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The New C++: Lay down your guns, knives, and clubs

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El Reg seems to have been running lots of stries about Go recently. D goes largely unmentioned, which is a shame (mind you, understandable, the team behind Go have been much more savvy about getting the word out about what is a slightly more targeted and thus easier to explain language).

True. D invites ridicule with it's name, but version 2 does start to deliver: much like C++0X it's an attempt to adress the short comings of C++ (the difficulty of programming well) and, of course, concurrence, while retaining the performance and ultimate flexibility of a 'big' language as opposed to a Ruby etc.

Andrei Alexandrescu's book on D is worth a read - if only for its propensity to discuss the motivation behind the design of a language (he's been a driving force behind the version 2 revision of the language).

Cheeky Chinese punt mini Android-based iPad

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I was hoping for more from El Reg.

Those have been on eBay for ages; it's not news.

I was hoping for more from El Reg.

Like a review: is this a viable use of £100?

'Cus I've been looking at them on eBay for ages and wondering that.