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This Changes Everything? OH Naomi Klein, NO

Dan King

This Changes Nothing

Straight out, I believe it's urgent and important to save and preserve the environment. I've skimmmed thought the book. Sadly Naomi brings nothing new to the table other than an attempt to the hijack the environmental movement with her own anti-globalization agenda. Notwithstanding that elements of green politics tend to swing to the left, this book isn't about environmentalism, it's about Naomi Klein having internaliized the lessons of her own book "No Logo", branding herself as a spokesperson, co-opt and corrupt. There's no new insight that can't be gleaned from other sources, and the advice going forward is generally poor.

Israeli futurologist predicts terror horror

Dan King

Approaching the Singularity

Essentially Sharan is iterating the view of science fiction writer/Computer Scientist Vernor Vinge in his book "Marooned in Real Time" and in the following essay: http://mindstalk.net/vinge/vinge-sing.html. The argument flows from Moore's Law - the rate at which technology and miniaturization advances is accelerating and the cost is dropping so quickly that advanced weaponry once available only to governments becomes available first to well funded groups then ultimately individuals.

Israel sees this today with Hezbollah, an essentially private militia acting as a state within a state, firing high tech cluster style weapons at Israel and improvements in Qassam rockets coming from Gaza fired daily at Israel's western border. This is stuff formerly of James Bond fantasy become real.

And a comment to "Evil Tom" who's knowledge of the Middle East might be limited to what he reads in The Guardian: Israel dropped cluster munitions ONLY in the last 3 days of last summer's war and had by November handed over all the telemetry information they could to the Lebanese government to assist with the clean up. The munitions were close to expiry date (leaving a higher % of unexploded bomblets) and I believe it was a bone headed decision to use them as in "lets use these things now before we have to throw them out". They were not "dropped on gardens" but aimed at legitimate Hezbollah targets. In contrast, Hezbollah used mid range missiles containing cluster munitions (ball bearings not bomblets) designed to do maximum damage to human beings, poorly aimed (Israel knocked out Lebanese radar early on) solely at civilian targets.

Anyone who deals in security is practically by definition paranoid. High tech exploits easily get shrink wrapped to the point where script kiddies can use them without any understanding of how to build them. Intelligence gathering using digital cameras, satellite images, and command and control using cell phones and wifi are all dirt cheap. There are real threats (including the threat of too much security and surveillance) and discussing these dangers is an unfortunately one of the issues we need to deal with as a free society. Up until now the free dissemination of information has been one of the strengths of Western civilization - it might also wind up being our Achilles heel.

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So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

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Keep the .co.uk

Keep your British roots. I'm in Canada, a regular reader, and I enjoy reading some of your local articles and concerns. A British perspective on a world wide industry is more valuable than a whitewashed global approach. I like the satiric approach - keep biting the hand that feeds you and stay true to what your are.

Zune to sell one million by June

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Sales of Zune

June of what year?



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