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Man drives 6,000 miles to prove Uncle Sam's cellphone coverage maps are wrong – and, boy, did he manage it

Bobby Omelette


"At 40Mbph, that meant each test was conducted within 360 meters of one another – within the FCC rules."

I'd love to know more about how they managed to measure the car's speed in Mbph!

Big cable trolls big mobile with '10G' trademark application

Bobby Omelette

Re: Empty Baked Bean tins being horded by Oz pollies.

Yeah, but at least your string doesn't get wet, like here in rural Blighty.

Azure MFA falls over, Windows 10 struggles with Intel drivers, and Microsoft gives us... more Sticky Notes?

Bobby Omelette

The main benefit of 'real world' sticky notes for me is that I can stick them around my screen(s), rather than cover it.

On-screen sticky notes are something I'll just end up pushing to the back and forgetting about.

Upset fat iOS gobbles up so much storage? Too bad, so sad, says judge: Apple lawsuit axed

Bobby Omelette

Re: Crappy SD != internal flash

"We call it the Cupertino idiot-tax operation for a reason."

Who could all these 'idiots' be, I wonder?

Oh, yeah ... "It charges $80 for a wireless mouse, FFS - our office has bought enough of them to know"

A case of foot meets mouth for El Reg, perhaps? :-D

(Not that I've escaped said tax either, courtesy of 4 kids ... the gift that keeps on taking).

Powerful forces, bodily fluids – it's all in a day's work

Bobby Omelette

Re: Monitor

" keep trying to educate my techies to work from the lowest layer up (including the layer between chair and keyboard)"

You mean a PICNIC Error. (Problem in chair, not in computer).

What can $10 stretch to these days? Lunch... or access to international airport security systems

Bobby Omelette

Re: I was "hacked" via RDP

Lotus Notes client.

Quantum computers have failed. So now for the science

Bobby Omelette

Re: 4 pages ?!

Agree it's a pain, but you can change the page URL to the mobile view ... from ''www.' to 'm.'.

So, from ...




... and it'll all show one page.

SO. Which IS more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal?

Bobby Omelette

Reg - Why are you asking this?

Why publish this ...

SO. Which is more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal? (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/20/which_is_more_important_to_humanity_facebook_or_portugal/)

when you've also published this by the same author ...

Facebook is MORE IMPORTANT to humanity than PORTUGAL (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/20/facebook_global_economic_value_is_227_billion_dollars_claims_deloitte/)


Boffins: It's EASY to make you GRASS YOURSELF UP for crimes you never did

Bobby Omelette

Or could this study just prove that university students are smart enough to play psychobabblers at heir own game?

‘Whatever happened to Vladimir Putin?’ and other crap New Year prophesies

Bobby Omelette

Thank you.

In particular for such rare (but sensible) reasoning on Y2K, and even more so for Point No. 5.

BOOM BOOM: Dixons fires the human cannon

Bobby Omelette

To be fair ...

... The insider just said they 'were putting two and two together', but stopped short of guessing what the correct answer was.

Bendy or barmy: Why your next TV will be curved

Bobby Omelette

Re: Connections

Samsung already do soething along these lines for some of their higher-end models. It's called 'One Connect'. See here ... http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/197841-14.jpg

HIDDEN OCEAN of LIVING SOUP found on Enceladus, moon of Saturn

Bobby Omelette

I'm ...

... more interested in who's operating the 3 thrusters in the second picture. Jets of salty water, my foot.

Hypersonic MEGA METEOR pulled from lake, then Russians drop it

Bobby Omelette

Unless you believe in DOS, when time started on 01-Jan-1980.

Wrist SLAP: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch hands-on

Bobby Omelette

"Getting things organised between the two devices is the Gear Manager that sorts out sync and the available apps. It'll even help you find your Gear if it's gone astray".

Like if you happen to lose your arm with the Gear on it?

Red supergiant Betelgeuse heads for SMACKDOWN with 'dust bar'

Bobby Omelette

The Size of Our World

For an idea of scale : http://rense.com/general72/size.htm

'Perfect' INVISIBLE SHED stuns boffinry world

Bobby Omelette

"It only worked from one direction." ...

Any chance it could work on One Direction? And trap their sound too.

Mystery martian object is relic of (our) civilisation

Bobby Omelette

Shurely, with it being Curiousity and all ...

