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Hackers claim to have cracked Norway mass-murderer's email



What about all the people involved in the terrorist attacks that may be discovered with their emails?

Those emails are the ones that would not be admitted in court. I think nobody doubts about the author of the attacks themselves.

Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix


How lame

How come (most) Mac users feel immune to maleware in forums and discussions, yet so many fell in the trap and installed MacGuard and MacDefender when told they were infected by a web page?

I suppose they act as fanbois when it comes to defending their credo, but deep inside they know something is not right...


Researcher outs Android exploit code


Whose patching?

I own an HTC Desire and my wife a Samsung Galaxy S. I see the quality of the software maintenance differs incredibly between those two vendors.

Since both of them use proprietary software or heavy customizations on top of (or inside) Android, I can't see what Google could do to release patches quickly.

Personally, considering Android's fragmentation, I think the only thing Google can do to improve software patching by the various vendors is putting pressure on them on a political (or maybe economical) level...

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How do you copy 60m files?


* with 60 million files


What shell are you using? What shell is able to do globbing on millions of files?

Since you, with some arrogance, tell people to learn to use proper tools, at least do mention them...

Several times I had to convert scripts doing "scp *" to sftp due to command line arguments limitations of shells (and I don't mean just bash).

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iRobot Roomba 581 robot cleaner


Random wandering

I own one and I hate it takes forever to clean the whole room.

I don't understand why it passes on a square meter 50 times, then on another one just once.

This also happens every time it runs, so... no short term nor long term memory :(

Is there something on the market with some "intelligence" built in?

Microsoft badmouths Google competition - again


Stolen gmail account

I had my gmail account stolen by someone with my same first and last name. It took a couple of days to get it back (after a few online forms filling).

When I've been able to login again, I discovered every mail was deleted, so I tried to contact Google about that by email, forms, etc.

I've yet to hear from them. I've never lost a Google doc, but I'm sure if it would happen, they couldn't care less.

It would be interesting to compare Google and Microsoft support over payed services, since it seems to me the Microsoft post seems to compare Office support, which costs a fortune, with the free Google docs...

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Google tells staff to snub Windows after China hack snafu


Blaming Microsoft for what?

I more or less agree with jake.

We've all been told that the security problem causing the breach was Internet Explorer 6.

If they hope that running incredibly old software (especially browsers) on Linux or MACs will make them more secure, they just know nothing about security.

Now, considering that at Google they're not newbies, I consider this a political message, nothing more, maybe even speculation on rumors....

Or maybe they're trying to blame Microsoft for their lack of policies (and/or monitoring and compliance) in using old unpatched software on insecure boxes to access the wild net and internal data...

Moreover, last time I checked it's Google itself that released their products primarily on Windows, inviting people who want to use their latest technologies to use Windows. Just think about Google Earth, the Chrome browser, etc... (almost?) all their products were released on Windows first, and better maintained on Windows.

JMTC, jco

Disclaimer: I'm a Linux/Unix/BSD user and don't like nor use Microsoft products myself.