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That's not the web you're browsing, Microsoft. That's our data


Is it something more benign like behaviour within Chrome/Chromium itself? From what I remember latest Edge is based on Chromium.

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81



Had a ZX81 then was given a QL for my 10th birthday. Got into SuperBASIC and then assembly. Remember using the various issues of QL World to work out how to compile stuff from the assembly programs that included the hex on the side. Definitely kept me entertained. Been in IT ever since. Not doing so much in assembly these days.

4E75 RTS

1Password unsheathes Rusty key, hopes to unlock Linux Desktop world


My problem with the 1Password app on Windows

Is that once you unlock it, a memory dump of the process shows all of the passwords. The KeePass 2 app does not and has some sort of obfuscation.

Judge denies Parler an injunction to force AWS to host the antisocial network for internet outcasts


Re: Another snowflake

Don't forget the "fake news"!

Oculus owners told not only to get Facebook accounts, purchases will be wiped if they ever leave social network



Registered last week as I bought an Oculus Quest 2. Don't know what the Facebook account is used for apart from beefing subscriber numbers. Still keeps showing ads asking me to buy an Oculus Quest 2. Muppets.

Halloween approaches and the veil between worlds wears thin – the Windows 10 October 2020 Release walks among us


Noone spotted the obvious link re MS & Bethesda?

One has Windows 10, the other has Fallout 76.

Email seems lost in the post? You might be a Tsohost customer


Managed Firewalls?

They asked us to make a change on the managed firewalls. That are managed by them. And they've lost the passwords.

Let's Encrypt? Let's revoke 3 million HTTPS certificates on Wednesday, more like: Check code loop blunder strikes


Akamai CDN certificates not renewed yet

One of our domains appeared in the list. It's for a certificate issued for an Akamai CDN endpoint. Still not renewed as yet.

Y2K, Windows NT4 Server and Notes. It's a 1990s Who, Me? special


init 0

I remember a friend coming over to our team and asking "if I do an init 0, is there anyway to get control back?". Unfortunately he had no console access and the Sun server was in another country ...

Florida man pretending to be police pulls over real police, ends badly, claim cops


Chris Evans

Reminds me of the time Chris Evans pulled over a police car. The officer forgot he had left his blue lights on.

DXC: We've told UK government that up to 2,150 heads could roll in latest job cuts


Redundancy: it's not just for data anymore

This story comes out a week after the poll? Excellent timing.

This is grim, Vim and Neovim: Opening this crafty file in your editor may pwn your box. Patch now if not already


gVim broke too

This vulnerability exists in gVim on Windows too. Great.

It's official: TLS 1.3 approved as standard while spies weep

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Re: no-brainer for sysadmins

Or offload the encryption to something like stunnel.

Legal tech startup tries to haul 123-Reg to court over 24-hour backup claims


VPS vs website

I was under the impression that VPS was a virtual server instance and different from their Web hosting offerings.

TeamViewer denies hack after PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained


Teamviewer does tend to stop your screen locking after X minutes of activity. We've found this at work when enforcing screen locking via group policy.

Also, peeps haven't noted that some instances of Teamviewer Quick Support have a default insecure password. This is when the user just sees 4 stars/dots instead of a random password.

Bacs corporate website still runs obsolete crypto



Unfortunately the website that users log in to for downloading reports also gets an F:


Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond

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Re: I kinda like W8 Pro

I'm the same. I have Win 8 Pro on my laptop at home and desktop at work. Being not much of a mouse user I'm finding that hitting Start and typing the first one or two characters of the program I need works really well. Search results remember your more popular choices. Get the same on Server 2012 as well.

Weary quid-a-day nosh hack fears colonal mass ejection


I should avoid speed-reading

I read "livened up with the results of some light foraging" as "livened up with the results of some light farting".

Beer, because you'll be drinking it on Saturday.

O2 refuses to deny plans to offload home broadband product


Left them last month

Moved to Andrews & Arnold. Not unlimited bandwidth anymore, but at least I have at last got IPv6.

Interestingly, after the switch, my Lovefilm streaming performance issues disappeared.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012: Why Bother?


As a Linux fan ...

... I have been using Linux virtualisation for years. Had to migrate from Xen to KVM last year when Ubuntu 8.04 LTS had issues with its implementation of Xen.

However I am now planning a migration to Hyper-V on Server 2012 next year. I have been very impressed with 2012, apart from the loss of the Start button. Was actually surprised to find I am having to do things in Powershell rather than use a GUI.

I also like the way i was able to use Server Manager to deploy a Remote Desktop Services environment across multiple servers.

IBM insider: How I caught my wife while bug-hunting on OS/2

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Great read

Looking forward to part 2.

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript


Redirect is from http://www.apple.co.uk to http://www.apple.com/uk/?cid=oas-emeia-domains-apple.co.uk.

Sugar content now to be measured in Cadbury Creme Eggs


Creme egg cheesecake anyone?

I came across this last week :


Intel and Nokia's MeeGo Linux gets car boost


Oops ...

Meego was released for Netbooks in May. Handset preview was released end of June.