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I've got a super free multi-petabyte storage box for you: /dev/null

Stephen Rodda

Re: Help!

I'm so sorry to hear you're missing the picture.

My advice to you is to locate the drive /dev/null, remove it from the computer and send it off to a professional data recovery company. I'm sure they will be most helpful.

Do remember to replace the drive once removed, (you will need to format it:

sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/null

-- this may take some time) as otherwise you will not have any backup space to use.

Good luck!

Stephen Rodda


Most backups are WOM, anyway. People don't check 'em until it's too late.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK

Stephen Rodda

Re: Also, does it matter ...

... "A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter."

Stephen Rodda

Dutch treats

I lived in the Netherlands for ten years until quite recently. The Dutch have been metric nearly forever. There, apart from the standard metric measurements, there are duimen (thumbs or inches) and voeten (feet). You can buy cheese and so forth by the ons (ounce) and the pond (I don't have to translate that one, do I?), and beer by the pint. Yup, the pint (pronounced with a short i as in pin). I won't even mention the dozijn.

France also has la livre (pound--feminine, as opposed to the masculine, which means book).

Measurements? Schmeasurements.

NHS fined £375k after stolen patient data flogged on eBay

Stephen Rodda

Left Hand, pay Right Hand

This is a pointless exercise.

Painters wrap Forth Bridge job after 121 years

Stephen Rodda

Like X-ing the Y

Like updating Flash?

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

Stephen Rodda


This might be the case in the US. However, breach of copyright in the EU is a criminal offence. Just tip off plod and they do the rest.

Isn't that nice?

Stephen Rodda
Paris Hilton

The look of the logo for starters ;)

Paris, because she'd agree...

Computer glitch prompts 50 raids on elderly couple's home

Stephen Rodda

Use false addresses?

Presumably there's a sort of sanity check to ensure that the address entered is correct.

Stephen Rodda

Modest House?

IANAL, but they should be living somewhere immodest by now :)

PC repair shop caught trying bank fraud

Stephen Rodda


So which was the good company?

Although I can understand this thing occurs, I should take a very dim view if any of my engineers attempted that sort of thing.

Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane

Stephen Rodda
Thumb Down

Threadneedle Street to be renamed?

... and they DID do away with Gropecunte Lane.

Coming soon: The Church of Googlology?

Stephen Rodda
Black Helicopters

Google the Lord!

Well, other religions have propounded "do nothing evil" in their time, too.

Tesco's old timers get yoof slang pamphlet

Stephen Rodda


I note that Tesco’s aren’t using perfect grammar themselves.

Note the "will" instead of "shall".



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