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Ethernet patent inventor given permission to question validity of his own patent


This is a good example of a broken system. Not the patent system, though, the monetary system itself. The notion that an idea is the lone invention of a single mind is absurd on its face. The patent system is simply a race to establish proprietary ownership over an idea that is emergent from technological progress in a given field, or the realization of efficiencies from associated fields of endeavor. The technologically stifling patent system is mainly there to protect the interests of the wealthy, who can buy control over the rights to profitable technological advances, (the rich ensuring their control markets) and the researchers who infer the patentable technology are usually rewarded with little, if any compensation. Either they have already signed away their rights by working for a corporation, or they lack the ability to invest the captal needed to produce the technology or to protect it from attack by funded interests. The idea of the lone inventor patenting his crazy idea and becoming wealthy is another American pipe-dream used to decieve the public into supporting a system that benefits those with vested interest in controlling technology and limiting competition. As with most systems in a monetary economy, the systems that serve to best affirm established interests, are the systems that are most highly reinforced and protected by moneyed interests. The prison we find ourselves building is not laid to any Master Plan from the occult elite, but emergent from the self-reinforcing nature of monetary economics.

Anonymous unsheathes new, potent attack weapon



So, SQL injection and java vulnerabilities are now the same thing as DDoS?


Re: And so the death of internet freedom

The scarcer freedom becomes, the more it is sought.

There is no scarcity in the want for freedom, I assure you.



If the government is already locking down your internet, like "normal", aren't you the one already in a prison?

LOHAN team buried under ballockets


Please remove the mandatory title field

Different parts of the balloon have different drag coefficients. -google

Google promises fix for jittery Usenet addicts


Usenet will never die...

Does anyone still have a landline? When landlines die, so will Usenet.

As to why google, might as well ask why Apple? Sheeple eat what they are given, "Coke or Pepsi".

Is Anon ready for the social network?


Must I title this?

Even Facebook wasn't built in a day. :P

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away!


might severely dent people's general confidence in...

Um..., who the hell are you talking about, everyone I've talked to has lost all confidence in Government a long time ago. Maybe your talking about the Banksters, I believe they may still have confidence that things are running properly.

Let's see, 20 Light years, that means they should just about be recieving America's Funniest Home Videos and Doogie Howser M.D. about now.

That'll send the right impression about us.

Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys


I've already had enough of Microsoft

I had enough of Microsoft's bs a long time ago. As I am a consumer, not a business, I feel no remorse in using thier software free of charge. I paid for initial versions, and feel that repeatedly paying for ideas they've stolen from other operating systems is somehow disingenuous. As a result, I've decided it's best to keep thier software in trial mode, and continually rearm it. 'My digital life' forum has a great guide to this. If Microsoft knew how many people I've kept from switching to Apple's and if they were a company with any morals, they would have supported me with free copies anyway. As they are a cadre of thieving b*stards, sic semper tyrannis, I say.

Wikileaks' US army 'leaker' arrested

IT Angle

This leak would endanger your imaginary friend how?

I mean, beyond being in 2 wars in countries we're not wanted in, shooting and bombing innocent civilians based on lies,... but, the exposure of those types of lies would be more of a danger to this imaginary soldier, on his 6th tour of duty in the desert, with his DU ammo and IED's unsecured all over the country, how?

I have yet to see any info on Wikileaks that has done any harm to our troops. If the information released by Wikileaks results in us bringing them home sooner because of growing disaproval of the war, then lives would actually be saved. Ours and thiers.


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