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Red Dwarf to blast off on new adventure


This will just be odd

Well it’s a slow day so…

I liked the original series up to 6, I even grew to like 7 and even 8, with its silly use of CGI and the whole nanobot recreating the ship and the crew storyline, which was beyond stupid. I was given the behind the scenes book for season 8 for chrimbo and its a good read which made me appreciate that series even more. (Asking the BBC tech team how much to create an animatronic skutter - a few quid in the 80's since some bloke just did it because he wanted too, to be told anywhere between 5-10K each, it’s no wonder they went with CGI, not to mention the whole dancing Cat and Blue Midget scene).

However, the Dave specials were a shocking mishmash of poor scripting, bad jokes delivered badly and out of place tie-ins (Corry). I think I smiled once, and that may have been just at the opening credits.

The success of this is going to depend on what the story will be (personally I hope they make a completely new 6 part show based on the books; Last Human, which is the way the series should have gone and not most of series 7 to 8.

Will await with hope.

English Defence League membership list stolen


hang on 2

As their clothing site got hacked I just had a thought for a new Gok Wan show:

How to Look Good Racist.


(I just can't see beyond the absurd world we live in that the EDL have a clothing site. Clothes about/from the EDL. Who buy's that stuff? Who is stupid enough to buy that stuff from the EDL website?)


Hang on

Am i the only one who thinks that its a bit odd and quite funny that such an odious organisation has a clothing line? (their clothing site was hacked/whatever). What's on their rack; camo trousers, camo jacket and balaclava, one size fits all?

Top Ten Retro PC Games


Wii a progression of gaming??

Have you ever actually played on one or do you enjoy looking like a ragdoll being given an electric shock? The Wii is stuck in the 90's and not a progression in gaming, just an interesting experiment, and besides the article was about PC games.

Garmin Connect exposes cycle trip details to world


Quick Edit anyone?

Is the bloke some kind of click-tard who can't admit that he didn't read what was on screen whilst signing up and just hacked the next button until it went away?

Quite a simple fix using the Quick Edit feature to retrospectivly change privacy settings. I was a little cheesed off when I signed up to Garmin Connect that the default privacy setting was set to share everything, but it was very clearly specified dring the sign up process.