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E-voting and the UK election: Pick a lizard, any lizard

Dharmesh Mistry

Yup, not a technology issue, multi-channel voting was shown in 1999.


Has big advantages for elderly and disabled....as well as the lethargic ;o)

PEAK APP: After 2013, you'll NEVER again install as many – Gartner

Dharmesh Mistry

Totally off beat, we are no where near saturation of apps...


BlackBerry CEO: Tablets will be dead in 5 years

Dharmesh Mistry

Just when things were going well, silly predictions...

The answer to his problem with tablets is STOP MAKING TABLETS that are undifferentiated, proprietary and expensive. Tablets won't die in 5years just because BB has been bad at making them, they just been making the wrong ones.

The advantages are they are mobile with larger screen estate. So most likely the hybrid market (Laplet or TabTop ) which provides both Tablet and Laptop capability will be the norm....

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination

Dharmesh Mistry
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Well written piece of jounalism

Very nice article ...........good read thank you !

Aunty squirts serendipity into TV apps

Dharmesh Mistry

Thye end of Flash Player ?

Did I read this right? Is the significance of building this in HTML (presumably HTML5) that it is not using Flash player and therefore more cross platform and without having to pay Adobe fee's?

W3C tackles HTML5 confusion with, um, more confusion

Dharmesh Mistry
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I like Gartner's defintion

Personally I believe in the "it's exactly what it says on the tin" approach so HTML5 is just that.....everything that has been enhanced in HTML since the last version. This includes the main 900 page spec and any sub specs, BUT NOT RELATED TECHNOLOGIES.

Gartner talk about the family of related technologies as the "Modern Web Technologies", I personally think this is a better defintion and approach.

BBC kills off WML site

Dharmesh Mistry

Hooray.....but how many really care?

My forecast is that in 20years time BBC will ditch flash based iPlayer for something based on open standards.

Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion

Dharmesh Mistry

Humble Pie?

Well, this actually puts MS in a new light for me. Their ability to say they were wrong and join the "standards" way forward shows them in a new humble light for me. I say well done !

Excel revolutionary needed to crush web-forms anarchy

Dharmesh Mistry
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These tools exist

Such tools already exist, the challenge is they are from smaller software companies that have to compete with the huge marketing spend of Oracle, Adobe etc...

They also face the challenge of developers wanting to hold onto programming skills rather thna use a framework.

I believe the shift is occuring through tools like www.edgeipk.com but as you say standards are necessary too.