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Oracle pays $23 million to SEC to settle bribery charges


Re: Small fines = getting away with corruption

Yeah seema they avoided SEC coming out with the names of people/government bodies/companies receiving the bribes.

Also link has changed https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2022-173

That time a techie accidentally improved an airline's productivity


Re: Everybody knows...

7 years and I can just manage to read yes and no only


Re: Everybody knows...

FYI code *06# resets phone to SIM Default Language

Did you know Twitter has an open-source arm? This is what it's been up to


Re: email address as ID

We have a catch-all it@org.com everyone uses it when they register somewhere, probably tied to multiple handles by now

Akamai buys Linode for $900m


Re: Oh Dear!

I've been very happy so ling I don't want to move...

Sigh, off to searching aternaties (as per the coat suggests)

Wi-Fi not working? It's time to consult the lovely people on those fine Linux forums


Re: And the silly thing is...

FYI linux repirts it as wifi killswitch in dmesg

Swooping in to claim the glory while the On Call engineer stands baffled


he is imaginary you know

Amazon aims to launch prototype broadband internet satellites by Q4 2022 – without Bezos' Blue Origin


Re: Is it actually worth it?

Sorry after a stern refusal by a local sheriff in some hilltop, earth is no longer part of Hyperspace Council

EasyJet flight loadsheet snafu caused by software 'code errors' says UK safety agency


Re: Not a trolling comment

Once debugged a problem like that, ayatems concerned were taking 15 minutes however truck did it in 13-14 and had to wait for data at the door.

Solution all syatems start triggering every 3 seconds :))


Batch Interaction Layer

So cron jobs and fetch scripts as usual, a BOFH was there handling the auditor it seems

'Quantum computer algorithms are linear algebra, probabilities. This is not something that we do a good job of teaching our kids'


Re: How fast does a force propagate?

Also photon pairs or electron/positron pairs communicate faster then light

As Google sets burial date for legacy Chrome Extensions, fears for ad-blockers grow


I wear tin-foil underwear

when browsing...

Parking is expensive. It can cost an arm, a leg, and a Windows licence


Re: Buy petrol as normal, says government minister

Penis bonus pax in domus

Electron-to-joule conversion formulae? Cute. Welcome to the school of hard knocks


Re: Passing the buck?

Let's negotiate on the terrace with a nice view of your car, if you could just lean on the railing where we cut it all will be resolved.

Not too bright, are you? Your laptop, I mean... Not you


Re: Floppy solution

But you could always Ctrl-Break the autoexec.bat

Semiconductor veterans gather to design customizable, chiplet-based RISC-V server processors


My 386DX had a math co-processor on the motherboard (guess it wasn't very good at math :)

So we are back to that essentially, just mobos are a bit smaller

See that last line in the access list? Yeah, that means you don't have an access list


No issues with mine, without firewall and properly configured debian, 15 years and counting

Rocky Linux release attracts 80,000 downloads as ex-CentOS users mull choices


Ubuntu also sits on Debian Core ;)

Russia spoofed AIS data to fake British warship's course days before Crimea guns showdown


Re: Shipping channel

I don't think US was ever able to take out the Russian submarine base of Black Sea, (which is under where?) :)

Open standard but not open access: Schematron author complains about ISO paywall


Re: Put it this way

I had to read through 27k and prepare a plan for certification, the amount of reference loops and gobbydygook was impressive.

A hotline to His Billness? Or a guard having a bit of a giggle?


Re: Right across the Pond

We used to do that in tech services department when we didn't want to work and prefered to go off for a pint

We don't know why it's there, we don't know what it does – all we know is that the button makes everything OK again


We once sold a fully loaded Pentium II (weird slot thing) with all 4 ram slots full, it never booted up the first time, after few reboots it was managing.

So I showed the customer how to reset 3 times after ram was initialised (or counted for no apparent reason) and voila!

With 3 rams it worked fine but the insisted.

ALPACA gnaws through TLS protection to snarf cookies and steal data


Looks like general solution is don't use iexplore.exe

Huawei names first tablets, phones to run its Android-in-disguise HarmonyOS 2


I have the AppGallery as well as PlayStore on mine (as it was a before sanctions model) , before used F-Droid and Uptodown on special firmware to mange apps on other phones, now checking AppGallery but foe me it comes down to Google Maps.

