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El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps

Patch Tuesday

No Pic

saw it on King Edward Street, Liverpool earlier today.

heading north, so towards Sefton, where Duncan Reid snapped it.

OOXML approved as international standard?

Patch Tuesday


shame, I don't have any knowledge of exploiting vulnerabilities.

I'm sure OOXML would provide a hobby for life...........

Gilded Perkins puts ego yacht up for sale

Patch Tuesday

@Solomon Grundy

surely the coolest thing would be to beach it..........

nice trip to Alang?

Asus to offer Eee PCs pre-loaded with Windows

Patch Tuesday

any excuse......

to use that picture.

well done.

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Patch Tuesday

nice emotitags....

there short term for a laugh, huh?

....I hope so.

Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'

Patch Tuesday

What the chuff.....

is a 'slope of innovation' ???

Old timers boozing themslves into oblivion

Patch Tuesday

smacks of.......

a story made up to fit a phrase.

The population are getting older so more pensioners will be drinking.

The streets are hardly appealing for old timers to take a stroll on are they?

Amazing that someone comes up with a phrase like that, only to say that the subjects aren't behaving in the way the label suggests. Genius!

Probably came up with 'Saga Lout' on a drinking binge, pondering their own old age......

Revo Pico+ DAB radio

Patch Tuesday

not a proper comment

interesting read, but a couple of typos:

looses - will sureley boil the blood of many (me included usually, but Ican't be arsed todat).

and I think it's Lamacq.....?

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

Patch Tuesday

bit late....

there must be hundreds out there already for other combinations.

only this morning I saw S Foster on the way to work (SF 05 TER?).

Patch Tuesday


actually that's not a very good example. there's no obsenity.


Google in cookie concession to dead people

Patch Tuesday

does it matter......?

will anyone really be using the same hardware in 2038?

will cookies be in the same format?

will google still exist?

El Reg to bite hand that feeds ICT?

Patch Tuesday


I don't like ICT as it's a pointless new name for IT, and there's really no need to change.

On the other hand, I often find that an IT related article can be tiresome if IT is mentioned too often, as it's similar to using caps to emphasise the word it. It can really break up the flow when reading. Like having internal Tourette Syndrome, I suppose.

When speaking though, IT has done the job for years, and I don't see any need to change that.

So my minority vote of no wasn't due to liking the term, but I wouldn't be offended by seeing ICT as the written form of IT.

Sucky software? So add a virgin

Patch Tuesday

Re: Glass Houses

Sorry about my previous comment.

You should definitely read the whole of any article, and the linked items before commenting.

the 'idoit' spelling is intentional.

(I'm glad I said I hadn't read it all though. Almost like I knew I'd need a disclaimer.)

Patch Tuesday

Glass Houses

Having followed the link to the sample chapter, I realised it was a bit long to read at work, and picked a heading I liked the look of as a sample of the sample.

I chose this section: 'Stopping The Proceedings With Idiocy', which begins: 'This box is the creation of a true idoit.'

Oh dear.

I don't think this quite ranks as "the greatest accomplishment of idoicy I’ve ever seen.", but I do think that you should make sure you don't make mistakes when you set out to expose those of others.

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong

Patch Tuesday

it's one of them graffiti tags isn't it?

by ZOR.

MIT eggheads build 'human-robot relationships'

Patch Tuesday

money well spent.....

....or he could have just turned on the main room light?


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