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Another death in Apple's 'Mordor' – its Foxconn Chinese assembly plant


No more Apple products for me. It's disgusting that a premium brand is made in such a way. I could understand if they were made in the UK or USA and charge a premium price.

Is it impossible to make electronics in the UK/USA?

Britain needs more tech immigrants, quango tells UK.gov


Not sure what to make of it...

Had to advertise for a developer job for a 12 month contract with possible extension, salary £45k, 36 days leave.

Develop a web based app with whatever lingo they were happy with. This was about 2 years ago.

Had 12 applicants, and there was only 1 British candidate. He was shortlisted for interview but didn't pass the tests (no code writing required, just commenting on some pseudo code logic).

It was a mid-level post, I think the salary was ok?

Is your kid ADDICTED to web porn? Twitter? Hint: Don't blame the internet


Yeah, it's not the internet or TV or games harming kids.

It's a lack of parent interaction and neglecting the kids that causes harm.

Samsung sticks with child labour shame fab: Zero-tolerance means 30% less trade


How costly is it to make hi-tech stuff in the UK? TVs, tablets etc?

Microsoft compliance police to NHS: We want your money


Cost of MS Licensing for NHS/Public Sector


Paying a team of dedicated developers to maintain your own Linux distro, drivers, and app migrations


Whitehall and Microsoft negotiate NHS Windows XP hacker survival plan


Surely, the NHS /UK Gov are large enough to develop their own OS and software?

Or even their own distro of Linux?

Team of developers maintaining your own distro VS paying licences for Windows on all NHS/Gov machines?

Fancy a little kinky sex? GCHQ+NSA will know - thanks to Angry Birds


Isn't this just a big waste of tax payers money? There must be smarter and cheaper ways to catch the bad guys.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front


Agree with ratfox. I think Wikipedia will be fine. I use it for checking things in more detail and following its references.

Jokes of no more than 2 lines


Why did the chicken cross the road?

(I don't know?)

To visit his lover/gay friend.

Knock, knock

(Who's there?)

The chicken.



The one where you have the freedom and access to see how it works and what it is doing, and free to make it as secure as you like.

Girls, beer and C++: How to choose the right Comp-Sci degree for you


Best thing Comp Sci gives you is the ability to optimise your code and software, which Maths, Physics, IT or a BA won't give you.

Generally though, you should do a degree that gets you a job, especially if you are not sure what you want to do. That's why degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Radiography, Nursing, Midwifery, are good bets and most have no tuition fees to pay. Some even have a grant on top. Downside with health care is that although money may be good, see Midwife or Doctor starting on £30K+ after graduating, the effort per £ is much higher than Comp Sci jobs. Typically 12 hours shifts dealing with the nasty public.

Generic subjects and arts degrees, which are not from the top Unis, are pointless. Avoid.

Amazon yoinks Dora and SpongeBob from Netflix for MEELLLIONS


LoveFilm vs Netflix

Why does LoveFilm become choppy during streaming? Lovefilm and Netflix both use Silverlight, yet Netflix is fine.

There was a film I wanted to watch on LoveFilm but it was so choppy I had to seek alternatives means...some of these free streaming websites.

Is the next-gen console war already One?

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Multi monitor support

As they are becoming more PC based, I would like to see multi-monitor support from one console box.

Great for driving games, hooking up 3+ screens or FPS with friends, a screen each!

Murdoch hate sparks mass bitchin', rapid evacuation from O2, BE


It's not possible for the subscribers to buy the ISP?

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL


We've killed the site... Won't load for me...

United Nations: 'Overpopulated Earth? Time to EAT BUGS'


FFS It's not the birth rate, which has been going down globally over the last 50s years. Its the over 40s not dying off like they used to.

Corporate IT bod? Show 'em what it costs and management WILL pay


The IT dept within a company is not to provide a service (that's what an external company does), it is to support and facilitate the business objectives. This is usually to maximise profits. So you look at ways to increase income and reduce costs. Eg - this can mean outsourcing (reducing costs) so staff doing 3 people's jobs at 1/3 of the quality can focus on doing their original job at 100% (increasing income).



In house servers cost 3 times as an external provider. Response time is in days and weeks. External provider responds in 20 minutes and is 24/7.

More than half the staff export their mail to Gmail and use the Google Calender. Their Google store works with most devices.

No sympathy with our BOFH, complains he has too many apps and servers (hence response time in days and weeks). Told BOFH outsource the basic crap, and focus on the specialist stuff we f*&cking need.

When to outsource:

Any cost benefit, economies of scale from outsourcing CRUD apps/servers?

Is provider financially sound? Are they likely to go under? Is it CloudsR'us from BOFH's garage?

Are you free to take data in and out, with non-propriety formats?

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal



I pay £22/month for 16mpbs+ and phone line, unlimited GB, plus static IP from Be.

Any other providers can match that?

The other issue is I'm in central London and can't get home fibre connections. I thought it would be best to fibre high density areas first so you have more customers?

Microsoft backs law banning Google Apps from schools


Just skimmed the article

but Google Apps for education does not data mine or show adverts?


