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Texas realizes Amazon is in Texas

Darren Brooke


...burning donley

mines the one that looks like a barbeque apron

BOFH: PFY's mum pays a visit

Darren Brooke

now i know i'm going mad...

...AMFM made sense


Warner Bros to remake Clash of the Titans

Darren Brooke



there here....

hang on wheres his screen doofer thingummy


Honda shows off space-dwarf robot butler capability

Darren Brooke


...the picture tag

"take this shit away and get me a large gin"

reminds me of my childhood


BOFH: Friday madness

Darren Brooke

make that four...


is it hometime yet?

Mystery Israeli satellite telly disruption blamed on UN

Darren Brooke
Thumb Up


you my friend...

are something else!

i look forward to your posts almost as much as the bofh

just wish i understood them =)

Apple lobs $100 credit at iPhone buyers

Darren Brooke

couldn't give a toss...


next story please

wheres the bofh?

So, what's the velocity of a sheep in a vacuum?

Darren Brooke

re: welshmen & sheep

"since everyone knows that Welshmen do not in fact have intimate relations with sheep and any reference to the same is just a cheap attempt to drum up laughs."

oh yes we bloody do

twice a day & three times on sundays

i alwyas look forward to a bit of sheep dip


Shark 2 dumbs down Trojan creation

Darren Brooke

Re: Alan Donaly

aren't you supposed to wait till friday

before ranting like a loon and cheering me up

thanks for bringing it forward today


AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush sing-along

Darren Brooke

re: what!?

alan, alan, alan

can i call you alan?

take one of those big pills you keep in the drawer

y'know the ones marked chill

and breathe deeply and try and calm down

i lurve fridays

now wheres the new BOFH?


'You're a f**king moron'

Darren Brooke


now this is more like it

a proper friday story

i hope he gets the bollocking he deserves

maybe he'll be seeing the dole office next tuesday?


Whole Foods CEO went after rival as a message board troll

Darren Brooke

re: re: awesome

goddamn i lurve fridays!

anyone else think that NotARegisterReporter is being ironic & a smartarse,

or perhaps just doing the ironing?

sad to see no paris hilton/iphone/ROTM angle, but i'm sure it'll turn up by the days end


Sophos apologises for going legal on school techies

Darren Brooke

RE Sophos AV(from the coward with no name)

Kiss my arse

when you have 2 IT staff supporting 700+ pc's, 80+ laptops, multiple servers, routers, switches etc

and somewhere in the region of 1500 users

with a budget less than you spend on colonic irrigation

or your ugly wife & children spend on booze and noseplugs

so they can stand to be around you

then feel free to comment further

IT Techies do a bloody hard job, with little appreciation from staff, parents, pupils or management

so we don't need anonymous posts saying we're wasting our employers time and resources


ps: written off the clock on own pc


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