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Microsoft claims 90m sales of Windows 7

Kevin Thomas


"We're humbled and excited that people are responding so positively to Windows 7 - our customers have made it the fastest selling operating system in history," it claimed."

It may be the fastest selling OS, but I can't agree ont he "responding positively" part. Well, not completely.

I have a couple of colleagues here have installed Win7 and have found, for the most part that it works a charm. However, when trying to run XP virtually on a Dell Laptop, there have been errors generated claiming that the hardware does not support virtuallisation, unlike XP/Vista which just worked.

I think it's a little early to be claiming a major victory.

Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

Kevin Thomas

@Sarah Bee

Not to dreary to satirise, I like a good satirical skit just like the next man, but we had one funny story yesterday about this, and we really didn't need another...once is funny, twice is just predictable :)

Kevin Thomas

Good grief...

Two pops at Apple in as many days. It must be a slow news day.

We get it already, you're pissed that apple doesn't take you seriously...get over it.


Great Australian Firewall to censor online games

Kevin Thomas
Paris Hilton

And I thought...

that the British Government were pushing their "Big Brother" ideas a bit strongly...geez. Makes me almost glad I don't live in Oz, where men are men and the sheep are going to be even more worried now that they can't surf for their favourite babes-n-guns.

Paris...because this is probably the last time they'll be able to see her on the web once the digital iron curtain closes completely.

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

Kevin Thomas

@Turnip Boy

You sure you're looking at the right site?

As Ed said...looks like their designer doesn't have an original idea in his head!

Wolverine leak claims first victim?

Kevin Thomas

"Wolverine leak claims first victim?"

Well I for one am happy to see that the embarrassment and obvious dangers of incontinence are now being brought to the fore through this very public medium. Good on Mr Jackman for taking on such a brave storyline.

I know, I know....TAXI!

OLPC lays off half staff

Kevin Thomas

Dumbass@AC 12:39

XO are *not* windows laptops...it doesn't take much of a google to figure that out.


| | | | |

| | Non-python | Sugar shell | Python |

| | Sugar | (Desktop window, | Sugar |

| | Activities | panel, | Activities |

| Regular | (Etoys, | journal) | |

| X | Simcity, | | |

| Apps | Mono |---------------------------------------------------|

| | activities, | Sugar toolkit (python-only) |

| | etc.) | |

| |----------------------------------------------------------------------|

| | DataStore | Presence |

| | service | service |


| Matchbox window manager |

| (considering switching to Metacity for improved compatibility) |


| |

| GNOME-ish Linux desktop |

| X11, HAL, D-Bus, NetworkManager, GConf, Telepathy, etc |

| |


It's an unfortunate setback for the project, but one I hope, that doesn't see them going under. An incredibly worthwhile cause, not only to benefit the remote regions of the world, but also as a potential to have every child in UK education given one.

Believe it or not, there are still people that don't have a computer at home, and schools that cannot afford new machines as they're continually asked to find cost savings. Living in Glasgow, I'm well aware of the almost 3rd world poverty that some children live in, and maybe, maybe not...a proper introduction to IT at key stages may just help some of these kids in future.

Sorry...got on my soapbox a bit...TITS!!

EDS pays for tax failure

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Is this the final straw...

EDS should have been given the bums rush as soon as Thatcher left power. It was her cosying up to Ross Perot that got EDS in the doors of Government, and pretty much allowed them to monopolise major IT projects during those dark years of Tory government. Government has changed, but the ability of such an outfit to keep their foot in the door obviously hasn't.

Central and local governments don't learn from experiences such as this, that's why their IT spend is so high. Generally decisions on IT budgets, from which hardware to buy to major projects are organised by semi-IT-literate employees. Requirements are unclear, poor project teams develop even poorer specifications which ends in software that is far from fit-for-purpose. They all scratch their heads, blame each other and then start from scratch again...employ a new "consultancy", and then circle of life is complete.

Central/Local authorities need to open their eyes and stop placing major projects with companies that can't show a pedigree of delivering projects on time and within reasonable margins of set budgets (given that it's almost impossible to be spot on with budgets 100% of the time).

Even Paris wouldn't let EDS manage her assets.

Microsoft moves Macs closer to PC parity

Kevin Thomas

But surely...

There would have been no need to invent the DCC if IE was fully W3C compliant :)

Mine's the one with the blue touchpaper in the pocket...

The Mac OS 10.5.6 update saga continues

Kevin Thomas
Jobs Halo


Isn't it amazing the number of ACs who've posted in response to this little item...no guessing where their allegiances lie.

