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BOFH: The company survived the disaster recovery test. Just. The Director's car, however...


I just about pissed in my pants from reading this.. LMFAO!! On a scale of 1 to 10 for BOFH, I'm giving this one a 18!

Pirates not to blame for Big Media's sales plunge


Get a Clue!

The reasoning to their downturn in profits is pretty easy. It's called CRAP. Producers and artists are producing crap and expecting it to have huge returns and instant mega stardom. Sorry to say, most of what the big studios produce and record does not interest me. It's not even worth the time and bandwidth to download and store.

As to Cisco, I have no kind words to say about them. Having Cisco reps selling last years goods and claiming it was cutting edge was not cool. My dumb ass boss believed it and bought the proverbial pig in the poke. Then there is the "maintenance contracts". Crappy IOS programming on Cisco's part does not constitute demanding more money from the customers. If a company is going to manufacture something, at least stand by it with ironclad support. Cisco support is spotty. I had a 7200VXR with problems and it took a threat of flying down to ass rape the support tech and switching all network equipment out to Foundry to get the problem rectified.

Mr. Holmes get his face time, because corporate needs a clue.

IT pros lack recent skills


CompTIA is in it for the money

I've been in IT longer than most of the kids that worked in my office had been alive. My boss at the time refused repeatedly to send me off to classes. His reasoning was I had the skills and did not need to spend a week training on something I already knew. On the other hand, money was poured into the kids and were sent off to classes and certified. I felt the money was squandered. Sending them off to get certified did not improve their skills or abilities to accomplish common everyday tasks of being geeks. Though they were certified and supposedly "mini IT gods", simple things tripped them up and it showed on their performance. Tasks that were too complex for them to solve were thrown into my lap.

CompTIA does not:

Teach "intuitive thinking" (IE- the idea that everything in the box is 1's and 0's and can be changed at a whim, if you know how)

Train with a full skill set. They give a reader's digest version and test to that version.

Make one an instant "IT god" when passing the test. It shows you have the ability to grasp the ideas, store the information and regurgitate it onto the test.

Replace years of experience with a week long class. Employers that feel that it does are going to be paying for hours of wasted time.

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain


I've played with vista when it came out. I didn't like it. Slow loads, memory hog, constant busy icon. Windows 7 was a bit better. But again, memory hog. In all of this, I noticed that windows is degrading over time to "joe moron" mode. Things that were granular in windows 2K and XP now have become simple icons with basic on/off or yes/no features under vista and 7. Are users getting dumber as the years pass?

US military access cards cracked by Chinese hackers


It comes down to money. It's cheaper to buy a packaged system and have a face to hold accountable if things go wrong. I'm surprised it took the chinese this long to gather and harvest the encrypted keys off those cards.

As to the "chinese hackers". These are not lone wolves out in the wild. This is the effort of the PLA with unlimited resources. The keys will not stand a chance against a brute force break.

Seagate matches and raises WD disk warranty cuts


WARNING: do NOT send your dead drives back for RMA. You will get a refubished drive and you lose control of the information that you had stored on the dead drive you sent back.

The reason why I say this? I sent a WD drive in for RMA. For shits and giggles, I threw a forensic drive analyzer program at the returned drive. I was able to recover pretty much everything that was on the drive prior to it crashing and being RMA'd. Yes, WD formatted the drive but did not do a good job of wiping out the data that was on it.

Cracked emails again deployed against climate researchers

Big Brother

I would call that hypocritical. Classic "do as I say, not as I do" BS. If they wanted to reduce their "footprint", then they would not be on the internet, not using computers or any other electronic devices, living in a cave, going barefooted even when it's winter, and not using anything that is manufactured with petrol chemicals or polymers.

Prince Charles should have been rowing his ass around the world to speak about climate change instead of burning millions of gallons of jet fuel to do it.

Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel

Big Brother

The UK is following Orwell's playbook

The murder rate is not has high as it is in the UK, how's that surveillance society working out for you?

BOFH: Attack of the Global Corporate Overlords


WTF! Is this on rewind??

As I read this, I remember quite well going through the pains and sufferings that the BOFH is dealing with now. Same concept.. Managers rejoicing that we were being merged into the collective, like a snake slowly moving in for the kill. Going from a NT domain with trust relationships to a stub in active directory was the worse in power usurpation. DOD networks were designed with decentralization as it's key point. Robust and independent . Answering to the "mother ship" took away decentralization and the biggest selling point: survivability.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if its a gov, mil or com network; the taking over of your home turf and giving control to some snot nosed contractors thousands of miles away is heart breaking and maddening.

I'll have to go with the T800, because that's where it's going.

FBI fights to protect ISPs that snoop on their customers

Big Brother

If their customers knew...

Those companies should have thought of what they were doing before they started cozying up to the federales. If I found out that my company was invading my privacy and in bed with the federales, I'd drop them like a bad habit. And yes, I would like to know what companies, then I could avoid them. Sounds like the EFF needs to submitting so many FIOA requests that the feds would think that hell froze over and it was snowing.

Had to pick George because he was sooo right!

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size

Big Brother

The messiah had spoken- via iphone

I quit buying apple after they kicked Wozniak to the curb. At that time, Apple was the hacker's choice. But as things go, locking the OS and being idiots didn't help. If jobs was smart, he should have sent the request to a lower level flying monkey to handle it. I guess you have to work hard at being a class A jackass.

I'm throwing down the big brother card because that's what "Mr. Anti-establishment" turned into.

BOFH: Risky business


An A for effort, an A+ for creativity

There's a special level of hell for users that abuse mail stores. Those that used up too much mail store were tortured with not being able to send/receive email until such time as they migrated their mail off the server. I'm ROFL on this subject because the entertainment it's provided me over the years of torturing upper management over excessive email storage.

I'd have to go with the bullhorn, because there are times one needs it to let the users know that they're pulling a boner and need some instruction.


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