... Reading this story.. And those of us around in those days, chuckle. BUT I have a feeling the end is no where in sight... Not so good for the fruity themed one... Not good at all. ;)

Microsoft to Moto: We'll give you $1m a year for your patents


Re: Microsoft the Patent troll

Is MicroSoft not the bully that JUST threatened everybody that unless MicroSoft was paid all the ANDROID oems, as well as LINUX crowd would be taken to COURT. Is this NOT the same MicroSoft that is making 500,000,000 per year off of said ANDROID companies. ALONE..

So. Motorola has LONG-STANDING patents, essential for the X-Box that MicroSoft is using. And they MicroSoft wants to determine how Motorola negotiates.. Rubbish.

FURTHER Since BOTH Apple as well as MicroSoft STOLE XEROX IP.... I say PAY XEROX PARC as well.

'NUff said

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'

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Sounds like she's trying to overcompensate for being of the same descent as Samsung. We understand,but Apple has used this to their advantage too long. And to the detriment of the industry. The behind the scenes shenanigans Apple pulls, makes those in the know, avoid Apple's products.

Apple should be known as the Teflon Company.

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


Re: Called it

2 Questions to answer your question.

What was the purpose of that exercise?

And what was the Spirit of the JUDGE'S DECREE.

If you are honest, you'll "get it".

If not, maybe you should join Apple.

You qualify.

I for one feel the JUDGE MUST uphold his original intent.


Sad, but Apple IS as a prior reader says. CHildish.

Problem is this child got it's start stealing XEROX goodies.

Apple got away with it.

And Apple hasn't looked back since.

Now the child has grown up. He's SPOILED. ARROGANT.

And an EGOMANIAC. They've even learned to cuddle up to

some EU JUDGES and temporarily get away with it.

International Trade Commission heeds Moto, targets Apple


Forward this to Mr Cook

Be aware

1) You got what you wished for.. WAR.. USUALLY casualties on BOTH sides( YOU end up GLOWING TOO!!! )

2) The OUTCOME is NEVER guaranteed... ie VietNam.... Which proved, the BEST funded CAN loose ( BADLY )

3) KARMA...... It IS reciprocal.... REMEMBER Apple screwed over XEROX.... BADLY... Sr Jobs admitted to doing in XEROX... SOooo it is only fair...

Archos 101 XS 10.1in Android tablet review


Unwarrented critique

Just a quickie...

Why label this Tablets battery as puny.

It has to run only a dual core cpu.

Samsung has a 7000 mah battery and you have no qualms....

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review



COme on people.... Apple designs LIES, as well as HYPE to be at the forefront of the public. AND the press buys it. the apple 5 jesus phone is NOT in the top 5 thinest.

apple wants to have it ALL their way. STEAL XEROX IP. BLUDGEON HTC by tying up product in USA's CUSTOMS for weeks. WHY? SOme frivilous patent that was later rules invalid.

BUT!!! Apple trounces all OVER HTC's LTE patent. THEN WHINGES to the court about the way HTC uses HTC's OWN patent!!!!

WIll ALL you ANDROID OEM's EVER get together. Put together a LEGAL DREAM TEAM. TROUNCE this troubling bully, so the market can decide what we want. In a FAIR capitalist fight???? Apple... YOU are epitome of The SMART. SPOILED. UBER-RICH. BULLY!!!!! DETESTABLE

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


The Hague

THE ultimate court..

NO SILLY CON Valley Connection to Allow apple to run rough-shod over Justice.

The US is represented, and would be bound to acknowledge the outcome.

GOOGLE. Sammy. MOTO. LG. SONY, HTC, Acer, HUAWEI, et al, take heed.


Apple and Google in talks to end patent war?



Having SEEN and WORKED with the SECOND GEN of the ORIGINAL XEROX "Office of the FUTURE" Computers by XEROX, I can assure you, ALL apple did was decieve and defraud XEROX PARC. I answer this with due respect to those taking the opposing view.. We woring at XEROX were very proud of the work PARC did. It was unbelievable that apple ( attempts ) taking the moral high ground. I make reference to Mr Cook attempting to sell the notion that his new employer abhors theft. Dection. Yet XEROX sued BOTH apple as wel as microsoft for theft of IP. Hardly the action of one who had agreed to GIVE AWAY THEIR CROWN JEWELS.

By the way, their case was lost to to too much time elapsing. NOT because of propr agreements.

But when you're apple, you become adept at revisionist history.

