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Tim Cook rejects Apple's old business model of suing everyone


Re: rebranding!

It's a baiting joke you commentard.

Proview's Apple iPad rights war goes global, reaches ESSEX


Except for the fact that Proview discontinued their iPAD in 2009, a year before the iPad launch.

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android


Not to mention their ultrabooks.

Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations



Apple worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined


Forward P/E

Besides P/E ratio, a more accurate assessment of current stock price is forward-P/E which, as implied, measures price vs estimated future earnings (usually 1-year down the road). Using this, AAPL has a FP/E of 12 versus just under and just over 9 for MSFT and INTC respectively. By comparison, GOOG's is 13 and BIDU's is almost 34. Of course, this is only one of numerous metrics but you can safely say no one formula can fairly value a stock's price. If there was, it would be quite a predicable and monotonous stock market.

Samsung must cough up Android prototypes to Apple



We're not comparing features but the general look of the device, especially when advertised displaying the screen layout. You can't seriously think there are no clearcut similarities between the two. You can't make the same claim for other Android phones/slates but in this case I can see Apple's point.

Smartphones 'out sell' PCs for first time



You must have a truly slick rig to register such a pathetic cpu load. For a machine approaching its 6th year, I look forward to hearing about your 2% load in 2017.

LimeWire (finally) dies under judge's gavel


@The standard comment...

you don't listen to music? that's possibly the most profound statement I've ever heard.

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?


smaller package

Agreed, even if it had the 3GS's internals wrapped around a smaller package.