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US government reportedly ponders crimping China's use of RISC-V


According to Microsoft, open source is communism.


Gov could ban SiFive from doing business with China.

Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner


Further reading?

Does this story continue somewhere and where does Plan 9 come into this?

Sure looks like Beijing stole blueprints from chip fab world's ASML


Jordan Robertson!

One of the Bloomberg reporters is Jordan Robertson. He published an obviously fake news story about a china manipulated Supermicro server four years ago. The story is still up om Bloomberg without a correction.

Robertson has published 36 stories about cybersec since the fake China story.

He even has it nailed on top of his Twitter feed with no comment.


Noting particularly sus about the ASML spy story per se.

But a strange choice by Bloomberg to keep using Jordan Robertson and not in some form retracts the old story!

ARM chippies cooperate on Linux


It is not a distro

Well, it's not. Read the press release again. These guys basically will develop systems code for their ARM processors. All current ARM supporting distros will benefit.