... they should be sending it "Straight back down y'all, straight back down to earth"?

Dark matter hits you once a minute

Bobby Omelette

When I was a 'younger' IT bod, WIMPs stood for Windows Icons Mice & Pointers.

Overall, I think I'd rather be hit by the dark matter type.

Revealed: Google's SECRET London office

Bobby Omelette

"... we can't tell you exactly where since our informant "Deep Throat" obliged us to swear a solemn oath of silence ..."

How ironic, given that your informant's pseudonym implies no gagging.

Reptile boffins spot world's smallest chameleon

Bobby Omelette

You're actually spot on : The article says '... measures 29mm (1.1 inches) from nose to tail ...', which must make the finger in the pic about 2" wide!

Visa's amazing answer to e-wallet domination: A new logo

Bobby Omelette


Sure sounds like a request for someone to stick two fingers up at you.

Marketing fail.

Shurely something like 'Visa-V' would have been a little smarter.

Or is it just me?

Virgin gives early adopters benefit of recent price cut

Bobby Omelette

Pulled its NoTW advertising?

Big wow ... as NoTW doesn;t exist after this weekend.

Child of Eden

Bobby Omelette

... or how they were born.

I'm trying not to think of how messy childbirth would be without gravity.

Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?

Bobby Omelette

And this is breaking news?

Viz were fully aware of this truth back in 1992 ...


Teen sells Perl cloud startup to ActiveState

Bobby Omelette

Not so much a programmer.

More of a 'tag-nut'.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Bobby Omelette


And let's not forget the cretins who pull out of their driveways with little-to-no consideration for the fact that they're crossing a footpath, invariably with no visibility due to the 6ft high hedges surrounding keeping the riff-raff at bay. Sound is quite important.

Official: phones sting bees

Bobby Omelette

Oh please ...

... please make that happen the other way around.

Multimillionaire's private space ship 'can land on Mars'

Bobby Omelette


... and Sid Meier gets to dust off Colonization ready for a twenty-first century update.

London's Olympic clock claps out

Bobby Omelette

Nah ...

... Health & Safety will put the mockers on that.

The 'flame' will be a piece of shaped silk being blown upwards by a fan, with a yellow LED underneath it (for effect).

An even that will probably fail due to procurement insisting they buy the batteries from Poundland.

Rhapsody bristles at Apple subscription grab

Bobby Omelette

... must pay a tithe to Apple.

Or three tithes, to be precise.

Grief and disbelief greet Elop's Nokia revolution

Bobby Omelette

Or ...

... Trojan Whores.

Rare metals found in Cornish tin mine

Bobby Omelette

Yep ...

... and they're high-sixing all the way to the bank.

Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'

Bobby Omelette

Well, whad'ya expect ...

... if you buy the Tourette's special edition. COCKS!

Microsoft Bing man puts self up for auction at eBay

Bobby Omelette

I'd suggest ...

... http://www.doogle.org/

A Google for Craggy Island.

No adverts, but don't expect any particularly useful results either. ;-)

Pint? ... Oh, go-on, go-on, go-on.

World of diamonds bigger than the Ritz discovered

Bobby Omelette

... but not as unparalleled as this ...

10 billion trillion trillion carats, 4000km across ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3492919.stm

'Superb' Apple 1 on the block for £100k-£150K

Bobby Omelette

Erm ...

A stunning idea ... At least until the vicar next pops round and puts his cuppa down on your favourite tug-tv bookmark.

Naturist club objects to erection of five storey tower block

Bobby Omelette

I'm just grateful ...

... that there was no reference to 'stiff opposition'.

Hot babes discriminated against by some employers

Bobby Omelette

Yeah, but ...

... maybe their statistics were significant enough to take notice of.

Observer columnist in online porn mixup

Bobby Omelette

For fxxxs sake!

What is the plural of Doofus ... Doofi? Doofusses?

I'm so glad I'm not an interectual.

Canadians form adulterers' privacy campaign

Bobby Omelette

Not totally her fault .... part from being a strumpet.

Nah - She and her husband had separate bills in their own names (and charged separately), but registered at the same address. The husband then asked Rogers to consolidate his bills (land-line & mobile). But Rogers consolidated all phones registered to that address (including hers), irrespective of the fact that her phone was a discrete contract (i.e. in her name, not his).


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