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Subnautica and Below Zero: Nurture your inner MacGyver and Kevin Costner on an ocean-planet holiday


Re: Looks like fun.

I've only played it on Linux, clocked up about 40 hours between my partner and I using Proton and it's been absolutely flawless. When I first read your comment I was actually confused, thinking you were mistaken, then I remembered that it's using Proton and isn't native. It's so seamless you actually forget!

Transport for London asks Capita to fling Congestion Charge system into the cloud


Re: To be honest...

Entirely agree with what you're saying, but in the spirit of register pedantry... "number plate" not "licence plate". Licence plates are issued to owners, whereas number plates are issued to vehicles. The DVLA issues number plates in Great Britain. The DVA issues them in Northern Ireland. Although it's true that number plates no longer consist of just numbers in most countries, they're still officially named as such across gov.uk

You are of course talking about foreign vehicles, but these are almost all going to come from elsewhere in Europe and I'm not aware of any European country employing the North American system of licence plates?

I'll see myself out...

How did you spend your time at university? Pizza, booze, sleeping? This Oxford student is snooping on satellites


Re: In space...

Genius. Start your weekend with a pint on me ->

E-scooter fanboy so hyped for Teesside to host UK's first trial


Pedantic Conurbation Nomenclature

"The cities named by Houchen to receive the controversial two-wheelers include Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton, Redcar and Middlesbrough."

Gah... All of them are towns, not cities. Middlesbrough had a go at becoming a city, but lost out to Sunderland.

Cops called after pair enter Canadian home and give it a good clean


Re: anti-crime

Actually, technically, "in the UK" there's no such thing as breaking and entering.

In Scotland there is. In England and Wales there is not. Instead you'd be charged with criminal damage for whatever you broke getting in, or of course burglary if you go further and steal something and/or assault someone.

In this case, as you quite rightly say, nothing was broken so the only offence is trespass and that is indeed civil.

As for Northern Ireland... I don't actually know... Google time for me.

EUROCONTROL outage causes flight delays across Europe


A changed man...

I was travelling from Manchester to Helsinki when this happened. I had to transfer at Stockholm for an almost impossibly short 35 minute flight to Helsinki.

Having boarded the plane all ready to depart, the captain announced that there was a problem at Eurocontrol and we weren't allowed to take off. A delay of at least 20 minutes was to be expected and possibly longer.

At the time this was fairly frustrating, given an expected flight time of 35 minutes, a 20 minute delay felt like an eternity...

Having read this article however, I've a newfound love for Eurocontrol. That's some impressive resilience!

A smartphone recession is coming and animated poo emojis can't stop it


Re: Manufacturers are spending more

Completely agree with your sentiment... but I'm not sure kilo milli is going to catch on... ;)

(3.3k mAh = 3.3(1000) (1/1000)Ah = 3.3Ah = 3,300mAh)

Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate


Yay grammar...

Licence <-- noun

License <-- verb

I bought a licence from the licensing company who are authorised to license me.

See also:




Russian search engine Yandex's Ukraine offices raided for 'treason'


Incorrect use of article in this article...

"Yandex claimed 11 million users in the Ukraine"

It's Ukraine, not "The Ukraine".


McDonald's India's delivery app was a golden honeypot


Re: "Value your privacy"

Hair? How 80's ;-)

Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money


Re: Wow

Finally... a sensible comment.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


MIddlesbrough is a town not a city...

Would you let cops give your phone a textalyzer scan after a road crash?


The warrant might well work for SMS/call data... but what about What's App, or Facebook Messenger, or the myriad of other internet based communication apps. The fact the app was communicating with Facebook/What's App at the time proves nothing. You'd need the device itself to see if a message was actively being sent, or, a very expensive and lengthy multinational investigation to get the raw data/logs from Facebook/What's App themselves.

The Police don't interpret data: they collect it. A court would ultimately provide the interpretation and decide whether or not a party is guilty and this might well include testimony from experts in the field, rather than trained officers, if required.

Their statistics need convictions? Really? Take the tin foil hat off for just a moment and consider the possibility that maybe individual officers aren't incentivised by conviction rate and that even if they were, there's also an awful lot more to their job than car crashes and idiots behind a wheel. The vast majority of jobs an officer attends in any given day involve basic conflict resolution/protection of vulnerable people and prosecution plays either no part, or forms the final piece and last resort in a complex resolution.

BBC bypasses Linux kernel to make streaming videos flow


Re: This is why I love the bbc

I'm using the HTML 5 beta on Linux?... If I recall correctly the HTML5 beta is restricted only by Browser. In fact Chrome on "Linux" (presumably Ubuntu) is listed as one of their test platforms...

'Walter Mitty' IT manager admits to buying gun on dark web


Re: Entrapment?

It sounds like he approached the officers (although unknowingly) in order to attempt to purchase the gun. The officers didn't approach him and attempt to sell it to him... so not really entrapment? He couldn't argue that he was unlikely to commit the offence otherwise, as he actively sought to do so in this case.

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!


Re: Well...

...or had anything at all to do with Japan?

Huawei is a Chinese company...

Trebles all round: The BBC's won this licence fee showdown


"The Corporation has expanded the Telly Tax onto computers"

...does anyone have a source for this, Google appears to be unaware.

I'm taking this to mean you need a licence for non-live streams from iPlayer now? Or have I misunderstood...

Trolls pop malformed heads above bridge to sling abuse at Tim Cook


Re: It makes you despair

You, sir, have summarised the view any decent human being should hold, perfectly.

London commuter hell will soon include 'one card to rule them all'


Why stop at London? This should work across all trains, trams, buses etc. Along with a sensible fare calculation system that means a ticket from Edinburgh to York should have cost the same as the five tickets I actually bought (at much less expense) for the same train (breaking it down into Edinburgh-Berwick Berwick-Newcastle Newcastle-Durham etc.).