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'Limitless enterprise storage'. Really? Digging deeper into Symbolic IO


I can't believe The Register's famously cynical hacks are just reposting a bunch of marketing crap.

Why don't you tell us what it's _really_ doing? Where the cynicism? You can't just expect us to take marketing crap as news.

Storing data not-exactly-how-you-gave-it is what hard disks have been doing for years...

Icelandic Prime minister resigns over Panama Papers email leak


That's a lot of documents

2.6bn documents??

Hey - who wants 4.8 terabyte almost as fast as memory?


Nearly as fast as memory?

Someone has missed a decimal point or three...

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains


It's alright

It's look very nice - and aside from being a bit buggy is fine.

The only real comment is the lack of a 'Start' button to launch stuff is a huge pain. Switching back to the "Metro" to open a new window each time is a pain. Probably too much of a pain for me to upgrade my work pc to it.

At home it's OK -- and my wife likes it.

Good for tablet type usage - the lack of a start button pretty well rules out business usage.

Apple breaks location-storing silence


They DO track you

I agree. I've extracted this info from my iPhone, made a kmz file loaded it into Google Earth and it clearly shows where I live and where I've visited by clusters of points at these locations.

There are individual points miles from where I know I went - but the clusters show where I've been. Also since it contains dates you could get a pretty good idea of where I've been and also patterns - such as where I work, where I am during the day vs at night.

So, basically, no matter what Apple say this is a database tracking you.

Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student



This wasn't ever a secret was it? The day you posted the original article someone picked up their copy of E&T and said it was ultrasound!

Cool stuff though....

Plucky Finn attempts to drive length of Finland in small digger

Thumb Up


Lewis - That is brilliant. One of the most hilarious things I have read in ages.


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