Merry Christmas everyone ;)

Microsoft gives XP another four months to live

Kevin Thomas

@Joe Earl

WTF kind of comment is:

"More secure, more stable with SP1 providing you don't run a load of legacy apps,"


Surely every application you have will be legacy if you're upgrading to a new OS. You mean to tell me that every application you have running on your PC with windoze has an upgrade path to Vista...you must be the only one.

Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea

Kevin Thomas

Never mind...

Dikshit, what about the judge! Surely that's got to be a spoonerism :)

Scots vote out ID cards

Kevin Thomas

@AC - I can't understand it

Warning....way off topic!

Much as I appreciate the humour...(actually it would be visas you'd require :) It's a dangerous route, and I for one am not about to vote for any party that would see Scotland annexed from the rest of the UK...United we stand and all that...I certainly agree that Scotland should be able to make more of it's own rules to accomodate any cultural or demographic differences with the rest of the UK, and we should possibly see more of the cash from the North Sea coming here before it's too late, but let's face it...it ain't going to happen any time soon. Scotland has one of the poorest health records in Europe, has slums in it's major cities and still the Scottish "Government" can't seem to direct any money that it does have into these areas. Alex Salmond has arsed it up for us in so many ways (don't get me started on how he's fucked up the education system for teachers...and no, I'm not a teacher), he's gone for the point scoring opportunities and is clutching on to a notion of Scottish Independance that probably the majority of Scotland isn't actually that bothered about getting.

Kevin Thomas

@AC Scots voting

Oh fer fuck sake. As a Scot, who doesn't mind the Scottish Parliament, hates the SNP and especially the smug bastard that is Alex Salmond, WE DID NOT CAUSE ENGLAND AND WALES TO GET A SMOKING BAN (yes I'm shouting!).

Count the number of Scottish MPs in Westminster, now count the number of English/Welsh who also voted, I think you'll find that Scottish MPs were far from the majority seeking a ban.

Safari 3.2 update leaves Mac fanboys' balls in a spin

Kevin Thomas

@Charles (Assorted weirdness)

Err, Timemachine?

I take it you're not running Leopard then?

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

Kevin Thomas
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Glasgow - UK Centre of Excellence?

Interesting reading. I know that there has been a "major" initiative by Barclays up here in Glasgow. This has seen a large number (approx. 200) staff being recruited to their new offices in the city centre.

It would be interesting to know if Barclays will be keeping the staff they've just emplotyed, or will this new office be one of those taking a hit.


Interstate web host foils gonzo porn baron Max Hardcore

Kevin Thomas
Paris Hilton


There's pron on the internet!!??

Why am I always the last to find out about these things...I guess I should put the hoover back in the cupboard then.

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

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What is that female guard holding!

It's long stiff and a funny colour, and kind of ribbed. Just what kind of security checks are being perfomed at this airport!!


p.s. fantastic and I heartly hear, hear the calls for a friday playmobil roundup!!

Oz Army eyes electric vibro vest to replace batteries

Kevin Thomas

At last!!

I no longer have to feel embarrassed about my moobs...!

Macs seized by porn Trojan

Kevin Thomas


Did I miss the bit about the fact that the user has to click through to install the bogus software? Most users mac and pc would know when a dodgy alert pops up and steer clear. I think this story is a little bit of anti-mac scaremongering. Let's face it, Macs are not subjected to the same virus and malware as PCs...fact.

Anyhoo...the word is CRONTAB not CRONTRAB.

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

Kevin Thomas


"The ruffled poultry were reportedly transported to Noble Foods' processing plant, and the Scottish SPCA not unreasonably expressed concern for their welfare. Spokeswoman Doreen Graham explained that "many of them could be in shock and may die"."

"not unreasonably expressed concern"...They're on their way to a feckin' slaughterhouse...does it really matter?? It just means there's about 10,000 less chicken twizzlers hitting the supermarkets this week!

Admins accuse Microsoft of Draconian Hotmail cap

Kevin Thomas



Coding errors expose hidden area of BT site

Kevin Thomas


"Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old."


Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates

Kevin Thomas

@Adrian Esdaile

And there we have it, surely a record. How long before someone bashes Apple, and in an article that's not even related to the Mac.

Well done. Almost as much fun as watching any England football match and waiting to see how long before the commentator mentions 1966!

Apple unveils larger nanos

Kevin Thomas

Sour grapes anyone?

"This morning, at a San Francisco press event The Reg wasn't invited to"

Says it all really...

