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Bastard Gator child dies sudden death

Barry Carr

@Solomon Grundy

"Yeah, the "tracking" companies are shite, but lets face it; I don't think there's a person who will read this who wouldn't grab some mega-bucks if they thought they could do it..."

Speak for yourself, bonehead. There is no way I'd even consider doing this for any amount of cash. Integrity is more valuable than wealth, in my view. But at least we now know that you'd happily whore yourself for a quick buck, nice one.

Hawaiian anti-LHC lawsuit thrown out

Barry Carr
Paris Hilton

So is Wagner...

...the tosser that started all this black-hole nonsense? Its a pity there is no law against being a fuckwit - he'd be bang to rights. In the mean time could some one give him a slap if they're passing, thanks.

Paris, 'cos even shes got more sense.

Stroustrup and Sutter: C++ to run and run

Barry Carr


"Of course, the Danish computer scientist is best known as the creator and original implementer of C++."

...and a piss-poor haircut.

Coat? Mine's the one with the scissors in the pocket

Germans to blast fish into space

Barry Carr


Surely all the water will spill out of the bowl during the flight?

Mines the wet suit with the flowery flippers

NASA to beam Beatles song into deep space

Barry Carr


I hate the sodding Beatles, bland shite, IMHO. And in my view, we shouldn't annoy our new alien overlords by playing this bilge at them, it will end in tears, mark my words.

Microsoft plugs 'critical' hole in Vista

Barry Carr


...from the people that brought you edlin.

OLPC offers one-for-two to generous North Americans

Barry Carr

Why only N. America?

Does anyone know why we can't take part in this offer in the UK? What's the point of the "Special Relationship" if you can't buy interesting tech? Seriously though, its an interesting piece of kit and a good cause too. Surely I'm not alone in wanting one of these intriguing little machines.

Top US boffin plans jizz-based LEDs

Barry Carr


A fantastic new word to add to the English lexicon. Congrats to its originator

Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

Barry Carr

Is this wiki....

...sponsored by the Daily Mail, by any chance?

Brit cuffed for German towel-torching raid

Barry Carr

Trust the...

hate filled Daily Mail to report this type of xenophobic rubbish.

And those of you who applaud this man's actions should be ashamed of yourselves. Its no wonder the rest of Europe thinks were a bunch of barbarians.