Remember...... Some of us were there ( mid-late 70's on)

Apple by all count ( and as jobs admits ) owes it life as it is to XEROX. No GUI to steal, No Lisa, then MAC. He even says so when he says in an interview " XEROX didn't know what they had. We do whatever it takes for the survival of apple, Remember Good artists copy, GREAT artists STEAL! XEROX were a bunch of copyheads. They had no CLUE what they had. They could have been bigger than IBM... Case closed "





I and several associates, with documented HISTORICAL PROOF.... Are working to shed light in a jihad of all jihad's ( legally.... This is America, right ) against Apple.

Anyone caring to join in the fight is WELCOMED:

This is to be in a LEGAL. COnsistent. COmprehensive manner.

Apple's former CEO has set in motion a mindset in Apple that I am SURE the public would LOVE to know about.

Theft of IP is THEFT.

Theft of IP, and doing NOTHING in compensation to the tune of potentially BILLIONS is more than unjust. It's Criminal.... Sr jobs has admitted doing so. Has said that " good Artists copy, GREAT Artists STEAL". ACTUALLY even more here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK7TQVFSA1Y

Never say Sr jobs was shy about expressing himself...

Again ANY and all with constructive ideas on aprising the public on apple's antics, as well as HISTORICALLY FACTUAL dirty deeds, kindly reply HERE.... I am NOT PLAYING.. The PUBLIC MUST KNOW!

THIS promises to be a GRASS ROOTS, but effective campaign.. Agains Corporate EVIL. NO MATTER HOW apple settles.. Pandora's box was opened by apple...

Apple: I love to hate, and hate to love thee


Dear apple corp.


apple corp's BLATANT HYPOCRACY.... YET the system,the press, as well as the buying public does NOTHING about it.... THIS is a GENUINE travesty....

A sad but true story first..

He so happened to have heard of this exciting and new IP from a very successful, and serious company X. He arranged thru some of his closest contacts, to meet this comüpany and bring along his best and brightest employees to have some meetings with the company X so he can really discern the IP behind this, as well as verify this unbelivable stroke of luck. Guess what. The company agrees. He take his employees with him and charms the company to really open up as to what they have, as well as to how to begin to understand the nuts and bolts of the IP associated. He would later proclaim this SAVED his company, who up till then only had a command line ( c: ) and an ugly green screen to type in commands.

His people then really DO slavishly work on this new GUI from company X for a year.... He admits it. Freely.

GUESS WHAT???? One year later The MAC is born.....

The COmpany stolen from, is XEROX Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto California. Their ( XEROX ) milions ( in 1970's money) poured into THEIR GUI started The Paperless Office revolution. And XEROX invented it, and owned it..... At least that's what XEROX thought before they showed off their IP to Steve JObs. apple stole Xerox IP and never really looked back. The Computer based office equipment XEROX was selling was doomed. Why buy a $50,000 solution, when these young guys sold one doing roughly the same thing with an exact RELICA GUI, for a small fraction?

Jobs later says ( seen in an inrterview, now on Youtube ( under I hired the wrong guy ) Good artists copy, GREAT artists STEAL. The sentences before and after refer to and pertain to his visiting XEROX. As he was refering to XEROX when he says he has NO compunction to steal.

Xerox later sued apple. Why, you ask? ( You'd think, right )

Seems Apple was trying to sue Microsoft for stealing what was ACTUALLY XEROX' IP... XeEROX says How can YOU ( apple ) SUE ANYBODY over OUR ( XEROX) IP.. The MILLIONS XEROX poured into research over the years will NEVER be recouped. Apple ACTUALLY owes XEROX BILLIONs according to accounting. Sad... Think apple will ever admit that.. Oops... Actually apple's founder did.. Here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK7TQVFSA1Y

Oh... By the way... The GUI was so ahead of it's time.... That apple is STILL using XEROX IP..... As well as ms, and everyone ELSE utilizing a similar GUI...

Apple accuses Samsung of abusing its 3G power


Apple is so WRONG on every count..

Jobs demand as on person said here, $30 per device. PLUS tax. PLUS,PLUS,PLUS.... Judge Koh, you allow the Jury to feel you accept that as Fair and Reasonable, right? Where the hell is SHE from... YOu'd think theSytem would put in place a more OBJECTIVE Judge. OR a more experienced one...

Samsung, Too many times you allowed the fruity ones to DEFINE the argument. YOu may loose in that you come accross as a counter-puncher, and not a good one at that.