Unfortunately where I am no other map software is accurate enough, and locals have a way of not being able to explain addresses even in their own language.

Stack Overflow acquired for $1.8bn by Prosus (no, me neither)


there is an upside

Without SO developer numbers will dwindle while quality of code may go very high

Firefox 89: Can this redesign stem browser's decline?


Re: Privacy is an acquired taste it would seem

"People misunderstand at a fundamental level."



Re: New tab design

You mean Shift -Tab?

AMD teases '3D V-Cache' tech that stacks cores and SRAM, delivers 15% boost to today's Ryzen CPUs


Re: rDNA in yer arm

"The righteous armor of Nvidia graphics cards is traditionally worn by paladins to deflect girlfriends"

that drew a laughter and puzzled looks from bystanders

British bank TSB says it will fix days-long transaction troubles tonight


is it short for?

the $hite bank

Signal app's Moxie says it's possible to sabotage Cellebrite's phone-probing tools with booby-trapped file


That's an old mailbomb technique by the way. So funny they fell for it.

Best security practice seems to be favorite old: security by obscurity

Update on PHP source code compromise: User database leak suspected


Re: Legacy is always a problem

don't bother and switch to Wife 1.0

Yep, the 'Who owns Linux?' case is back from the dead


Re: Follow the money

trilateral commission?

Tin Foil Hat Anyone?

Micron chief warns 'severe shortage' of DRAM expected to continue this year


Last time it was a flood and I made $$$ as had a flight attendant friend flying back and forth.

32 MB EDO Rams for time stamp

Turns out humans are leading AI systems astray because we can't agree on labeling


I try to sneak in two wrong amswers to every challenge

Yep, you're totally unique: That one very special user and their very special problem


Re: easily done

Also now they deliver your keystrokes to Micro$

BOFH: Bullying? Not on my watch! (It's a Rolex)


Re: Contracts? Must be nice.

I love tje roller door of fired BOFH to hired consultant

Swiss security provocateur who leaked Intel secrets indicted by US authorities


Re: Extradition treaty?

However the banks will extradite the money as soon as they are notified of death of a numbered account owner.

ZIPX files that aren't: Keep a weather eye out for disguised malware in email attachments

Paris Hilton

Re: Solution?

Get a tinfoil hat and live underground where 5G cannot reach you

Sign of the primes: Linux Foundation serves up free code-signing service


Re: This will work great!

So you type npm install <packagename> and then read through the plethora of files downloaded by it.

First Verizon, now T-Mobile: US carrier suggests folks use 2G to save battery


Re: 200k boored

Ah what a whopping 4x increase that was.

in the 14.4bps to 33.6kbps era I was pretty able to guess connection speed from handshake sounds

Splunk junks 'hanging' processes, suggests you don't 'hit' a key: More peaceful words now preferred in docs


Top level entity stops responding the peer


Primaries decide while peers are exempted as always

Half a million stolen French medical records, drowned in feeble excuses


Re: But they still don't know

Yeah know him as well

quiet and unassuming lad, but very precise with a rifle

Valheim: How the heck has more 'indie shovelware with PS2 graphics' sold 4 million copies in a matter of weeks?


Re: I fired up GTA5 for the first time yesterday...

Bought the game gave to two nine year olds, few hours later all city unlocked and missiona done so I can loiter and ride motorbikes all day

Stack Overflow 2019 hack was guided by advice from none other than... Stack Overflow


Re: Second time TeamCity is mentioned in a major breach

Many idiots running systems using stacko... and linux for dummies these days.

that is the real problem.

Sun, sea and sad signage: And lo, they saw a shining light in the sky... oh, it's a BIOS error


I remember at least one BIOS switching to Peess F1... due to number of support calls

Pure frustration: What happens when someone uses your email address to sign up for PayPal, car hire, doctors, security systems and more


I create special adresses then + envelope them to my main adress on the server side.

FBI confirms Zodiac Killer's 340 cipher solved by trio of amateur math and software codebreakers


Re: Their next project...

We have an HPC cluster on.it since forever, no coherence as of yet

Oracle upgrades MySQL with an analytics speed boost albeit only in the Big Red cloud


Re: Question

It was robust and performing well before just not as script kiddy friendly as mysql.

Comcast to impose 1.2TB-a-month broadband download limits across more of America from next year


universal basic broadband

7G suppository chips will deliver it right up your...