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Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset

Mike Knowles

DNS changes not possible?

Now that I've got access to my most important domain, I've got one of my business partners to setup a new server for me at a different host. I've added a new glue record at Fasthosts to point new.xxxxxx.xxx at the new server. It should be live now, but it isn't. I guess Fasthosts aren't processing DNS host record requests at present? Anybody managed to successfully transfer anything *out* yet?

Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

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Dumbing down

Dumbing down to the lowest common denominator again I see. I despair!

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now

Mike Knowles

Emails not received?

If you have not received an email yet, you will. I have several Fasthosts accounts and am receiving emails for all accounts but they are not all coming through at once

Real bummer. I feel for any admin who has loads of passwords to change. Mine will be enough of a pain in the ass and I only have a few to deal with!

Google avoids AdWords jury trial as opponent backs down

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@Rob Mossop

Heaven forbid that they should appear on the same page of the Yellow Pages as their competitors...

EFF lawyer is smokin' on Google Street View

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So - you don't think this might create mass hysteria from Big Brother wannabees and flashers then?

VCPoker.com busts on saucy ad campaign

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Clearly, this report is useless without pictures ;-)