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Microsoft knew of nasty IE bug a year before attacks

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not really 3 million

the count of 3 million is a bit high. To see the number of sites infected with this current strain, not the number of sites that talk about the b3b redirector site or just happen to use that phrase, try this search:


I get about 350,000

One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles

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fourty feet long and ten feet diameter? This lard ball only crushed its prey by rolling over them. it couldn't bend itself with dimensions like that. Like folding a phone book in half.

Firefox developers tinker with new security protections (finally)

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The web site operators are in on it

Things like wildcard "*" cross domain trust are allowed by the ecommerce site operators, and are not a hacker artifact. Phishing works well because the ecommerce sites are making money on advertising which requires the wildcard cross domain trust. Doubleclick (via ru4.com) embeds a "*" trust value in their client's web sites. The more interesting topic is "how does an ecommerce site go about vetting their advertisers and biz partners to ensure the main site does not become vulnerable?"

Asus releases application kit for Eee PC coders

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here she is w/o the airbrush

woman-beach.jpg at


Stock photo from somewhere ...

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Now I expect it

From now on there better be an article on the EEPC every day. Surely there is *some* angle that involves EEPC. And the picture of a girl in the sun where she obviously cannot make out the display, because she's straining to see it.

Vote now for your top Bond movie title

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quantum of solace sucked

The story invoved 007 sitting in the governers office ruminating about a bad girl who cleaned up her act. No espionage at all. I always wondered, "what was IF's point in that story".

Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis

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and this is why I love thai food

load me up! WooHoo!

A US CERT reminder: The net is an insecure place

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100% SSL

I am a sysadmin for an online retail catalog co. we tried running one of our catalogs on 100% SSL and we just couldn't sustain it.

customers reported poor performance, we had to stop using akamai (we have > 100,000 images), performance was visibly worse from every measurement.

We tried for about a month to get it worked out, but in the end we gave up. customers with old hardware could hardly use the site at all and got frustrated.

forget about flash downloads and background music and sound samples, it was just too slow.

maybe someday we will do another test, but for now we just accept it and try to do the right things on other fronts.


Girls prefer pink: official

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who paid for such a silly study?

Oh, that's right, you and me. Pure crap produced on the government dime.

Palm reveals 'secret' smartphone buddy

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the return of the dumb terminal

in what way is this not a serial terminal for a (usually headless) machine?