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Canon EOS 600D 18Mp DSLR


EF-S is for consumer-only... - nope that's not right

Not true! -' No professional worth his salt .... yada yada' There are excellent EF-S lens, 15-28 and 18-135 which are more than capable especially on the 7D. Yes professionals use EF-S too. EF-S are not consumer based.


If you want excellent lens for canon and don't want to spend a fortune on 'L's buy the EF primes 50 f1/4 and 85 f1/8.

Also most if not all, the f/4 L lens are sharper than the f/2.8 lens equivalent. While we are that it, I feel like a rant, people who are not Event/Wedding/Sport photographers who buy the f/2.8 lens are simply wasting there money and don't understand what they are doing. If you need to shoot in low light buy an EF prime for a quarter of the price. Yes I know some of the L prime are beautiful too but get real unless you know how to take picture. </rant>


more FUD

EF-S work perfectly fine on a 7D. RTFM

Google Apps v Microsoft Office 365: Rumble in the enterprise


Pricing model

The pricing model is complicated as usual. A simple one point pricing approach would encourage more people to switch over. But Microsoft can help themselves to cock up every opportunity with corporate bullsh*t. A great idea unfortunately executed by a dinosaur of a company.

Arcam Solo rDac wireless digital-to-analogue converter


The Airport Express is better and more flexible.

Nice idea, but the wireless part should be standard not an extra.

A better solution is a Airport Express using a optical cable into your own DAC like the Beresford Caiman. This combo is cheaper and more flexible. You can even stream directly your music from your iPad, iPhone or iPad with iOS 4.2 without the need of a computer, which is pretty sweet.

Now with the release of Airplay from Apple, no doubt in 2011 we'll see a flurry of these devices and remote speakers. The Airport Express 802.11N version has excellent components for high end audio if you build your own linear power supply this improves the performance even better over the switch mode power supply in the AE.

If you want perfect digital, rip your music in iTunes using Apple Loseless format (It's the same as AIFF but uses less space and it's still Loseless) with the Error Correction switched off.

This year's classy compact cameras


dude there is no std. 12mm prime of µ4/3

Sorry Viet 1, there is Lumix 12mm 3D which is a novelty lens really. Then there is 14mm (28 eqv) prime which is to be bundled with the GF2. But that's it, there is no mention of a 12mm standard prime for m4/3 in the near future.


It's a shame that Sony's glass is crap

Unfortunately Sony's glass is not up to par with Panasonic, or Samsung for that matter. However Sony's pancake lens 16mm eqv. to 24mm (on 35mm format) is a desired focal length which is seriously missing from Lumix's or Samsung's line up of prime lens. Concerning Sony's pancake lens which is of poor optical quality in terms of corner sharpness and there isn't much of a sweet spot on the lens either. In general it sucks.

Once we see more wide angle pancake primes on these type of camera like 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 35mm (or at least a price drop on the wonderful 7-14mm Lumix Zoom) then I'll get excited.

The reviews on Samsung cameras and optics seems to be very good, but Panasonic and Olympus are certainly ruling the roost in this area of the market with better choice of lens on offer.

Microsoft's IE9 'nearly finished'

Gates Horns


I wish they'd stop making this crap, and just let webkit take over. Life for us web developers would be much easier.

Adobe Reader browse-and-get-pwned 0day under attack

Thumb Up

more bloat, more bugs..

These guys issue more updates than Microsoft these days, I can't keep up with them. No wonder Apple wishes Flash banished. No doubt when the sandbox technology makes it's appearance the download will probably double in size.

Ireland gives Google traditional pogue mahone greeting



Streetview me ar**

Dell outsourcer lifts US woman's saucy pix from PC

Paris Hilton

Send him another laptop and dance too...

I mean how dumb is she, is this for real! ?

Paris for, well that's obvious

Far East fanboi dresses iPad as Mac (Classic)


what no floppy!

If he manage to get the floppy working that would be cool, ;-)