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Who cares what Apple's about to announce? It owes us a macOS x86 virtual appliance for non-Mac computers

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Re: Protection Quality

No, that isn't what Apple offers. My 2012 MacBook Pro stopped talking to internal drives earlier this year. Do I get repairs with quality spares from Apple? Do I fuck, I just get the option to buy a new MacBook.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Hang on, the PDP 11/70 has dropped offline

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Comparatively minor compared to turning off servers, but one large open plan office in which I used to work had the light switches right next to the door release button, and they looked very similar. It was a frequent occurrence for the lights to go out immediately followed by a thump (and often cursing) as somebody (usually management) tried to exit the office and walked into the door. You would think that it was something an individual would do only the once, but...

Only true boffins will be able to grasp Blighty's new legal definitions of the humble metre and kilogram

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Divide pizza? Sod that, this is my pizza, buy your own

Aussies, Yanks may think they're big drinkers – but Brits easily booze them under the table

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Re: Big drinkers?

UK: "Er, actually can I have it back? And another. And another. And..."

Users fail to squeak through basic computer skills test. Well, it was the '90s

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Re: felt pad

Rest assured, you were not the only one to undergo that thought process

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Re: How I met your mother

Interesting euphemism

World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff

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I'm still pondering the words in the article about them "going outside to annex buildings". Robot Reich?

The internet – not as great as we all thought it was going to be, eh?

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Re: ".....how much smartphones have become essential everyday tools in our modern lives"

A friend of mine is currently job hunting. Right now, try telling her that phone and internet isn't essential.

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds

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Re: Developer PC

"So, exactly how much pr0n could you view on a Model 30 ? Or did it take that long to generate one ascii image?"

Ha! This was in the days of the stash of a certain type of magazine in a colleague's desk, some of which featured a young lady who used to be a secretary in our department.

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Re: Developer PC

10 minutes? Pah! I raise you Data General Model 30 compiling Fortran for up to four hours. Trying to look busy during that time was challenging. Let's just say that the devil finds work for idle hands!

Activists rattle tin to take UK's pr0n block to court

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Re: What could possibly go wrong,..

Not to mention that the kids they are trying to 'protect' will be savvy enough to easily circumvent these restrictions anyway. Waste of time and money.

Microsoft gives Windows 10 a name, throws folks a bone

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Re: Obviously...

That's ok, we don't want to work for someone that can't pluralise a simple word such as "hippy".

Google offers to leave robocallers hanging on the telephone

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Re: Several approaches

I’ve recently cottoned on to the fact that all the “we’re calling about your accident” calls I get are automated, so I have a little fun now. Admittedly you do get some funny looks in the office when you are overheard saying something like “would that be the one involving a cheese grater and my lacerated penis”.

Well, it’s something to do, innit.

RIP Peter Firmin: Clangers creator dies aged 89

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Anyone else for Pogle's Wood?

It probably wasn't, but I remember it being rather creepy

Ticketmaster gatecrash: Gig revelers' personal, payment info glimpsed by support site malware

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Re: Coincidence?

Somebody attempted to buy stuff on my credit card from Argos and train tickets from Thameslink three weeks ago, so that's explained now.

And thanks for storing my unencrypted information.

Luckily the bank spotted it.

UK worker who sold customers' data to nuisance callers must cough up £1k

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Re: Actual accidents

I go with either "which one? I've had so many!" or "you'll be able to tell me my name then". Both of these are generally followed by "sorry to have bothered you" *click*.

Occasionally I just go with a foul mouthed rant though.

Boy, 12, gets €100k bill from Google after confusing Adwords with Adsense

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Re: Twelve =/= teen








Sex is bad for older men, and even worse when it's good

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Re: So ?

I for one would like to welcome our new indefatigable sex-mad robot overlords.

10x power boost for Freeview as London analogue signal cut

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Re: Freeview USB sticks

Yup, approximately three or four miles from Blue Bell Hill more-or-less line of sight, albeit through an aerial amplifier.

RIP Ceefax: Digital switchover kills off last teletext service

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Meanwhile, in a county not far far away...

You don't have to go far from the comfort of your city based desk, we still have it in Kent (Blue Bell Hill and Heathfield) so ner!

Apple's TV killer 'on shelves by summer 2012'

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People who have better things to spend their money on.

My 32" in our reasonably large living room is plenty large enough, I can see enough detail from my usual viewing location. In fact I find those who have 60" screens on the wall of their tiny Victorian terrace or modern starter home utterly ridiculous and you end up with a cricked neck watching them because they require a viewing angle of nearly 45 degrees.

In fact most people I know don't have anything above about 36".

It doesn't make the programs any less shit either way.

Bah, humbug! Virgin Media censors Charles D**kens

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Yes, almost exactly like Question Time but without the pretty pictures.

Dead at 13: Napster 1998-2011

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Yup, great isn't, reducing songwriters and musicians to unpaid monkeys for your sharing pleasure. Good luck with that. You get what you pay for.

Why your tech CV sucks

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Hmm, let me see. Perhaps in the interview they are trying to check what the actual depth of your knowledge is and that you haven't been embellishing the truth or outright lying on your CV?

Compact Disc death foretold for 2012

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"Where I want a copy for my portable, I get a download. Sadly free, illegal ones mainly (sorry industry, but you don't have the content)"

So, they don't have the content. But you like a song enough to download it but not to pay for it?

You may delight in "sticking it to the man", but you're also sticking it to the artist as well.

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

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not BS

I'm guessing you're on the lower IQ end of the Opera users as you clearly didn't properly read what the OP typed.

Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB audio interface

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I think if that were a problem inherent with USB interfaces that there wouldn't be so many available. Certainly never experienced audio dropout on any I have tried. My overiding impression of audio interfaces over the years is that often the interface type is less relevant than the quality of the drivers. I get a similar level of performance with my Focusrite Saffire 6 USB that I used to achieve with a Terratec Phase 24 Firewire.

Murdoch man who also worked at Scotland Yard ARRESTED

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@right wing paranoid nut

That's right, the Guardian was far worse for law breaking in the name of collecting news - you can tell by the acres and acres of stories in the Telegraph about it.


US may disable all in-car mobile phones

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Little bit worried that it appears from that message that you learned to drive on the right in the UK and are driving on the left in France....

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I'm certainly all for reduction of sound level in built up areas - fed up of car stereos that are so overloud that it shakes in the internal contents of my house, or wakes me in the middle of the night.

iPhones make calls without permission, researcher warns

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My dog can't read, can yours?

Presumably you missed the bit about using an iFrame to automatically make the call, not requiring the user to click on anything. Perhaps your dogs could teach you to read thoroughly?

Certainly it's easy enough to cancel an unwanted call, but the point is that it should not be possible to initiate a call unbidden in the first place.

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

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In which case, dear boy, you need to go and learn the difference between weather and climate.

TV numbers sink as iOS usage rises

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People do other things

Wow, you mean people do things other than watching television? That's amazing news.

Emmerdale shoves jam rags in innocent kiddies' faces

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Three words for Mediawatch and the DM

"Get" and "a" and "grip".

3D films fall flat

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That's right, 'cause those special glasses you needed to wear for technicolor were so inconvenient...

Met lab claims 'biggest breakthrough since Watergate'

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Forensic audio

Sound On Sound ran an article on forensic audio back in January, including ENF:


The clock accuracy in even cheap digital recording devices is way more accurate than would be required to record mains frequency with the precision needed.


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