Fellow Androids. MOST of us just wanted a more cost effective Alternate. Google I felt was COOL. Apple raided a former employer of mine of ALL ( virtually ) of the GUI IP ( XEROX ) I worked there (XRX) just before Apple came out with it's STOLEN GUI. We noted the UNCANNY similarity. BUT figured Corporate couldn't do anything about it... Sad.... The 2nd best idea you come up with, and an opportunist smoothe talks his way into your bedroom and makes off with your closest guarded secrets. Then cries like a baby when the only way to design a SQUARE based product is similarly done... DOnt look now, but the entire present day GUI is still an art stolen from XEROX...


RIM: What's all the 'bleeding' fuss about BlackBerry developers?


YOu lost me here...

Whether that loyalty will pay off is questionable. RIM recently announced that BlackBerry App World has served up 3 billion downloads since it launched in 2009. By comparison, Apple's iTunes App Store had managed 10 billion downloads in the same amount of time, and its current figure is closer to 30 billion.

SO is the 10 billion figure correct. Or the 30 bill.

Either way the constant swipes against a company denigrate the article's cred.....

DOn't have time to go into more details, but there are numerous other instances here showing you should just stick to the facts...

Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent



From Archos to ZTE there HAS to be enough Cerebral "HorsePower" as it were, that apple's ability to create mischief and ( actually brilliant ) patent's would be blunted by the POWER OF THE COLLECTIVE. Android manufactures get it together!!!!! That SHOT you heard, was intended for YOU!

Why not go "Pro Active" and drop the re-active posture..

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android



The mouse, proportional Fonts, Point and Click. Icons, Iconic properties, SmallTalk, Object Oriented environments ALL Created By and invented Xerox Parc or People while working there. MILLIONS of XEROX dollars. Worth BILLIONS now. Now please watch Jobs bragging over his company being an "Artist" ( "GREAT artists STEAL") Has nothng to do with this, RIGHT? Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK7TQVFSA1Y

This was with reference his STEALING and admitting it in his interview as shown on YOUTUBE. GOTO Steven Jobs "I hired the wrong guy". BY the way... FANBOIS and GALS HATE the reference. But it's a salacious fact!!! APPLE STOLE XEROX Technology. ( IP ) Pure and simple. So ANYTHING Google does with ANDROID is fine by me. At least they know HOW to fight ( well... sort of Google's lawyers SEEM a bit SLOW to act.. ) BUT XEROX lost ( common knowledge in past legal circles ) not kowing what to do. Patent laws then were LAX, and unprepared for the modern age. STILL APPLE STOLE XEROX IP and that's the long and short of it.

Revealed: Inside Apple-bothering Proview's crumbling factory



JUST DESERTS for APPLE. To quote " Good artists Copy. GREAT artists steal. We are shameless. We are only focused on RESULTS". Jobs said this in an interview as on Youtube.. Look under Steven Jobs "I HIRED THE WRONG GUY". He BRAZENLY says the above. SO anything Apple pays out NOW, will NOT be enough. BILLIONS are owed XEROX. WATCH THE VIDEO!!! HERE


Revealed: Apple's plea for fairness in mobile patent war

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Dear Apple.

My Grandma you to say " The DEVIL is a COWARD".

Well LOOK at you. I WISH the ANDROID community would band together. BRAINSTORM every idea they can come up with for now and the forseeable future. And PATENT EVERY ONE. Do we have SHORT memories. Apple already STOLE it's existence from XEROX PARC Coffers. And paid then NO royalties. NONE. APPLE galls me in so many ways with their Corporate Eliteness. THEN THEY WRITE TO A GOVERNING BODY SUCH AS THIS AND ASK FOR FAIR PLAY!!!!!!!!

THEY ASK FOR FAIR PLAY????????? Fair play is rolling back. Admitting GRAND THEFT LARCENY, and paying more than LIP SERVICE to the ONE WHO YOU HARMED MOST. APPLE STOLE XEROX IP. THEN put it on a similar product. SOLD IT AT 1/3 THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW the EU LISTENS to these BUMS........... Your'e JOKING right? APPLE started this CRAP. If the Android's got together, bet they could patent APPLE under the concrete. I am PISSED!!

Snaps confirm new CPU for Apple iPad 3


Guessing the SKULLDUGGERY of 1/2 of the Dual Axis

And THAT, Sir, is the reason in and of itself. Watch..... The MARKET freezes, as it waits. COmpetitors try second guessing what features to include in THIS NEW ITERATION of their own, to updrade, yet stay ahead of Apple ( or abreast ), and still be price competitive.. It's GENIUS gone awry... TYPICAL.



