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NetSecure SmartSwipe credit card reader


for what its worth

i am from the company so take what i say with a grain of salt, but i was hoping i could clear a couple of things up.

first off thank you for posting these comments, it has shown me we have done a bad job of making important information available to the public. because of this thread we are going to put up a section of our website dedicated to showing how SmartSwipe works in a more technical way.

i am not going to ramble (too much) about how great i think SmartSwipe is, but one common misconception is that we only protect from keyloggers, but we also protect from different kinds of malware, spyware, man-in-the-middle attacks, man-in-the-browser attacks and it even has some phishing protection. we do this by encrypting the information in the device before it reaches the users computer and it is not unencrypted until it reaches the merchant. the merchant receives the information in the same way they always have because SmartSwipe uses regular ssl encryption. SmartSwipe simply extends that encryption beyond the users computer. endpoint to endpoint encryption.

the reason we started with internet explorer (with Firefox coming very soon) is because it was the browser most in need of a security solution and it was the most used browser by far when we started development.

anyway, thanks for letting me post here. if you would be interested in reading about SmartSwipe security in detail visit dynamic-ssl.com (dynamic ssl is what SmartSwipe uses for security)