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Android users: More of them than fanbois, but they don't use the web


I do know a number of Android users that replaced their ancient fold up phones with a cheap Android phone, and don't use the internet features of the phone at all.

Hell, the people in question hardly use the internet in general, and when they do, it's on their computers at home.

How many iPhone users fall into this category?

Apple retail stores most productive in US – by far



Not too surprised by the result - Apple stores sell lots and lots of pricey-yet-small electronic items and they don't need the massive floor space of, say, Costco (which tops the chart for revenue per store) or Walmart/Asda (which apparently "only" brings in about 133% of Apple in terms of revenue per store).

Not really seeing how useful this revenue per square foot metric is though.

Tiffany and Co is a jewelry store with 100 or so locations in the US if anyone was wondering

FBI cuffs 14 over $1m 'Gone in 60 Seconds' casino scam


Re: So smart and yet so stupid.

I'm pretty sure they did that to launder the money.

But uh...ripping off casinos and then using casinos to launder the money strikes me as fucking dumb. Plenty of ways to launder money that don't involve casinos.

WoW cities wiped out by 'exploit'


Re: The word is

Huh. Definitely more exploity than the Geddon AH bombing or the ZG plague that occurred way way back when I was active; I was sorta hoping for "creative loopholes in game mechanics" more than "abusing a GameMaster-only weapon".

BOFH: Risky business


Wow that struck a nerve - or two

Overpromoted bureaucrat with the authority to waste way too much of the company's time and money on marginal-to-useless paperwork?

Story of my company nemesis.

Bonus 1: she's not only weighs in on "projects", she's also a beancounter

Bonus 2: she's 9 friggin months behind on her accounting, yet she still somehow finds time to whine to everyone about large amounts of non-accounting-based paperwork

Bonus 3: she spends so much time on the phone talking to employees, yet asks everyone else to make more important calls to other companies/accounts "because she doesn't have time to do it"

Bonus 4: she's friends with the CEO (for some unexplained reason) so the chances of her leaving before retirement are pretty much zero

Grenade, because that's the least she deserves