Back in the DAY ( mid 70's & early 80's ) we railed AGAINST IBM for being a BULLY. PUSHING aside competitors. HAVING to be sued by the US GOV. for the SAME ( actually not nearly as bad ) CRAP Apple and her evil TWIN Microsoft are up to now. Jobs is on RECORD having BRAGGED about STEALING XEROX IP on youtube ( Job's interview: I hired the wrong guy ) . HISTORY will show what those of us involved with computers in those days SAW. XEROX PARC created the modern GUI. Integrated the MOUSE ( a Stanford UNIversity student created it and came over to XEROX with it ) with the GUI. XEROX designed the WINDOW'S framework to segregate and organize the environment. etc,etc EVEN created the NETWORK, and EMAIL SYSTEM which Jobs alludes to in the above interview. Get this. He even ADMITS that XEROX PARC facility's work SAVED APPLE. APPLE was out of ideas. IBM's NEW PC had come out and was OPEN architecture. APPLE was not. IBM was selling 50,000 pc's /month. NOT APPLE. APPLE SHOULD be made to go back ( along with her evil sister Microsoft ) and PAY XEROX for STEALING XEROX IP. In 2012, APPLE SHOULD be told, "IF you can't stand the heat ( ANDROID et al ) CREATE something better. PATENT THAT, or find new toys to mass produce. COURTS have BETTER things to do. THE EU is in FINANCIAL trouble. The US is in FINANCIAL trouble. Hell the WHOLE WORLD'S financial system is in TROUBLE, and APPLE is wimpering over HER STOLEN IP FROM XEROX. APPLE PAY for XEROX IP which YOU STOLE! PAY XEROX THAT's FAIR!!

Minnow Android slab maker BEATS Apple in court


A. Nony Mous!! HISTORY 101

I NEED you to tell XEROX that.... WHAT? .. YOU actually thought APPLE came UP with this GUI idea... You actually did NOT SEE the XEROX PARC products being shown off. AND sold to the public. OR APPLE's immoral RIP OFF LISA? and her "Twiggy" disks..... LATER. APPLE's GUI IS XEROX PARC LIFE BLOOD. APPLE's OS IS BSD. PERIOD. APPLE's iPhone IS an early LG PRADA in GUISE. But the BIGGEST SIN as it were is Apple's WHOLESALE THEFT OF XEROX IP. LOCK. STOCK. ( literally ) and BARREL!!!

Microsoft reports record revenue, lackluster Windows sales

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ANDROID funds ms

'Nuff Said.

MS is the OTHER half of the Evil Axis that is apple and microsoft.

apple sues ms promises "immunity" sign up with us and promote our ( inferior ) platform.

Talk about perverted justice. When ms attorneys can figure a way to get the COMPETITION to fund ms. Then again, the co-founder has familial ties to one of Washington States TOP legal firms. But you know what... Every proverbial dog has his day..... ms broke their promise to never do so, and changed the api so IBM's VASTLY superior os ( OS/2 Warp xx) would constantly have to play catch up.. Ok, THAT's business. But the SHEEP could'nt see what was really happening. OS/2 could do things Windows STILL can't do. Try formatting a hard drive, loading a different version of Windows to run that "special program that runs best under an older copy of ms-dos," and have little or NO system performance degradation. But anyway, back to Android. ms making money on EACH handset HTC, Samsung, et al makes. even 5$ ea. = million, and millions of $$ cost free to ms ( except for the cost of attorney's going to knock on ANDROID MFR'S doors!! )

Dutch court rejects Samsung iPhone ban bid


tell xerox... It's about a pattern dON'T YOU GET IT??

jobs admitted they stole xerox entire CONCEPT in xerox ip. But ... you'd support that conduct too, right? He even called xerox "copyheads", as he "justified" his compan'y theft of xerox ip. But ACCORDING TO YOU, that's ok, right? Thiese things are no secret. It's all over the net how apple toiled in copying Xerox GUI. But... let's see. THAT'S alright, right? in the youtube video of then President of apple, in the interview it's obvious to see the smirk on his face as he admits XeroX IP saved Apple from being another footnote. But that's alright too, right? Later when MicroShaft "Stole " apple's "IP", which apple stole from Xerox, apple SUED microshaft.. WHY? Theft of IP !!!! Talking about nerve. Perverse nerve. I steal from you. make money hand over fist. John steals from me, I then sue john for profiting from what I STOLE from you. ANYONE participating in JUSTIFYING apple's conduct in stealing tech from XEROX PARC ( PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER ) that apple in NO WAY could have invented, anyone agreeing that wasn't just wrong... Well .. I don't know. NOW the year is 2011.. apple does the SAME THING.... Only THIS time the opponent( SAMSUNG ) has ( albeit slow ) somewhat knowledgeable attorneys. SAMSUNG SHOULD PULL NO PUNCHES in it's fight with apple. THIS IS A WAR!!! apple started. And possibly, timed to coincide with the launch of it's product against SAMSUNG's. In time for BACK TO SCHOOL / CHRISTAMS /BUYING season.

