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Japan Airlines to serve KFC on Christmas flights


Re: Because nothing says Christmas like a KFC "meal"?

Actually, in Japan, nothing does say Christmas like KFC.

I lived there for years and couldn't believe my first Christmas eve when the nearest KFC had a queue round the block for people who had pre-ordered a pile of lard for their family. Has been that way since the early 80s was the answer I got to incredulously asking what the ducking ruck they were all doing in line.

KFC have managed to take over the family Christmas dinner in Japan with brilliant marketing. It is either that or an incredibly expensive date-night where you are obliged to take your squeeze to some restaurant that has octupled their prices for the Christmas menu.

Ten Essential World Cup Apps



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WorldCup Predictor

This is a Predict The Scores game that is free to play and has round by round and overall cash (well, voucher) prizes!

Only available for Jailbroken iDevices unfortunatly, but it allows you to have mini-head to head challenges with your friends and climb up the leaderboard.

Part of a university research project it seems, support UK research and get this on the toplist.