Coming to terms with Raon's Everun tiny, Lolita-based PC

Kevin Thomas

@Colin Sharples

Do you work for Dynamism.com? Did you read the article at all?


Boffins chill chip with ion wind

Kevin Thomas

It's not the voltage that'll kill you...

It's the current...as long as there is a low current across the conductors, there's not an issue :)

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar

Kevin Thomas

@David Corbett

Hi David, If you're going to use my name in a slanging match...at least have the decency to check your spelling.

So let's go through this line at a time.

>No, Ben - *you* are the fucking idiot, (along with pierrenorman, Ray

>Boehmer, Frank Bough, Tevin Thomas, and several others).

I didn't once call you or anyone else on here a name...so I'll await your apology only I think you've probably had an aneurysm writing that last sentence.


>REG. (is that so difficult a concept for you muppets to grasp?).

Muppets, hmm...intelligent. I think we all realised that he bought the phone to review it. The point being that isn't there enough people in the world who have already reviewed it and commented on the 1st Gen being a bit crap. He's wasted his own money to basically give the same review as others.

However, that aside. I'm sure the author didn't really need two weeks to come to the decisions that he did about the product. He really could have just sat in the apple store and toyed with the phone to realise that his fingers were too big for the keyboard, and as for AT&T sucking the big one...surely that would have been known prior to even going for the phone in the first place?

>And why was buying an iPhone even necessary? Because Apple threw their

>toys out of the pram and wouldn't send them one for review.

Can't comment on this part as I've no idea what apple did.

>El Reg. obviously *do* have bollocks - they aren't just a bunch of fawning,

>press release swallowing hacks. You really should be grateful for that fact.

I'm grateful for the fact that El Reg is one of my most read websites. I use it a lot to keep up with what's going on in the IT world. However, just because someone writes a daming report on a product doesn't mean that I have to agree with it. Again, it's all down to choice.

This particular article has been poorly constructed in terms of a "review" of a product. A review should give opinion tempered with a balanced summary of the product. The article almost managed that, but the cons cited were ones which shouldn't have taken two weeks and $111 of the authors own money (or did El Reg give him expenses?) to identify.

If the phone was available in the UK (and being a new mac convert), I still wouldn't consider buying one until they a) came down in price, b) had reached at least 2-3 Gen. Hell, I waited 5 years before buying my first iPod!

Next time you decide to post a retort, make sure you switch the brain into gear, and at least get peoples names right.

Kevin Thomas

Oh dear!

The thing is dear author (and readers who continue to bash apple supporters), the wonders of the capitalist marketplace ensure competition and availability of a wide range of consumer goods.

You have problems with a gadget, that's fine...return it and buy the rivals product, but why winge. You have a choice...use it.

As for "the only real reason to buy an iPhone is peer pressure.", you are merely showing your own level of maturity (or immaturity). If Steve Jobs told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? I doubt it very much.

I dislike Ford cars as I find them completely dull and uninteresting to look at, the marketing would have me believe otherwise, but hey...I have a mind. I choose to buy something else instead, that's free will...something the author and some readers appear to be lacking.

Sure, the phone may have teething problems. It's a first-gen product for goodness sake. If you're going to be an early adopter, be prepared to live with the bugs. Failing that, do as the author did...take it back and get a refund, just don't whine that a big bully made you buy the phone, it was your choice.

Sheesh...some people are real whingers!

Suck it up and grow yourself some bollocks.

MS update sends PCs 'haywire'

Kevin Thomas

Oh dear...

I use a maa-ac, I use a maa-ac; come kiss my aaa-ass, come kiss my aaa-ass!

There...that ought to get the ol' debate fired up again :)

One of the main reasons for me moving to a Mac from being a PC user since '88 was the problems with patches, and how easy it was for MS to screw everyones machines in one go with a "fix".

I'm definitely, definitely not saying that Macs are immune to this sort of thing happening but; we don't have it happening just about every month of the year! Last time I had a major issue with a Mac was moving over to OSX 10.something when it first moved from OS 9 to OSX.

But hey, I guess us Mac users are just smarmy trainspotters with nothing better to do with our time than actually be productive on our machines :)

Sprint boots 1,000 phone customers for talking too much

Kevin Thomas

2/1000 not 2/10000

Re-read the paragraph!! Sheesh...

Creationists open biblical history museum

Kevin Thomas

So...Adam and Eve then...

If I remember my bible stories correctly, god created Eve from one of Adams ribs. They then went on to have a family, so effectively anyone promoting this theory of the development of man is backing incest. Hmmm, interesting. This explains a heck of a lot.