Meantime apple PAY XEROX for saving your company. ADMIT to REAL slavish copying of XEROX' IP.

Huawei targets UK with sub-£100 smartphone


Get the Huawei U8650

Not bad performance. 600 mhz CPU, but they did something right... It's not bad speed wise. Just don't have tooo many aps open simultaneously. For a step into the Android market, it represents! apfel SHOULD be afraid. Very. AND there are more Androids to come. In addition to the Chinese models to come. APPEL HAD BETTER BE AFRAID!!

HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone


News & Media

Of COURSE it's too late now, the company has abandoned the product line. BUT one can't help but wonder if this little treatise had been printed EARLIER, the effect would have had. To be fair, ONE periodical might not a difference make. But one begets another, and another, and... However we will now never know. will we..

Apple wins (another) Samsung Android injunction in EU



You're all good but for the pull down menus. Apple absconded with it. XRX took them to court. WHY XRX woke up one day and fond GET THIS: APPLE WAS SUING MS OVER MS TAKING "APPLE'S" IP. BUT WAIT IT WAS XRX. APPLE HAD STOLEN IT FROM XRX!!! XRX was a tech Co. and (NOT like GATES FOLKS, ATTY'S) Courts indicated XRX had let the statute of limitations expire on Apple.


ALSO COURTS WERn'T so patent ( ip) hip then.So listen to St. Steve talk here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK7TQVFSA1Y

Apples culture's die is cast. APPLE isn't ashamed to take another's idea.

Windows Phone may be cheaper than Android - Inq boss

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Well DONE!!!

What can I SAY!!! Microphage said it as best as can be said.. "I'm sorry Mr. Orlowski but that reads to me like :buy Windows Mobile and Microsoft won't sue you for using Android: such "advantages" being nothing more than quasi-legal extortion."



Look, Let's back away from the Seedy, money-grabbing, street walking, Apple and MS. We can surely do the TRUE open source community proud. Go with the Modders with Web-Os or Rim's OS. I am SICK of Apple. Sick of them. MS bullied the hell out of them when they were smaller. The community was PROUD of Apple standing up to MS.

Then Apple got greedy. Apple, your status is ALLEGEDLY World-Class.

Your mentality is Thuggish.

You have LOST what little class you had.

You lost my respect.

KEEP your i things!

Web OS, Android, bring it.

Apple injunction startles Samsung


JOB's MOB.. EVERYONE please watch THIS. 'NUFF SAID!!


Vodafone Smart Android smartphone

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Not a reply, actually, just a question...

Patrick 14.... Where did you see the Defy... I'm in Spain but it'd be great to go online and find a Defy for -100.

Thanks hear?

Microsoft takes Oracle side in Google Java-phone attack


Same game.. MicroShaft ( F)ear, U(ncertainty) D(oubt)!!!!!!

Look, everyone. M$S*/?ft is doing the SAME thing that has WORKED in the past:

Most famous was what they did to of ALL companies IBM with their SUPERIOR O/S 2 VS Win 98. Just think weak DOS BASED!!!! Win 98. We the public BOUGHT MS*/ft crap and LIES!!!

Question.... ARE WE GONNA DO IT AGAIN?????


They are AS BAD OR WORSE THAN Nvidia, and iNtel combined in terms of lying.

Apple PALES in comparison.

Letś STOP these LYING trouble-making RASCALS....

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro


On the other hand

Ubuntu has spawned many Variants. The general purpose one I use is Super OS. Has windows support. Yet is stable, free, has an abundance of toys. THE #1 Ubuntu based OS, ( my opinion) is ULTIMATE. THAT OS, ROCKS!! More games AND serious Windows support built in. They even have a GAMERS version that is.... well for gamers. Plethora of games. BOTH need 2.5- almost 4 gigs of space. AND are rock-stable.

For general purpose and interest PC-BSD is also worthy. Same SUPER-SECURE base as Apple's BSD based Operating System. Windows support is included. ( even runs IE 7) as well as it's MOST SECURE...


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