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Let the Cloud Developer Wars begin


OpenStack anyone?

I like that Steve Ballmer loves Azure, he should, that's obvious. I love his Midas touch.

MeeGo or MS? Nokia ponders tablet OS


N950 tablet/phone

I understand the n950 to be the n900's replacement. I think here we're talking something bigger or El Reg missed some nuance in its reporting.

MeeGo, if you want battery life, on ARM9 Tegra 250, Shirley?


Super Micro uncloaks dense Westmere-EX server


I'd rather have an Open platform

I'd rather have an Open platform than pay only Bod knows how much more.

London Stock Exchange floored, again


It could be the kernel

I believe the reason they went to Linux is because it can be a general purpose real time low latency kernel. Which is unique. It the fastest trading floor in the world and others are adopting.

It could be the OS, in conjunction with interrupt driven hardware, that's at fault but the combination is a difficult one. Real time in Linux is a only few years mature. The LSE trading system is much newer than that.

Software is never finished.

I hope this Linux platform goes from strength to strength.

Google open video codec faces second challenger

Thumb Up

Good idea

Any other idea would take years or is steeped in IP problems.

Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?



N+1, M for one better, M for MeeGo. Mokia because they could take the piss out of WPblah on Nokia.

1500 Symbian devs took a half day on Friday. They organised then and they all have a reason to chat the day they get sacked.

1500 MeeGo devs would be an army. Nokia was well run and those devs would come with discipline and good practice built in.

Of Dell, storage and stacks


Dell, Ubuntu and OpenStack

Care to comment? Would love some analysis.

Sales show WinPho 7 off to a flying start


Couldn't give them away

I think I saw BOGOF+XBox360+university tuition fees at one point.

EC consults on procurement law overhaul

Gates Horns

Microsoft can't bid

Microsoft can't bid for tenders but its 'solutions' can be stipulated.

Until that's fixed...

Overloaded drug-smuggling pigeon nabbed by Colombian cops


Full Monty

Should have used African Swallows.

Microsoft Kinect man enlists with Google special ops


Google's eyes on banner blindness

A floating advert sits at the point of view (as tracked) until Google think it has been absorbed.

Time for an evil google CEO icon?

Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock


I always check the author

This time I hoped it WAS Lewis Page.

Good luck in your new job.

BBC Trust says no to kit-specific iPlayer apps


Open Standards without licence traps

Simples. Just a matter of bandwidth and hardware decoding after that.

Who will rid me of these obsolete PCs?


Other uses

Computer sculpture? Anyone do art in Edmonton?

Anyone like to jump over piles of things with a 4x4 or bike?

Use the cases to house something else?

Hire out for 90's TV drama use?

Goal posts?

Oracle revs Sun's VirtualBox hypervisor


Fundamental mistake

I won't point it out, you'll get there eventually.

Trust and risk in the cloud

Gates Horns

Primrose path

This is a series of articles. It starts with laying out our fears it ends with??? This could be a horror story extolling the virtues of a one size fits all cloud solution. Loss of jobs, 33% higher costs (Gartner, McKinnsey) and few solutions. And where is the OGC/ISO/Usual suspects' standard for cloud security?

Virtualization: the challenges and opportunities for SMBs


VirtualBox is free for now

VirutalBox is free for now. The PHP based front end for it is pretty great. And have use seen teleportation on it?


Ideal for SMEs and austerity.

Social levelling with the iPad


Coke and Apple have lots in common

http://killercoke.org/ and http://www.cultofmac.com/report-another-foxconn-death-this-time-on-ipod-line/54098 . Classless at the user end and classfull at the rich owner end.

Nokia slips out Designed By Community handset


I think I want one

Love the concept. And if the OS is without walls ala Maemo then in the immortal words of Tony: Great.

Content producers should chip in for mobile internet costs


Not that old chestnut

Get out of the bit delivery business if you don't enjoy it.

Cameron promises a 'right to data'


Postcode database

Free the postcode database

Windows 7 'I'm a PC' man quits Microsoft


Thought "intersting"

til she turned the laptop around for us to see. Poor girl. And at the other end of the jobbing actor spectrum you have Cannes winning films.

Productivity in the workplace


Selling Dynamics now

I was looking for the link between Andrew Buss, Freeform Dynamics and Microsoft while reading the Old PCs story. Not immediately obvious from the Freeform Dynamics website apart from the name.

There you go.

Old PCs: When it's time to die


Enough is enough

Enough is enough when Linux becomes too fat for the platform. Every PC should enjoy a decent OS before it dies.

Digital Stream DHR8203U Freeview HD DVR


Where's the DVD drive

Why don't they include a DVD drive?

My mom wants one box that records Free**** and plays DVDs. That's all...

Sussex police try new tactic to relieve snappers of pics


Nokia N900

If the its camera were a little snappier... Put an SD card into it then RAID1 a partition on the phone's internal 32GB drive to the SD card.

"Here occifer, have the SD card..." with a pleasant smile.

Shame, you can't do this on, say, an HTC Desire because its internal drive is iccle.



'nuff said.

Need a touching-nose icon.

NHS trust axes 600 jobs, IT staff up for chop



you can do that with an iPad.

Where's Simon to lift my spirits?

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file

Big Brother


It's not just the Chinese...

'Death to browsers!' cries Apple mobile-app patent


Time for a new community

A website (or app off a website) where people present crap ideas. The community vote on them. Anyone willing can buy a share that pays for the effort to patent the idea. Those share holders get part of the licence fees.

Even if ideas don't get to the patent stage the content might be proof of prior art. Like Open Source software development the community would move faster than Apple etc could.

I bagsy:

anything to do with 3d user interfaces

anything to do with gestures using the front facing camera on a phone preventing fingerprints on the glass

e.g. using 5 fingers/digits pulling or pushing to zoom

Happy Sysadmin Day!


Do a Selfridge

and start advertising 125 days before the event.

Happy Christmas.


I don't want to hassle Simon

but on a day such as this, a new episode should be mandatory, no???

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?




IBM employee sparks massive bank outage


It might have been a coffee thing

Could have been a talented admin but incorrectly fuelled. Where can you get good coffee at 3 in the morning?

It's not always management's fault. My blood/caffeine alarm has just gone off...

World Cup meltdown fails to materialise


A simple question of compression

There was no action, no movement of the ball and therefore no scene changes. We were all watching a jpeg.

Bloody George's Budget: How bad is it really?


A good article but a complete picture?

The coalition have been accused today of trying to solve the problem too quickly and also of not going after the banks more harshly. And for ideological reasons (the lib dems lost the argument.)

There is a sum of cash missing. Get it from the banks who can be you're friend or from the poor and the middle classes who don't have a voice?

A reduction of 25% in public services is going reduce the ability of the poor and the middle class to spend. Not to mention the damage it is going to do to front line services. That damage could have been mitigated if the reduction were 20% and the cash regained over a longer period.

Pain for three years then some good news and then an election... The Tories are working within a window of opportunity rather then looking at the long term potential to solve the problem.

Conspiracy: did this article come up short for a reason?

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro


Dual boot

Put Fedora on the Linux partition, format the Windows partition as Linux and put Ubuntu on that. Join the RPM/Debian war. Either way it's win/win.

Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake


Couldn't agree more

I was shocked when I heard his voice pushing the nasty tech. If we could Web2.0 the ad he would go from 'Highest Ranked' to 'down ranked to oblivion.'

Unhappy face. Disappointed.

Drinking coffee offers no real benefit, say eggheads


I prefer to think of it

as charismatic like Real Ale. People look cooler drinking coffee than they do snorting white stuff.