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HP MediaSmart Server EX490

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Data Recovery

If the whole unit fails you can pop the drives into any Windows or Linux machine and recovery all of the data which is held on a "Shares" subfolder, the only issue being that because it shares folders across all your drives, you may have a fair bit of consolidation to do. This is much simpler for the target audience than normal RAID where you tend to have to restore using the same RAID controller.

Because Windows is handling all the duplication though, it runs into occassional replication issues common to all WHS servers, so it's not perfect.

One thing I'd add is that I have to switch off the truly dreadful version of Twonky MediaServer that this ships with, as it has a known bug that means it runs at 100% CPU for days as it tries to build up a media database. I got the iPhone integration working briefly, but gave up and started using AirVideo, which allows on the fly transcoding (rather than Twonky insisting everything is re-encoded and so uses up to twice the disk) and is much better all round.

Prisoner of iTunes - the iPad file transfer horror

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Jobs Halo

Renaming files

In Pages, just go to the documents view, and tap on the name - then you can rename it. I admit it's hardly obvious, but it was bugging me too...

Also, Documents to Go premium solves some of these issues by giving Save to Dropbox/Mobile Me etc Cloud saving inside the application. Not as elegant a wordprocessing experience as pages, but it shows how it should be done on such a device.


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