Stone Computers sales catch cold as public sector keeps sneezing


I'm shocked they are still around!

Poor quality machines and service. We finally ditched them ~3 years ago.

Back then I asked why we ordered from them. I was told, "oh if there's a problem, they'll send someone the next day". They did send someone next day, 2 to 3 times a month! How about not having any problems to begin with? By the end we had towers where their cables fell out when they were on their side , no next day service (yet promised over the phone), parts missing, repair man not turning up, etc. etc.

Wonder why your public sector organisation is crap? Not only because they are using Stone computers, but the leadership and management that tolerate such crapness.

Copper-obsessed BT means UK misses out on ultrafast fibre gold


Dark fibre?

Wasn't there something about laying fibre optic cables through the sewers? Isn't that a cheaper way?

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today

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Ha - Ha (Nelson style)

Natwest charged my dad £1000s in overdraft fees.

This was from being £15 overdrawn.

DIE Natwest DIE.

Dell to cut UK workforce


Re: Everyone is different

Yes, that's why they should leave school at 14 and start working.

Anyway I mean literate and numerate enough not to end up on benefits and able to support themselves.


If you want low taxes you want the public sector paying as little as possible for IT. How many horror stories are there of public sector over paying for things?

Building PCs and laptops is low-end work, rather UK Plc should be focused on high-end skilled work and the tax payer should be more demanding of kids and teachers and schools. After inputting £50k+ on each kid in the UK's education system, I expect all kids to have top grades. Kids need to leave primary school with 3 things, minimum. 1 being fully literate, 2 fully numerate, 3 ability to self-learn. If they don't have these by age 12, they will most likely be reliant on the tax payer for the rest of their lives.

Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours

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MS Word outofdate?

You need Word to write letters, and other hard copy stuff. Anything with a touchscreen will most likely use web/online forms email and IM. Does Word need a "touch version"?

German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’



Will the cheese-and-pickle sarnie taste better if you look at it or will it taste better if you close your eyes and don't look at it? Quantum taste effects?

Don't be alarmed - but 545,000 NHS patient files are going online


sh!t need to be online

I moved home 2 years ago and changed GP surgery at that time. Went to A&E recently and they had my old surgery details. B1tch at reception looked at me like it was my fault. Am I supposed to update all the Hospitals with my info myself?

A card system would be good. I had to limp my way round A&E reception, stand and give all my details when it would have been so much better and quicker if I could just scan a card. In fact you could get rid of reception stage completely and be put through to triage.

Vauxhall: US Volt halt will not affect UK launch

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Expensive or not?

Just wondering if this is expensive for this type of car (vs an Astra)? Should it be cheaper?

Is it because of the batteries that this this is relatively expensive?

(For £28K+ BMW 3 series ED saloon)

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine


Fine should be taken

The fines should be taken out of the council staff salary pool. Or should mean staff involved are sacked.

Otherwise where is the incentive/pressure not to f**k up?

Nintendo cuts full-year forecast – by BILLIONS



Nintendo, release a smartphone with a decent slide out control pad FFS!

With games playable by DS cards and Nintendo market downloads!

How to tell if your biz will do a Kodak


Cloud advantages

1GB general server storage is around £2/ year in our own datacentre. This includes hardware, power, 24/7 support. A cloud provider quoted us £0.16/year for 1GB of mail storage (cheaper if we took out more).

It's not for everyone, data protection issues etc. However I imagine agreements to geofence the data, eg stays in EU/UK data centres etc.

Councils tout £1.2bn for IT whizkid to grab their backend


Outsourcing is good

if you are benefiting from economies of scale.

O2 rents out latest iPhones to tease panting fanbois


Fanboi becomes rentboi.

New account of Flight 447 disaster published

Paris Hilton

What happens when a plane hits the water like this, does it break apart? Does it stay in one piece and sink with people trapped alive inside?

UK.gov to require you to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms


I would like to see this info, anonymised and rented out/licenced on a eg yearly basis and earning money for us - NOT sold off like public land for £1 to private developers.

UK.gov uses Experian data to sniff out fraudsters


"They said that a recent pilot protected more than £16m of potential losses in tax credits, and that the move could save about £700m for HMRC over the life of the contract and £100m for DWP. A spokesman for HMRC said the duration and value of the contract are confidential."

£16m is not a lot, probably less than what they are paying Experian. Hence why value of the contract is confidential.

As a tax payer I'd rather everyone get benefits and those working get taxed more (same amount so net is 0). This gets rid of the whole JSA bureaucracy and those private sector "training" leeches.

Details of all internet traffic should be logged – MEP


You're not 12, and you know what this is.

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan


Tube and TFL staff are over paid. Fare prices need to come down. Cheapest single fair is around 20p in Hong King, price of a Hong Kong can of Cola!

Driverless trains yes as well as centralising upper management. In addition to residential and commercial development and use rental income to reduce fares. Not sure if TFL is the landlord of the Westfield Stratford shopping centre. If not, it's a missed opportunity!

More advertising income, why not have "TFL Radio" on buses/carriages? More LCD screens running adverts etc.?

Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros


University over bedroom

Benefits of university over bedroom:

1. Experience of meeting deadlines and work under pressure.

2. Working in a team.

3. Exposure to ideas and avoiding reinventing the wheel. (Bedroom coders have access to the web, but who filters out all the crap?)

4. Experience of working to protcols and procedures.

Fees are too much, and not worth it at some unis. EU unis will benefit.

MPs blast dole-office-online plans



Get rid of the JSA system. Give everyone employed and unemployed a non-means tested allowance, ~£65/week and those working tax them the extra £65 week. Public sector is too large in this country. Better to pay a benefit allowance of £3380/year than a salary of £20K+ for jobs that aren't needed.

To prevent creation of a work shy underclass: 1. Stop them procreating. Offer £1000 to girls to have a contraceptive chip implanted, which will be removed if they can pay back (hopefully developing the discipline to earn and save) the £1000. 2. Better resources in primary school to compensate the kids who come from a poor home life.

9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power


The aims were to drag the US into a war, an expensive war with to stretch and bankrupt the country.

The US was targeted for reasons including support of Israel against the Palestinians and US support of Arabian dictators.

The attacks on the UK on 7/7 happened because of UK involvement in the war on Iraq, and Ken Clarke foretold in Parliament of attacks on European cities if we were to goto war in Iraq.

Facebook wannabe rioters cop large helpings of porridge


4 years is a bit much

Think of the tax payers! What is it, £1000/day per prisoner?

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?


National service nostalgia and delusion

They stab each other with pens in school, they'll stab the Sargeant with the toothbrush.


Stop wishing them on the military!

1. They will make bad soldiers, killing civilians, disobeying orders etc.

2. They aren't scared of police or prison officers or military officers. One guy regularly does a f*** you to police and prison screws, and he gets regular beatings by them. He's too dumb to know about human rights etc. The more beatings and clashes he has with authority, the more cred he feels he has.

EG - military camp national service:

Sargeant: hit the floor and give me 20 pushups!

Thug on national service: F*** you.

<Thug gets beats>

<Thug one day finds gun and grenades and goes on rampage>


People please get a clue

Person 1. Me. I grew up poor but I had great parents. I did get a beating when I did something bad.

Person 2. Middle class friend, no beatings or smacking. Great loving parents.

Person 3. Neighbourhood friend. Beaten every day by his mum and no dad around. Always getting into trouble. Now an adult, he's still getting into trouble. He's not a nice person to be around (but his sister is hot)


De Yoof

I saw a video interviewing the feral yoof (made a couple of weeks ago). How youth clubs and centres closed and that with bored hoodies there will be more trouble on the streets.

I thought "I don't need a youth club to stop me from being a rioter. Why don't these kids do some homework, study, hobby etc." Then I realised why, I wouldn't be a rioter. I had a good home and family. I read about one kid who would get daily beatings from his mum's pimp. How would he turn out I wonder? A youth centre would at least offer an alternative to his home life, an adult who cares and maybe a way out from his situation.

This is the issue here. How can the government and the schools, compensate for a poor home life? A lack of a good family? Best chance is when kids are in primary school, because by the age of 12 their brains are mostly set. In a way they end up like animals not knowing right from wrong. I pity them and I'm no longer angry at them when I first saw and experienced the riots.

Taking a way benefits, kicking them out from their homes, is not the answer, we'll just have more angry youth with nothing to lose. To deal with the curent crop of youth/rioters we need both punishment and rehab, otherwise it will be an endless cycle billed to the tax payer. Bring back forced labour, have them build prisons, roads etc.

If riots break out and small business and homes are threatened with burglary and arson, passers by being beaten up, this is where the police need to be with rubber bullets and water canon, tasers and cs spray. If Tesco and Currys are being looted, just take pictures and use CCTV to get them later.

First came the thugs in suits, vandalising the economy (the ones in parliment looting their expense accounts) and now dumb thugs in tracksuits riot and burn their community.

Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs


you're mistaken...

Yes, but income tax on council workers salaries, is tax payers money going back to the tax pile- the remaining 70% of the salary goes to the invdividual, a loss of 70% to the tax payer. Private (to private) enterprise generates tax, the origin is the private pocket, for the tax payer that is a gain.

I've worked in councils and yes there are redundant areas which have developed, due to the nature of not having commercial pressures or lacking good leadership (or both). I'd rather pay £200/month JSA out of my tax than £2000+/month on redundant staff.


What is cheaper?

For the tax payer it's better to pay someone JSA than a salary (~£200 vs £2000). The public sector has too many staff (and usually not enough where it is needed, A&E, maternity care etc.!)

Whether the system being outsourced will work is one question, another question is (sometimes) if the system is needed at all? There are dept. services that do nothing at all and a service head getting £80k+)

Do councils paying tax payers money as salary, generate tax income?

Hmmm, let's say they get £20K, 25% goes to central tax/NI, ~5% council tax, leaving 70%, then minus all the VAT purchases, fuel, clothes etc. ~60% is then left going into their private pocket. Does that 60% create tax revenue?