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NHS e-prescription service goes TITSUP: Problems since Monday

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Re: Curate's egg.

Well EPS (and previously paper as well though hardly ever used) does have that functionality. They call it Repeat Dispensing and allows the GP to sign a 'master' prescription with multiple issues (GP's choice as to how many) that then repeat against a set schedule (again GP's choice).

The big advantage in EPS over the paper version is that the GP can electronically cancel those remaining issues whenever they want.

Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook

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No seen this issue...

Hmm as someone with a number of very old blueyonder email addresses I've not personally seen this issue.

When VirginMedia moved away from google one of those accounts did experience (and continues to experience) a lot more spam than it used to, but no sign of spoofing and certainly no returns from addresses sent to.

It doesn't seem to be a systemic issue, but that could be down to a hack only affecting a number of accounts instead of all.

Hunt: I'll barcode sick Brits and rip up NHS's paper prescriptions

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Re: HMG is off its face?

But your A&E doc might not if you get admitted as an emergency!

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Re: Rhyming Slang

Nope, just simple 2D ones. Unique identifier that then queries a database. Barcode itself has no information beyond a series of numbers and letters.

Unless you're in Wales in which case, yes it is a QR code :)

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HOSPITAL prescribing

The 'new' system is for hospitals. Something the press seems to have misunderstood from the announcement. I blame the Daily mail...

LCD pushbutton sunglasses issued to US Navy SEALs

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At last, I've been wanting LCD to darken glasses like this for ages.

I have real issues with taking glasses off to put sunglasses on when driving (can't use reactolite as they don't darken when driving!).

Doctors' appointment system goes tits up

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Not a modern system

The problem is that EMIS PCS is NOT a modern system. So it's not too surprising that is fails.

EMIS is currently rolling out their all singing all dancing EMIS Web system. Now that is a modern system using modern design. If that fails then we can say EMIS can't design a modern system.

You may as well say Microsoft can't design a modern system because Windows XP is rubbish. Of course you can say Microsoft can't design a modern system because of issues in Windows 7...

Visa looks at NYC wave-pay trial, says 'I wanna be a part of it'

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Not all mass transit related to sea life!

The Tokyo JR system has used the SUICA card for about 9 years and is a pun on melon.

It does use a penguin for its mascot though which is pretty close to sea life!

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

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Farmville as well

Seems to be affecting Farmville as well. I keep getting a "blocked due to abusive behaviour" error.

Unused 'free' minutes cost Brits £800m a year

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Overall cost

Sometimes a contract for a higher number of minutres can actually work out cheaper over the life of the contract once you take into account a larger discount given on the cost of the phone.

You have to add the phone cost to the monthly contract over the contract life and work it all out. Getting a cheaper contract can still cost more over the life of the contract because the phone costs more up front!

Time to kill the zombie health records

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Problems with all of the above... no standards!

In order for a record to be understandable by all computer systems you need one standard.

Google for one does NOT reach NHS security standards which is why the NHS uses NHSMail and not GMail.